I didn’t realize it was still 1960

So, I already mentioned I’m pretty upset about stupid Prop 8 in Cali going through. I’d love to see someone put up a proposition to ban hetero marriage. No… that’d be preposterous, right?

Seriously, who’s to say that one union is legit simply b/c of the party’s pieces/parts?

“But what about the children?”

Really? So, it’s totally cool if Alex gets a sex change oppo, becomes Alexis, & marries a dude? Trust ppl, you’ll have a much harder time explaining that to your 5-yr old. & the kids don’t care. Every kid I’ve ever met totally understands, if 2 ppl love each other, they get married. They’re so idealistic, they don’t even know about the probs/conflicts a couple face.

It more acceptable to marry you cousin than for a same-sex marriage to take place. Uh…. that’s right ppl, I said marry your cousin. Seriously, though, it’s legal to marry your cousin in 26 states. There’s even a loophole in Vermont’s state government that allows DOGS to marry!

You know how we look back 100 or 200 years & say that it seems unreal that certain civil liberties didn’t exist then (like voting for some ppl)? I can’t help but be embarrassed for what our descendants are going to think of us deny civil liberties in 2008!

On June 2nd, 1958, Richard Loving & Mildred Jeter were married. 5 weeks later, they were arrested & then sentenced to a year in jail. Wanna know why? B/c interracial marriages were prohibited. Of course they appealed it. This idocity went on for 9 years before the US Supreme Court unanimously overturned it.

“… The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men. Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival … Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State.”

– Chief Justice Earl Warren, June 12, 1967


How is Prop 8 in Cali (or 102 in Arizona, or 2 in Florida) even really an issue that we are debating today? Hello, 2008, it’s 1960 on the phone for you.

In Arkansas, an LGBT person can’t even adopt a child. I’ve counted 17 states (you can double-check it, I got a headache counting) that don’t even recognize same-sex civil unions!!!

I’m not going to go on any further. B/c I’ll just blow a gasket. (Does anyone say that anymore? No? Just me? Whatev.)

So, I’ll leave y’all w/ a comment I once left to someone else’s comment saying that why can’t “they” just be happy w/ “civil unions”. You know why?

Cause there was never a top-ten hit that went,

♪♫♪♪ Goin to the Chapel, & we’re gonna get Civil-Unioned ♫♪♪”….

It’s still not the same thing. It would be the equivalent of telling “certain ppl” that they can ride on the same bus to the same destination, but they have to sit at the back of the bus.

You might argue: Why would they care? They still get to the same place.

B/c it’s saying that they’re different/lesser, & don’t deserve the idealism that “regular ppl” do.

The reason “regular” is in quotes is b/c I don’t believe that being straight is a “regular” trait. Maybe it’s a dominant trait (like having brown eyes, versus the recessive having blue eyes.). But that 2nd link shows that homosexuality has been around for eons, & they’ve even proven it exists naturally in animals.

Want to do something about it? Try:

Batman vs. The Dark Knight

Whoa…. have you guys seen this? My girl emailed it to me earlier this week, but of course I can’t watch video at work, so I just saw it now.

It’s the Trailer from Batman ’89 playin simultaneously w/ the new Dark Knight Trailer.

Pretty cool…. although it could just be that I can’t get enough Batman stuff. I CANNOT WAIT for this movie to come out!

why ask?

Ok, so this might be like 15 years late in my asking this….

But we’ve all heard that lil tongue twister….

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Um…. who came up w/ this? Why ask?

If it can’t chuck wood, it’s like saying

“how many years can you go w/out breathing air if you could go years w/out breathing air?”

So, this just is the randomness that pops into my head that I normally don’t share w/ anyone ever.

