Jared Leto won the Internet

This won the internet for me today. Maybe this week. Maybe this year. It may be the best thing I’ve seen since the Macaulay Culkin picture.

Northern girls love their leggings


I could never live down south, because I have invested so much in leggings.

Opaque leggings
Fleece-lined leggings
Sweater leggings
Colorful leggings

all the curly-haired girls

I have super curly hair. I think I’ve mentioned that before.

Well, I’ve straightened my hairs for a job interview & for new job. And have been continuing to straighten it for work. The simple truth is that it’s easier in the morning to get ready. For my new job, I have to be up at 6am, & AT WORK around 7:45-8am. I can take a shower in 8 mins flat if my hair is straight (w/ a shower cap); 12 mins tops. Then another 5 mins to style it.

If it’s curly, it takes anywhere from 22 mins (shortest shower time) to 45 mins (not max, but around that) to shower. Then another 15-20 mins to style, and like 3 hours before it’s dry (because I can’t use a hair dryer on curly hair).

I used to start work at 9:30am. I’m at my new job around 7:45-8am everyday.

Hence, it made sense to simply straighten my hair daily.

However, my cousin said something to me that made me think twice about it. She mentioned that she (a curly-haired sister), has 2 curly-haired girls, and they “see” what I do. Whether overtly or if it goes into their subconscious. I don’t want them thinking they need to not be who they are naturally. I want them to love themselves as they are, without wanting to change.aunt neice

It made me remember that what each of us do, no matter how small, is always seen by someone else. I made sure they got how much I loved their natural hair, and how lucky they were to have it. 🙂

kindness of strangers

I google a lot. No, seriously, a LOT. Well, I call it googling, but I often use the Yahoo! search engine; b/c I do love Yahoo! So, googling for me is more of a verb that means doing an online search.

Anyway, I once posted about a TaxCut software problem I had & the solution to said prob. I check my stats, ppl, & I know that at least 80 ppl came to that post having searched for an answer to that same prob. & I know I helped them. But no comment from them. No, “hey dude, thanks!” or “good lookin out”. Nothin.

So, I’d like to do a post to thank 2 complete strangers.

I am 5’2″. This means that I have to look through racks & racks for “petite” or “short” on pants/jeans. I often do my jeans shopping at TJ Maxx/Marshalls, so I’m lucky to find maybe a pair or two each time I go. Sometimes I find a pair that I love, but only they’re too long.

So, I googled “how to hem jeans”, & found this post by Dacia Ray. It’s the most fantastic tutorial b/c you don’t have to cut off the hem. Her thinking is that you pay for the stitching, esp at the hem, so she shows us how to do it w/ retaining the original hem.

Here’s what I accomplished while watching Ocean’s Thirteen last Sat. (ignore my unmanicured nails)…

pic 057

A couple of years ago, I wanted to make lamb curry. I’ve never even had it before, but I heard it was fantastic. So, I googled it, & found this recipe by a 2nd gen Indian gal in London. She named her blog for the 30 min train ride route she takes to & from work.

I love how both these ladies show us how to do it, w/ pictures each step of the way, which I think helps tremendously!

Anyway, I love the internet. I love how close it brings all of us, & what we all can learn from each other. Esp the simple things.

it wasn’t me….

If anyone asks where I’ve been, I wasn’t shopping for things I don’t need.


today’s searches don’t count.

So, I don’t really have a tv that I watch. Don’t have cable, & never really there to watch anything, so I didn’t know I missed the VMAs yesterday till I watched the news this morn. So, of course, I’ve been looking at pix online for the last hour.

And here’s how that’s been workin out for me:


look at a pic.
do a search for Russell Brand
look at next pic.
do a search for “Fanny Pak” (seriously? Fanny Pak? ok.)
search Christopher Mintz-Plasse
see pic of Slash on stage.
google his wife to see what she wore (I really dig Slash’s wifey, she’s spunky-cute)
google Tocarra

Wait…. WHAT!?>!!#: !
T-Pain came in on an elephant?!?! redunkulous.

Cisco Alder was there? Is he still relevant? Was he EVER relavant?

google Stephanie Pratt.

Katy Perry looks like a stupid banana whore in her performance pic.

Jordin Sparks look HUGE, but I still got love for her. It may just be a bad angle.
Pink looks HOTTTTTT. That’s more than 2 T’s.
Lil Wayne looks stupid & lil.
Pussycat dolls look pretty classy for a group that calls themselves pussycat dolls.

Michael Phelps can wear whatever he wants cause he the golden boy at the moment. But I do wish his mom taught him how to pull his pants up & wear a belt properly. I really don’t like when boy’s pants aren’t pulled up. I’m not askin for Urkel here, but I just don’t like the low-riding pants. It’s a lil gay, don’t cha think? (I mean that in the best possible way.)

AUGH! I can NOT stand lil Wayne. He seriously makes me want to rip off my ears, & now my eyes. He’s wearing an MLK shirt? For reals?!?! I’m so sick of him. I would love to meet him so that I can smack him (seriously, right across the face) & tell him to never EVER compare himself to MLK Jr. EVER again. I’m not a hostile person, but I really can’t stand him. And pull your pants up, punk.

LL looks classy, as usual.
Kid Rock looks appropriately dressed-up-white-trash. (I mean that in the best way possible too).

Brooke Hogan didn’t fall too far from the tree, eh?

I didn’t know Lupe was a polo-playing white British aristocrat?

Chris Brown can wear whatever he wants. He’s a good, young, clean kid from the streets of Philly who stayed focused on his goals, & got to where he is with a bit of luck & a ton of hard work. The boy can dance his butt off. I hope he stays grounded & on top.

David Banner – stupid is as stupid does.

I hate mermaidy dresses. But I love Christina (Xtina if ya will). So, I’m just turning my head at that one. Everyone’s allowed a pass.


oh, looks like I got to the end of the pix. Man, I wish I had cable. I totally coulda live-blogged that.

You know, if I wasn’t so lazy about my blogging 😉

am I just too sensitive?

This is kinda a lazy pic post; but there are a few things wrong. So, they’re wrong, but I’ve gotta admit, still a lil funny.

So, for my b-day, I had to re-register my cars. Who says ya don’t get anything for $50 now-a-days. Lookit… I got these 2 cute lil black stickers for $100! The lady offered to give me a sticker that doesn’t expire til May 2010 for just an extra $50. I declined.

Next up… I got this lovely letter in the mail to remind me that I’m now “of a certain age”. Yeah, it’s nice to save money, but couldn’t they just say that they’re giving me a refund b/c my “hair’s a bit longer”? Or, b/c they’re excited that shrugs are no longer in style?

I trust there’s one on the way to me for my 2007 Corolla too?
~fingers crossed~

And last up, I saw this on one of my MyYahoo! pages. I have multiple MyYahoo pages set up by categories. Anyway, I thought this was a lil inappropriate.