Photo Friday: Debris

So, this week’s Photo Friday is Debris. & there is def a LOT of debris in this world. We spent the 80’s in conspicuous consumption. Then, the 90’s trying to pretend we didn’t. Now, we are so into “being green”, that we’re often throwing out perfectly fine products to replace them w/ greener options. How is that green? You’re throwing out good items? Try freecycle, ppl. If you’re a Clevelander, there’s a Yahoo Freecycle Group you can join.

Anyway, I was thinking about debris/trash/clutter. & in my new positive frame of mind, I was reminded of Louise Nevelson. She’s an artist that uses “found objects” to create her sculptures. Which instantly reminded me of Isaiah Zagar.

This is his studio on South Street in Philly. He finds things & creates these textured murals out of them. I have tons of pictures, but you can also go to his site to see more of his work.

Pictures 129

I know I had posted a Photo Friday submission about Isaiah Zagar before. So, I did a search through my site to see where it was, & turns out it was July 2006, my very 1st Photo Friday!! That was kinda cool to see that.

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Photo Friday: Monochromatic

This week’s Photo Friday challenge is Monochromatic. I know what you’re thinking…. I just participate in the Photo Fridays sporadically. & you’re right. But let’s just take it as we can, huh?

Here’s my submission this week:

pic monochrm 009 crop

It’s a factory at E. 37th & St. Clair. & it’s blue. It’s blue-blue-blue-blue-blue. But I love that’s there’s a bright orange ‘Detour’ sign in the shot! & blue & orange are complementary colors, so it’s like meant to be. Gotta like that 🙂

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Photo Friday: Autumn

Spring has always been my fave season. It still is & prob always will be. About 5 years ago, I started an appreciation for Autumn. I’ve always liked that name – Autumn. Such a pretty name. I think it’s the “au” in it; words w/ “au” in them always seemed so warm. But 5 years ago, is when I started taking walks regularly in University Circle.

University Circle is 500 acres of a park atmosphere, w/ schools, museums, & the University Hospital system in it. One of the museums is the Natural History Museum & they have a bunch of dinosaurs all around it. I’ve never been into dinosaurs but for some reason, I just really loved walking over to that museum & being around the dinosaurs & trees in the park. That’s where I started to appreciate the colors of autumn. The colors are so vivid & perfect there.


Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the last 3 years, we’ve had no Spring OR Autumn. I’m sure it’s b/c of global warming (but I think my colleagues think I’m talking crazy when I go on about it). But seriously, I think we’ve missed out on Spring & Autumn the last 3 years b/c of Global Warming. We have green leaves on trees, then a couple storms blow through, & 2 or 3 days later, the tree limbs are bare.

This is the 1st year in a long time that we’ve had fall colors!!! I got so excited about all the colors & I’ve gone out this past month & taken so many pics of all the beautiful colors. B/c I’m so afraid that this may be the last time. I never expected to miss “Autumn” the last 3 years, but it never came around. Who knows if it will again?

Anyway, I love when you see all the oranges, & various shades of browns & greens. Then, BAM!, all of a sudden, in the middle of them all is a bright yellow or red tree. Love it. Here’s a pic taken on MLK Jr. Drive. Of course, I doctored it up, that’s half the fun! 😉

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Photo Friday: Garden

Yes, I know it’s Thurs. I’m trying the best I can, ppl. I still (just barely) made it though, eh?

So, you know how much I love Cleve. I almost posted a Photo Friday post last weekend of an NYC pic. It was pretty cool. I’m a big fan of architecture, asymmetry, urban planning, & such. Well, there’s a spot in the NYC that you’ll be walking down a street, skyscrapers on either side, cars (read: taxis) rushing down the roads. Then, BAM!, you’re in a tranquil garden area. I love the dichotomy. It’s form & function all together. There’s actually quite a few spots like this.

Anyway, I decided not to cause I had to post my beautiful city. You know how they say that if you wanna find the bad neighborhood in any city, find their MLK Jr. Dr. on the map? (Well, they do).

Our MLK Jr. Drive is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s lined w/ the Cultural Gardens, there’s 51 countries (I think). I saw them doing 2 new ones (Azerbaijan & something else), but I didn’t really “get” them.

