part of the dust

So, this move over just means more work for me for a while.

I have to find all my old posts that link to myself. Like, if I’m telling a story that links back to an older story I’d told. And then fix them so that they link to the story on SweetSunshower instead of the old blogger link. Cause that’ll just redirect to the home page here. There’s over 50 of those.

There were also a TON of uncategorized posts; cause I didn’t start categorizing til early 2007 I think. I just went through most of them. Only have 34 left now.

And I condensed a lot of categories. Like fashion/style is one now, as is art/arch. Got rid of some categories altogether, like “Frank Gehry” or “John Galiano”.

Just doin some clean-up. I do have some pix I’m dying to share via the password-protect, & trust me, you gonna wanna see them! But I can’t remember the “safe place” I put my camera so I would have easy access to it when I got to my new place. Figures.

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