PhotoFriday: Texture

Ok, remember when I went to Cali last October? Well, I did. And I said I’d post about it all, & of course never followed through. I will though. I said I would, & I will. I never said when I’d do it, so there!

Anyway, this past PhotoFriday challenge is ‘texture’. I was instantly reminded of my visit to the Getty Center in LA. Here’s a pic I took just after dusk, outside the main entrance to the museum. It’s right in front of the tram stop. If y’all have never been to the Getty Center/Museum, you MUST go. I kid you not. I loved it (more than the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, & that one relates to the Mixed of Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler). I could seriously live at the Getty Center. For reals. The place is so chills.

So, here’s my texture pic from the Getty:As usual, you can click on the pic to see it enlarged at my flickr site. And to see other’s contributions to PhotoFriday, click on this.

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