Anyway, so here’s India’s:


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PhotoFriday: Self-Portrait

A friend of mine & I were IM-ing last Friday, & she mentioned that maybe I should get stilts.

And Friday’s Photo Friday challenge was Self-Portrait. That made me think of my visit to the Getty a couple years back, where I took this pic:

Funny lookin, no?

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more on my cravings

Well, I’ve been craving ice cream all week. I’ll take it in any form, really. I musta mentioned milkshakes like 5 times in the last week. Then, this week’s PhotoFriday challenge is Cold, & someone who must hate me submitted this pic.

I’m not a fan of sprinkles, but man-o-man. A choco-dipped waffle cone with really rich, creamy ice cream inside on a hot day? (it’s getting all melty, so it’s gotta be a hot day)

They’re killin me here!

Photo Friday: Travel

Trust me folks, I’ve done y’all a favor by not posting recently. Nothing exciting to report. I got a speeding ticket. Hmmm… yup, that’s it.

But the current Photo Friday challenge is Travel. And I do love to travel. I love walking into clean, crisp rooms w/ freshly made beds. I like my toilet paper folded to a triangle. And the tissue paper too; but of course being the hopeless OCD-head that I am, I immediately pull out that first one (cause someone had to have touched it for it to get to the triangle shape) & wash my hands w/ a cutie lil soap.

I like collecting the tiny lil shampoos & conditioners. I have exceptional hair (read: high maintenance) that requires that I use only my own shampoos/conditioners. So, I just collect them, & if I get a house-guest, they’re getting all kinds of teeny lil toiletries.

My fave place to stay so far has been the Roosevelt Hotel. Yes, that Roosevelt Hotel, where Paris & LiLo sometimes act up at. And yes, I did see some socialites when I was there. But why was it my fave place? The room was amazing & so comfortable, they had orchids on the desk (orchids! I love orchids!). But most of all, they had the most yummiest, heavenly-scented soap. It just smelled so FRESH! I wish I could just buy the soap, or an air-freshener that smelled just like it!

Anyway, back to the PhotoFriday challenge. Although I do love to travel, you never want to get to your destination to see this waiting for you at baggage claim:As always, click here to see other Photo Friday submissions.

where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

Remember when I went on vaca a week or so ago? Well, this is what we saw while away…

We were driving down a highway, & traffic was stopped in front. As we got closer, this is what we saw.

So, I’m submitting this for my PhotoFriday submission. This week’s PhotoFriday challenge is smoke; & you can click here to see everyone’s else’s submissions.

PhotoFriday: Texture

Ok, remember when I went to Cali last October? Well, I did. And I said I’d post about it all, & of course never followed through. I will though. I said I would, & I will. I never said when I’d do it, so there!

Anyway, this past PhotoFriday challenge is ‘texture’. I was instantly reminded of my visit to the Getty Center in LA. Here’s a pic I took just after dusk, outside the main entrance to the museum. It’s right in front of the tram stop. If y’all have never been to the Getty Center/Museum, you MUST go. I kid you not. I loved it (more than the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, & that one relates to the Mixed of Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler). I could seriously live at the Getty Center. For reals. The place is so chills.

So, here’s my texture pic from the Getty:As usual, you can click on the pic to see it enlarged at my flickr site. And to see other’s contributions to PhotoFriday, click on this.

PhotoFriday: Strange

Can you tell I’m such a procrastinator. I have a ton to do, & it’s not like I don’t want to do it, I desperately need to find a new place asap. I just don’t feel like making a bunch of phone calls. And my mind wanders, & I was wondering what the PhotoFriday challenge was for this week, cause in all honesty, I haven’t even checked up on them ever since I thought they started putting up lame challenges way back last Fall. So, I stopped participating.

But this week’s challenge is “Strange”, & it made me think of these trees I saw in Phoenix when I was there last September. Take a look:It’s kinda strange, but mainly just weird. My cousin & I went out to lunch at this yummy place (forget the name), & in the parking lot were all these trees. A LOT of them had these weird, un-natural shaped trunks. I mean, it’s un-natural right? No normal trees grow this way. This was definitely man-altered right?

You can click on the pic to see it enlarged & in all it’s glory. And as usual, you can click here to see other PhotoFriday submissions in the link-viewer.