But I’m just posting it now cause I’m off to Cinci for a day & a half, & I wanted the ‘Bron off the top of my page. Peace out yo.

autonomous robotic life forms

Ok, I haven’t posted in a while, & don’t have much of any substance to say, so I’ll tell you about my night. I saw Transformers last night. I didn’t know what to expect of it, since everyone only ever rips apart Michael Bay. The only other movie he’s ever directed that I’ve seen is Bad Boys II, & I liked that movie too. But Transformers was really very cool, it did blow me away. It had action, but it was pretty funny too. The transformers weren’t like in the cartoon; they were emotional, & even cute at times. I know that sounds kinda weird; but there’s a scene where they’re sneaking around, & they come off as cute & funny there. I wasn’t expecting for the robots to show emotion like they were able to portray them; it was just a pretty cool movie.

Oh, but be prepared for some major product placement. When the transformers are introduced, it’s like a GM commercial. Seriously. It did make me laugh though; well, a lil snicker anyway. I mentioned to Mr. T on the way home that only the good guys (Autobots for those of you who care about these things) were the GM cars, while the bad guys (Decepticons) were vague car types (fighter jet, tank, asst. general cars). Mr. T pointed out that the police car was one of the bad guys too, & it was a branded car. I did notice it was a nice, shiny car; but couldn’t remember any branding on it. All the other cars were obviously branded, & were very conspicuous throughout. So, I looked it up, & he’s right. Here’s a shot of the Saleen police car at the LA Transformers movie premiere. Apparently, Barricade (the Decepticon) transforms into an S281 Saleen, which is a modified Ford Mustang. But he’s the only bad guy branded car I noted then (after Mr. T pointed him out).

Anyway, I totally thought it was worth seeing in the theatre. Oh, & we went to Valley View! I do love Valley View, with it’s reclining, super large comfy seats! And the whole way home, I was inspecting the cars on the highway, esp the big ole semi. It’s all good though.

OH- Sorry, one more thing… Before the movie, you know how they have trailers for other stuff? Well, they had a teaser for some cool-lookin movie, but it didn’t give the name of it. BUT (& here’s the best part), it’s made by J.J. Abrams!!! Now, I do love me some JJ (well, his work, not the man himself), I loved Alias; so I know this is gonna be good. Anyway, imdb has an untitled project of his coming out on 1-18-2008, but no real info on it. Some ppl are saying it’s a remake of Godzilla, but I believe in my heart that it’s not. That’s all I’ve got. What I believe; & I like to trust my gut. So, you’ve heard it here 1st, it’s not a Godzilla remake. Only time will tell. Oh, & here’s the trailer for it:

My life as a 12-year old girl

Today’s post is actually 2 separate installments of my real-life conversations. One actually happened during the month of January, & the other yesterday. While I consider myself extremely intelligent, sometimes I realize I come off as a 12-year old girl. The following are examples of these circumstances.

In January, my parents decided to leave us visit India for a month. Yes, they took off for a month-long vacation to India. During this time, I took over their guardian role for my teenage brother. He’s in high school, so I took him to a college day thing, & I was in charge of cooking dinner, making sure he ate*, did homework, & also the fun job of chauffeuring him to & fro his important high school activities. On one such occasion, I was to pick him up from a group study session (or group project, or something):

[I pull up & he comes out of the building. As he approaches the car, a Justin Timberlake song comes on the radio.]
Me: Ooouuu, you lucked out! This JT song just began.
Him: Uh, I don’t like Justin Timberlake.
Me: Oh, so maybe you’re not so lucky. [as I proceed to turn the volume up.]

At work yesterday, this woman called me & gave me her address so that I can send her something. She lives in Arlington, VA; right next to the nation’s capitol.

Me: so that’s xxx Garfield Street? Garfield, as in the cat?
Her: uhhh….
Me: [light bulb going off]Um, I guess that’s probably Garfield, as in the president, huh? [realizing that a street named Garfield next to the nation’s capitol is named after a former prezzie, not a kitty.]
Her: Yeah, it’s Garfield like the president.

whoa! Riley’s got a point!

