I’m going to China!

I have big news – I’M GOING TO CHINA!china-attraction-map

I’ve been dating for a number of years now, and met a wonderful man, “E”, about a year ago. We were both on dating sites, but different ones so we never would have met that way. However, our paths crossed here in Columbus. He moved to Columbus from out of state about a month before I did. We were friends, and it slowly evolved. We’ve been dating since January, and he mentioned non-nonchalantly about going to Hong Kong. I responded that I’d always wanted to see China.

Well, last month, he said “let’s do it”. Which is crazy talk.

C’mon, it’s really crazy talk. I mean, there are logistical constraints. We’d need a visa to go to China. To get a Chinese visitor’s visa, you need to send your plane ticket and hotel confirmations with the exact dates. That means we need to buy tickets — non-refundable tickets. And book all our hotels. If you know me, it takes me forever to book a hotel. I need to read all the reviews, plus we need to make sure it’s in the right location with an English-speaking concierge.

But we did it. Well, mostly. I just got my visa returned to me today, and E’s visa will come back (hopefully) in time for our departure.

We will be going to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong; for 10 days. I can’t wait!

the tailbone is connected to nerve endings

I’ve hurt myself. Not a cut or bruise; that’s usual. I’ve seriously hurt myself for the first time ever. Someone who has never broken a bone or had any sort of surgery in her life.

I fell. HARD. And x-rays show that while I haven’t broken anything, I’ve suffered a contusion. On my tailbone. And it HURTS.

And doing what, pray tell? Some fun, extreme sport? Running or hiking in nature? No. I was simply demonstrating wall sits to my sister. We were discussing squats, and different exercises, and I wanted to demonstrate a ‘wall sit’. It was early morning (7am, before coffee, before work), and I had *just* put on socks. This is an important detail, as my sister has new, slick laminate hardwood flooring. I just finished saying “I should probably not do this after just putting on socks…”; which I thought acknowledged that I understood the safety risk and was about to be super careful with my balance. No sooner had I made the statement & put my arms outstretched in front of me, did my feet sliiide out from underneath me & I came down. On my tailbone. Auuuuggghh.

My sister, visibly alarmed, came running up to me but did not touch me. I just laid there for a bit, and somehow crawled my way onto the plush carpeting of the living room. Where I laid in the fetal position until the initial pain subsided.

In asking me some questions, my sister determined I had a contusion. This is a word I didn’t know; but she said it just means a more serious bruise. I eventually found myself being X-rayed because the doctor I went to see decided to press against my tailbone saying “Does this hurt?”. Instead of a yes or no, I squealed in pain. She called for an X-ray. Turns out my sister was right.
BlurImage(11-5-2016 2-29-28)


That was Thursday. It is now Wednesday. I still hurt. Sitting in a car hurts. Bending down hurts. Needless to say, I have been dropping everything this week. With no one around to bend down & pick the item up for me. I went to scan my badge at my workplace entry, and DROPPED MY BADGE. Ugh. Beeeeennnnding down slowly is a struggle. I was standing in line at TSA, prepared for the security with my boarding pass & driver’s license in hand. And dropped my driver’s license. I have always been a vocal person, so of course there’s an “Auuuuggghhhh” as I slooooowly bend down to try to pick up this completely flat object that is laying against the floor.

I get that I didn’t break a bone still. I get that I am very blessed to have health insurance to go see a doctor, and have the medical facility have an x-ray machine right there for an instant diagnosis. I am very blessed to have the resources available to me. My work even allows me to work from home. Here’s my (admittedly first-world) problem: I can’t workout.

For me, working out is a stress reliever. I will sweat on the elliptical or treadmill; and I can *feel* all the toxins leaving my body. All the stresses of the day leave my body in that sweat. I am energized and feel this combination of happiness/strength. My mood is elevated. I do Pilates, and feel a sense of calm & confidence. I feel like I can take on whatever the world throws at me next. I’m READY.

But this time, this time is different. I’m about to go to South Beach, Miami in 3 weeks. My BFFs and I turn 40 this year. We’ve never gone away together, even though in our 20s, we always said that when we’re older & in our own worlds, we will take the time to vacation together to stay connected. These are my soul sistas. I love these girls, and they understand me. This is rare in life to find someone who understands you; may not always agree with you, but will stand by your side.

I’ve never been to Miami before. What I know of Miami is that J-Lo lives there, and people basically wear tube tops as both top & bottom. LOL.

The plan was to be in shape for the beach & the dance clubs. I’ve gained like 10 lbs in the last 6 months, and wanted to at least drop some of that.

This is my major discontentment with my injury. Not the struggle, the pain, the constant soreness. But that I can’t workout. Not just for my mental sanity, but for the shallowest of reasons. At least I can admit that.

But geez, turning 40, and taking longer to heal is a pain. Literally.

Drive to Columbus

Made my drive from Detroit to Columbus today. This was my passenger seat:

Discovered last year that long drives are easier if I have an audiobook. I was getting tired of my music for 4 hours repeatedly.

Wanted to track my books here, so I can keep a list.

