drunken food post

Ok, so whilst on the internet today, I saw this:

w/out the dark choc on the left, w/ on the right
w/out the dark choc on the left, w/ on the right

It’s Drunken Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly Squares with Dark Chocolate. Yeah. The pic links to the recipe.

While we’re talkin alcohol & food together, I should mention one of my dear friends. She makes the most amazing rum cake. You should know this before I go into one of my Real-life conversations.

We’re at Lucky’s, a bit early to meet friends for Sunday Brunch. We went earlier to stop at the farmer’s market prior to Brunch. So, while ordering coffee to sip until the other gals got there…..

moi: you know I had some Jamaican coffee recently, it was de-li-cious! I wonder if they have any here?

mon amie: Jamaican coffee? Does it have rum in it?

moi: [giggling] no, it’s just imported from there.

mon amie: oh… cause if it had rum in it, I’d probably like it too.

I do love my friends. They make me smile.

btw, the Jamaican coffee I had was from Arabica (I think that’s a national chain) & it was called “Jamaican Me Crazy”. heehee.

Are they watching me?

Is it just me? Is your spam getting really, really specific?

I kinda freaked when I saw this in my spam folder…I im’d my bff (freaking out) about it, & she said (jokingly, I hope) that they’re watching me.

If they are watching me, does that mean that I LOOK over 30? I take care of my skin. I still get carded. Ppl in real life always think I’m younger. I even know someone who celebrated my 30th b-day w/ me, cake & all. And a few weeks ago, told me I had nothing to worry about b/c I wasn’t even 30 yet (we were talking about me, Mr. T, & the prospect of any motherhood for me, like ever).

So, how come the internet can’t see that?!?!?


killin any chance of me on Amer. Idol

Ok, so… not exactly thrilled about this one. But here’s another Conversations in Real life involving my dad.

Let me 1st say that I haven’t been completely there this past week. Starting last Tues, I’ve been super-spinny. Yeah, that’s not exactly a technical term, eh? Well, I’ve been so dizzy that I actually got out of bed last Tues, & just fell to the ground!!! Like, couldn’t even stand up.

It was like Bambi, but on an acid trip. The whole room just spinning around. That was all day last Tues. I didn’t go to work that day or the next (last Wed.).

Then, Thursday, I kinda had to go to work, so I did. But I called my ppl (uh, that’s Kaiser, they have these 24-hour advice nurses to take calls) to see what they thought. They wanted me to come in to get looked at.

Of course they did; that’s their racket, ya know?! They just wanna get you through the door, just like every other corporation. I told them “no way, no how!”

My sister was having a HUMONGO party on Sat in Detroit, & there was no way I was missing it.

The advice-nurse kept insisting, saying it would only be a quick 30-min diagnosis. They thought I prob had Vertigo. I explained to her that the last time they told me to come in for a quick 30-min diagnosis (for a migraine), I ended up getting admitted for 5 days (for viral meningitis). So, I wasn’t coming in until I got back from this party, & we could set up an appointment for next week.

Which we did, & I went to it yesterday, & I do have Vertigo, & they gave me a prescription. And as I’m typing this, I am SOOOO dizzy & light-headed; & feel like I should go lay down.

Ok, back to the post. When I’m not feeling well, I like to stay at my mom’s house. Yes, clichéd. But that’s me. My mom treats me well, & I can watch Ellen with her during the day.

So, to set the scene, I was at my parent’s last night watching American Idol. And they were naming all the things the American Idol winner gets.

Pappa: Whoa, If only D could sing! Then, we could put her up in American Idol & she could try to win it. It’s too bad she isn’t that talented.

My mom: It doesn’t matter anyway, she could NEVER go to American Idol, even if she could sing!

Pappa: Why not?

Ma: Cause she’s way too old. They have an age limit to that, you know.

Pappa: Oh.

Uh…. WAHAT!! I’m sitting right here ppl! While they’re discussing my inability to sing & how old I’ve become.

So, long story coming to an end (can’t really say “long story, short”, eh?), I’m sleeping at my own house tonight. For the 1st time in over a week.

heehee…. he said huckleberry

Now for another installment of conversations in real-life:

My dad talkin to my sister on speaker-phone w/ my mom & me. He’s trying to describe an actress to her.

pappa: She looks like that woman… you know… from the James Bond movie…… Huckleberry.

my sis: huh? Huckleberry?


hee hee. Yeah, not much, but it kinda cracked me up. Cause we all know my history w/ Halle Berry.

