p is for payj

oh my, I just found a funny young lass that thinks just like me. Well, so far. She cracks me up.

I think Gwynie-Gwyn’s a little pretentious. I don’t discuss it much, I figured it was common knowledge. But Paige Ferrari obviously thinks so too.

Seriously, click on the link below to read her commentary:

Gwyneth Paltrow — she’s not just like us!

I guarantee it’s a good read.


4 thoughts on “p is for payj

  1. I know! Isn’t she hilarious! That’s why I’ve added her over onto my blogroll. So, y’all can click on her anytime you want.

    And she’s very easy to read. Her words have “good flow”, as I call it.

  2. Somehow I get the impression your recent Gwyneth Paltrow interest may have partially ispired by my comments to you regarding her children’s name choices…I’m probably flattering myself, though. 🙂

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