NO WAY! I can’t believe Riley actually made some sense here. He’s not the deep thinker out of the two brothers. This whole video game controversy is completely out of control.
I live in a nice neighborhood; & the moms I hear on the local news, & on the radio calling in everytime a new game is released. It drives me mad, b/c if you don’t want your son to play it, DON’T BUY IT. Ppl, control your children! Don’t have a hissy fit, & waste programming time to complain about something that is completely under your control.

Movies that are ‘rated R’ are restricted to 17 & up, right? Well, the games have ratings on them too. Teach your kids to respect you. If you say no to something, that means no. I don’t understand what the prob is. I’m sick of kids running rampant.

Also, I’m sick of the moms calling in & complaining about the video games being so violent; when I know the kids in her neighborhood do a ton of drugs. Seriously, ppl, get your priorities straight. She’ll call in, & say she’s from so & so neighborhood; a well-to-do neighborhood where the kids raid their parents medicine cabinets & have pharming parties.

Have y’all heard of the pharming parties? The kids have a party at someone’s house. Everyone invited brings their own prescription drugs, & their parent’s prescriptions, sometimes their grandparents if they get a chance to raid their medi-cabinet too. At the party, there’s a huge empty ‘punch bowl’ on the coffee table in the living room. Everyone empties their drugs into this. As you walk by it, you just pick up a pill or two & pop it. No one knows what they’re taking. They just take it, combine it w/ whatev else, & wait to see what happens.

Anyway, I think many other things are more important than complaining about video games, that have a rating on them anyway. God forbid parents actually have to talk to their kids & get to know them as human beings. Geez ppl, get to know your kids & find out who their friends are. Find out which friends are the punks (b/c we all know there’s gonna be some punks). You can’t choose their friends or tell them which ones they can’t be friends w/, but you can talk to them have an influence in their lives. Ya hear?

boondocks cartoon from 11/12/2006

i’m gettin annoyed…

Did I miss the memo where ‘passive-aggressive’ was declared the new black?

I’m so incredibly sick & tired of ppl asking me stupid, idiotic questions that I know damn well they know the answers to. And if they really don’t know the answer, well, that’s even worse. Don’t go around asking or wondering how something happened when you know damn well how it happened.
When I respond to the aforementioned dumbass question w/ “Well… remember yesterday when I told you about…”. Yeah, you pretty much should realize that I don’t have time to repeat myself.

Camcorders are pretty cheap now-a-days. Go get one, & just record everything I tell you; b/c I know you’ll need to refer to it later.

I’m really sorry, this isn’t addressed to anyone who even reads this site, but GEEZ-LOUISE!!! I’m sick of incompetence. Incontinence? Whatever, I’m sick of both! Anyone else out there dealing w/ the same crap I am? Can I get a “Hellz Yeah”?!

So, I’m sendin out this Happy Bunny to all the ppl who’ve annoyed me lately.

It’s funny how no matter how mad or upset I am, the happy bunnies always bring a smile to my face.

UPDATE: Not that this means much, but I’m sharing. I’ve decided to pick up some brie & have brie & whole wheat crackers & fruit tonight for din-din. I do love brie. mmmm.

bad joker

Why do they have to go ruin a good thing? I hate when there’s something I want to see, but it’s got someone I don’t like in it.

Like, Adrian Brody— I just don’t like the look of him. Nothing against him, it’s my own personal preference, I think he looks weird. He’s got the waist of a 14 year old girl.

I also can’t stand Sienna Miller in movies; mainly cause I can’t stand the idea that ppl are modeling themselves after trash.

And Halle Berry. Yes, I know, I know; everyone loves her. But she was a bitch to me at a party once, & so I haven’t like her since. Yes, it was in a dream I had; but she was very rude & disrespectful to me in the dream. I had to go out to the terrace of the penthouse apartment the party was in just to compose myself. So, now I can’t watch her in movies either.

Anyway, the point of this whole post is that Heath Ledger is gonna be in the new Batman movie. There were rumors floating around that Philip Seymour Hoffman might be the next Joker. But alas, it’s gonna be Ledger.