I now have the decorum of an East-sider

Well, I’ve moved. I’m now an east-sider, & I walk to work (most days). I haven’t really unpacked most of my stuff yet. I just don’t have the motivation to.

I want to see ppl. I want to be surrounded by the ppl I care about. I think it’s because I feel somewhat isolated. I remember when I lived on the west-side, & ppl would ask me to come over to the east-side for something, & I would decline.

I would say things like:
“well, if it wasn’t on the east-side, I’d totally be there”.

Like that was my valid excuse?!?! It seems a lil ridiculous to me now, as an east-sider to think that I said that. But I did, & didn’t think anything wrong with it.

Sometimes, I really don’t think about what I say, huh?

In other news, I finally bought new rechargeable batteries for my digi-cam, so I’ll be posting pics once again. Yea!

Evicted by the homeless

Ok, so maybe I do tend to exaggerate sometimes. Whatev.

Here’s the deallio. I was thinking of moving into a 2-bedroom place with someone, so I told mees* landlord that I’d be moving on out. I love my place, but just can’t afford to live there alone, so I’m moving in with someone so that I can afford to also pay for other stuff than just rent. (my landlord doesn’t allow pets, hence lookin for a new place).

[*mees is Irish for my. I figured since St. Patty’s day is upon us…]

Well, we were in a time crunch b/c we needed to find a place by next Friday. She had a backup plan, but we were really hoping to live together. I’d been searchin, but just couldn’t find a decent place.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….
My landlord had made an appointment with this couple to show them my apt on Sat. But because of the snow-storm, they ended up canceling. They re-scheduled to Tuesday, but cancelled that as well b/c the woman had fell during the snow-storm & had what my landlord called a “medical emergency”. (In quotes, b/c I think he’s exaggerating).

Yesterday, b/c of the time crunch we’re under, my friend & I decide to forget about finding a new place together. She’s just gonna go with her back-up, & I’m gonna stay at my place. Maybe look for a new roommate to move in with me.

So, I call my landlord to tell him not to show the house, that I’m stayin. I figured it was FATE that no one got to see the place yet.

He pauses & sighs & then tells me that he feels that he should give these ppl 1st dibbs on my apt! I’m like, “WHAT!?!??”, can’t you just tell them that I’m staying so it’s not available anymore? He continues & says “Well, the thing is that they had to cancel b/c of the storm & then a medical emergency”. I didn’t think this was a valid reason, b/c I re-scheduled seeing a 2-bedroom, 2-bath (with a Jacuzzi!), & 2 car garage house b/c of the storm, & 2 hours before going to see it, the dude called me up & left me a voicemail not to bother b/c someone just signed a lease!

So, I figured that was acceptable Modus Operandi for landlordy-ppl.

He simply hems & haws some more, & eventually tells me that he never listed the place b/c he had set this up with this couple, & uh…. they’re HOMELESS!!!!

uh….. WHAT!?!??!!??

“Yeah,” he says, “I was talking to this couple & they were telling me that they were looking for a place, & I described the place that you have & that it was about to be available, & they said they DEFINITELY want it. They were just going to look at it first, but they said they definitely wanted to take it. They’re even willing to pay more rent for it than you pay now.”

Let me tell you, I just love that my landlord doesn’t care about credit checks. He doesn’t believe in them, he says, so he only does criminal history checks. Uh…. maybe that’s why I’m the only tenant he has that pays rent on time.

So, hopefully, soon I find out if these ppl are definitely gonna take my place. Once they see it to confirm with him. I do have a friend I’m going to move in with if they take it. My friend’s got like a 4-bedroom house, with 3 empty rooms (soon). So, I’ll live there.

B/c it’s just bad karma to hope that a homeless couple don’t get your apt.

Isn’t it?

he’s obviously gay…

Overheard on Sat afternoon….

I went to the library before I went to go workout b/c I forgot my treadmill book at home, & figured I could just pick up a copy of the same book there. (The library’s right next door to where I work out).

As I was entering la bibliothèque, there were 2 women leaving the building. One was in her 50’s & the other, in her 30’s. This is what I heard as I was passing them by:

Older lady: …. he had long blond hair. He was obviously gay.

Younger lady: mm-hmm.

Ah, yes… Obviously.