I really liked this book. Especially since I heard the chapter where she spoke of doing interviews, and what she looked for in an interview, just as I’m about to go into an interview tomorrow. Perfect timing.

leaving Detroit

Today was my last day of work in Detroit. I’ve been working as a consultant in downtown Detroit for the last 2 1/2 years. I’ve loved my work, loved the people, and even loved the company too. I’m sad to be leaving; have created friendships of some of my colleagues. Here’s a picture I took on a walk on my work complex one day:

detroit work

But I need to move. It was the city. Detroit had nothing for me. I tried dating… nothing. I’ve tried restaurants, but none appealed to me. I didn’t really have friends that would go to events with me. Maybe 1 out of every 5 events I wanted to attend, I could find someone to go with me. And few events actually came to Detroit.

I needed to move to a city where there were lots of things going on, and I had people who would go with me to events. People who wanted to go out.

I’ve gotten a job in Columbus, and have a week off before I start there. Very excited about the move! I have siblings there. And get this – my best friend from high school and my best friend from college live there! I’ll also be closer to Cleveland, so it’ll be easier to go up there to see my girls! As a foodie, I already know there are lots of restaurants I’m looking forward to exploring.

I’m just very excited about moving back to Ohio. I think I’m going to be very happy there!

bucket list: see Morrissey

Morrissey marquee

Went to see Morrissey last week in Ohio. Never been so excited to get our melancholy on!

When I bought the tix, I thought I was buying to see Morrissey AND Blondie. I didn’t realize Blondie was only joining him for the NYC show. I also didn’t know that I’d lose pay for going to the show. When I bought the tickets, I was allowed to work remotely. That is, ‘work from home’, so I could go to Ohio, log into work on Monday to work, go to the show Monday night, and drive back to MI Tuesday morning to work 2/3 of the day on site on Tuesday. But a few weeks prior to the concert, they instilled a new policy at work that I couldn’t work from home anymore.

But it was a great time, and it’s another life experience I’m glad I had. And it rained, which seemed fitting.

Morrissey did his ‘meat is murder’ song, with powerful imagery projected behind him. So poignant, that I couldn’t watch most of it, and had to put my hand up to block it. There was a cool video projected during a song about police brutality. I like how aware he is. Even if he’s a narcissist. I feel he cut the show short, maybe because a couple of fans (literally, fans, as they were fanatical) tried to bum-rush the stage/him.

Viva la Mexico

I’ve not been on a real vacation in a long, long time. And I’ve never been to a tropical place before. So, my dear, beautiful, caring cousin chose to have a destination wedding. In Cancún. At a luxury resort.

oh. my. god.

I came back last Tuesday. And I want to go back. I want to spend many days of my life in that type of place. It was lovely.

I mean, it was more than just hanging out. We saw history. We saw the Mayan Ruins. But gosh. It was so lovely on the last day, when I had nothing to do but sit poolside, drinking tropical bevvies.

cancun pool

Here is the pyramid at Chichén Itzá, so you can see that I did embrace the cultural side of the journey as well. It was super cool. Well, super hot because Mexico in late June. But très chic.


my spirit animal is Ron

Have you ever seen those questions? When you’re looking at lists of possible interview questions, there’s that one: “What is your spirit animal?”

I’ve seen this over the years, and thank God I’ve never been asked it. Because I had no idea what I’d answer.

Until now.

I started working with this guy named Ron*. He’s an older (over 60) man, but not ‘old’. He takes off to go on bike trips across states. He’s gritty. He doesn’t do BS or ‘politics’ (like office politics). He’s quiet, won’t say much. And he’s got this screensaver on his monitor of him with a tiger. I’m pretty sure he’s a republican. He’s one of those ‘salt of the earth’ people.

And he’s my spirit animal.


*names may have been changed to protect the spirit animal.

Northern girls love their leggings


I could never live down south, because I have invested so much in leggings.

Opaque leggings
Fleece-lined leggings
Sweater leggings
Colorful leggings

Gotta love the Macaroons

So, I got a text from my sister today that she joined Instagram. So, OF COURSE, I asked for her Instaname to follow her, and asked her to follow me back!

She then scrolled through at least a hundred (maybe more) of my photos.

And I got a notification that she liked ONE. ONE.

Out of over a hundred, maybe over 200 that she saw. I’ve posted almost 300, but this one was from 2013. I know, because in 2014 I made a resolution to try not to post as many food pics. So, this was before that.

This is the ONLY picture that my sister liked:

My eyes are perfect

You’re not going to believe this. But I have perfect vision. That’s what the nice lady checking my eyes at the ophthalmology appt said.

Not near perfect vision. But ACTUAL PERFECT vision!

In fact, she showed me the level that is considered perfect vision, which I could read easily. Then, she showed me how I could read 2 more levels past the line that would signify perfect vision.

And here I was so worried that there might be something wrong with my eyes! I’ve never had an eye exam in my adult life. EVER. I had them in elementary school when I was a kid. So I didn’t know what to expect. But everything came out swimmingly!

Oh, also, today I learned that ophthalmology has 2 more Hs and one more L than I thought.