I love Batman movies. I especially loved Batman Begins. I’ve seen it about 5 times b/t December & February. It was definitely the most realistic & true to life Batman mooovie. We all know the real Batman had all that experience in the martial arts, & previous Batman movies just did not explore that. So, I’m excited to see Christian Bale doing Batman again w/ that same director-dude. But not so much w/ Heath. Although, I guess it’s only fitting since the Joker is my least fave (ie, least interesting) of the Batman villains. That’s another thing; there’s over 80 villains in the Batman stories, why does Hollywood always focus on just a handful of them. If you are interested in all things Batman, but don’t know where to look, check out this book. It’s how I became a Batman aficionado.

love thyself

Lately, it’s been so humid here, that my hair’s gone crazy. It’s just all over the place, & there’s nothing I can really do to control it. I know if I just cut (read: trim a quarter to half inch) it a little, it’ll be fine. But I’ve been waiting for this next weekend before I do. Cause I’m straightening it for two parties; & I don’t want to trim it & then damage perfectly good follicles. So, I’m waiting til after this weekend, so that whatever damage I do to my hair can just get cut off.

Point being, I’ve been a wreck about my hair lately. It’s really nice out & not as humid, & I’m having a good hair day for the 1st time in forever, & then I saw this:

Boondocks 7/23/2006
You’ll have to click on the pic to enlarge & read

So, I’m trying now not to gripe about the things that make us who we are; & I thought I’d share, cause I know there’s a lot of us (read: curly-haired gals) that do go through our hair probs & it bugs us. But I’m gonna think of it as fluffy clouds now. Even if it is cheesy.

pink elephant

There’s this woman at work. I’ve been working w/ her for over 3 years now. In the last 2 years, she’s seemed to put on weight; just a little weight, mind you. Well, in the last few months, she’s put on a bit more weight, & had developed an ever-increasing belly. A lot of times, women who find themselves w/ a bit of a belly try to hide it. Esp b/c they’re not used to having it, & they don’t really care for it. They do it more for themselves than for other ppl.

So, this woman. She’s been walking around w/ this belly now for the last 2 months. I just ignored it.

Oh, total sidenote: In my fam, they are not shy about mentioning these kinds of things. Once, I went to see my uncle after not seeing him for a year, & the 1st words out of his mouth were “Wow, it looks like you’ve put on some weight there? You need to exercise more.” No, I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up. Oh, & btw, I’d gained about 10 pounds (maybe 8). And I wasn’t fat to start off w/. Yeah, they don’t like weight gain. But it’s better than my other uncle, who’s come to visit us from overseas, & hasn’t seen a lot of us in 15 years. He went to see my cousins, & mentioned how two of them had become “fatties”. So nonchalantly too. He’ll just say, “oh yeah, & we saw ‘so & so’ today, he’s turned into a bit of a fattie, hasn’t he?”, then ask when we were going to make his tea for his ‘4 pm tea-time’. B/c he doesn’t know how to make TEA!!! TEA, ppl!?!

Ok, back to the subject at hand. Yesterday, I saw her & she was wearing (what looked to me like) a pink maternity top. Now, I realize maybe she hasn’t been slingin back the Pabst Blue Ribbons. Maybe she’s pregnant. I mean, she’s married, young-ish, has a dog, & they just bought a house 2 years ago. No, I don’t know what the dog has to do w/ anything. At the time, I thought they’d moved into the house from the apt so that the dog had space to run around in. Now, it’s occurring to me that maybe they bought the house in preparation for a baby.

So, I still haven’t asked if she is or not. I don’t want to say anything about it, b/c what if she’s not? She’s a decent person. That, & the fact that when I request changes be made, she’s the person who decides what priority to give my requests; which in turn affects whether my requisitions are fulfilled in the next 48 hours or 8 months. Ok, more the latter reason; but still, I don’t want to hurt her feelings or upset her.

This is my current “pink elephant in the room & you can’t talk about it” situation. Literally & figuratively.