This made me laugh, b/c if I’m trying to think of a dude w/ long blond hair, I’m just thinking country, you know? Like, if I see a guy w/ really nice, polished shoes that has great fashion-sense, & maybe you can tell does a lil man-scaping, then yes, I would say they’re obviously gay. But most likely, w/ their fashion sense, they wouldn’t have long blond hair. They’d have their hair coiffed right!

I’m bloody finicky

You guys don’t know this about me, but I’m pretty picky. I like to call it “particular”. But basically, it can be seen as high-maintenance to some. But I’m even high-maintenance for myself. But I’ll do the extra work for myself to make things the way I like it, b/c I’ll enjoy it more that way.

Quick example? I like my Bloody Mary’s made from scratch. Yes, it means mixing up like 7 different ingredients, but it’s way better than any “mix”.

I’ve also had a rough last 2 days. Well, last 5 days really. But b/t yesterday & today at work, I seriously thought it had to be Thurs already, b/c I’ve already done so much.

And I emailed w/ my girls today, like I occasionally do. Whatever, don’t judge me, y’all email your friends while working too. And besides, it keeps me saner than otherwise. So, anyway, after my long, stressful day, I noticed that my bff had left a million comments on some pics I had online, & I emailed her to see if she’d done any work today at all. This is why I love my girl. Her response made me chuckle.I would also post some of the other emails that led up to this, b/c we’ve been emailing all day about absolutely nothing. I don’t think I’d ever post that stuff b/c it’s not really appropriate material for this blog. But I can tell you it involves TMZ, Channing Tatum, & Cristiano Ronaldo. Yeah. Oh, & telemundo.

But the point is that she’s right; it does ask if you’re all fussy & stuff at the bottom. And I have filled out tons of Yahoo surveys b/c I am fussy about all that stuff. And I’m a Yahoo-enthusiast & want to make sure they do things the way I like it.

Yeah, so I didn’t have a real post today (um, remember at the beginning when I told you how crazy busy I was?). But I did think it was funny that Yahoo decided to put that add at the bottom of my email to her.

bitter much?

There’s this woman I don’t like. I’m fine w/ it. Not everybody is going to like everyone else. Esp when the person is a stuck-up, full-of-themselves know-it-all who really doesn’t know anything when asked what’s going on.

Anywhoo… So, this woman told my boss that my department orders a certain number of her publication, but we don’t use them all. She found out that we toss out over half of what we order. So, my boss came to me & asked if maybe we should order less. He said it doesn’t bother him either way if we keep ordering what we do, b/c it’s not like we don’t pay for it anyway, so we can do what we like with what we get.

I said he’s got a point there. But the reason we order so many is b/c every now & then, the publication is actually interesting to read. Most times, eh, not so much. So, I offered up 2 options:

1. They can send us a pdf of it prior to printing / our ordering, & we can tell them exactly how many we want. We’d order more copies when it’s interesting, & less when it’s… uh… not.


2. They can just make it more interesting to read, & we’d actually use them, & end up not throwing so many of them away.

I’d just like to mention that I made my boss crack up laughing when I offered up option 2. And that’s why I’m such a good employee; b/c he’s had a rough day today.

red flags & racial profiling

Ok, so I was reading this article this morn about what to do if you’re pulled over by a cop. And when you’re unlikely to get pulled over (in the rain or during rush hour).

And this is an actual screenshot of the article:
Um, did you catch the end there? This Mr. Barry was a cop in Texas for 8 yrs. They say he was the best in the state, maybe even the country. He worked w/ the FBI & the DEA, & had quite a reputation. He was like the suave one from Hot Fuzz. He recommends that you not try to be too ethnic. haha. “Think you can handle that?” “Sure, I’ll get right on that.”


OH- & speaking of Hot Fuzz, let me share w/ y’all yet another real life conversation I’ve had w/ Mr. T this week. So, Mr. T has a Playstation 2, & he’s ordered this shooter game he used to play & TWO guns to shoot w/. Mr. T used to have a Playstation 2 years ago, before the original xBox came out, then he traded it in w/ all his old games, & got an xBox. Now, he’s got both.

Mr. T: Sweet, the shooter game [he said the actual name of the game, but I forgot it] & the guns should be here by Monday! We’ll both be on the same team, shooting the enemies together. We’ll be working together, just like in Hot Fuzz. You’ll love it.
moi: Ok, but which one am I? I don’t want to be the dork who doesn’t even know how to do his job.
Mr. T: [doesn’t say anything; just leaves the room]

I think he’s planning on being the suave one (Nicholas Angel), & I’m gonna get stuck being the dork. sigh.