PhotoFriday: Self-Portrait

A friend of mine & I were IM-ing last Friday, & she mentioned that maybe I should get stilts.

And Friday’s Photo Friday challenge was Self-Portrait. That made me think of my visit to the Getty a couple years back, where I took this pic:

Funny lookin, no?

For more funny-lookin (& normal-lookin) PhotoFriday Self-Portrait submissions, go here & click on the names in the left margin.

3 thoughts on “PhotoFriday: Self-Portrait

  1. I guess I just think it’s funny-lookin cause I know me.

    But you have to think it is as well, cause you met me & know what I look like!

    For those of you out there, I’m 5′ 2″. So, this pic is a gross exaggeration of my legs. heehee. I’m tellin you, still crackin up everytime I see this pic.

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