About moi

I’m a lady… I love the ideas of chivalry & am pretty “proper”…

… live in Cleveland, & love this town.

Love the Arts. It’s capital b/c it’s important.

I don’t buy a lot of the hype. Like ppl who get all huffy about not ending sentences in prepositions. No one knows who came up w/ that rule or why, so how come we all have to follow it?

I love Social Media (once again, capital b/c it’s important). It’s where I get all my news & how I keep in touch w/ most ppl. Of course, I’m on twitter (@yllw).

I love my friends & fam (who doesn’t though).

Love to help ppl & feel that I’m making a diff. That’s partly why I blog, to put down what I learn about diff ppl, laws, injustices, etc. To just put it down somewhere accessible. Been blogging since 2005, & I love having this log.

I’m Indian-American. Was born in Gujarat, India… moved to Cleveland at the age of 4 yrs. Got Naturalized at the age of 18 so I can vote.

If you need to know more, check out my fun facts below… ask in the comments, or email me at yllwdaisiesATgmailDOTcom.

Fun Facts

  • I don’t keep anything short. I just can’t do it; everything turns into a long, rambling story.
  • My laptop’s name is Fernie; short for Fernando. (I think he might be gay; which would answer the nature/nurture question).

  • I taught myself html/css/java to make & design my own web pages. 3 months later, the formatting changed to xtml, which is supposed to make html easier, but it just confused me.
  • I’ve, at one point, had more piercings than I have fingers. I’ve even had my tongue pierced once. Yeah, that’ll never happen again.
  • I. HATE. PAIN. I’m very sensitive.
  • Ironically, I’m great in a crisis.
  • I can’t stand when sites don’t have an auto-save feature. I don’t get why they wouldn’t just add it? They know that ppl are going to start writing a note or msg to someone, & then something will happen & they’ll lose everything they wrote, & be all super-pissed, & prob will boycott the site for a while b/c it annoyed them so much (ahem… fb).
  • I love to sleep. I think John & Yoko were really onto something w/ that whole “bed-in” thing.
  • I was told in the 4th grade that pencils are for little children; & that since we are older, we need to write in pen. I do everything in ink now (incl. crosswords). Oh, & I’m a bit of a pen-snob.
  • I’m also a cookie-snob… & a cake-snob.
  • I’m highly efficient. (my fam sometimes calls this “lazy”).
  • I cannot respect the rules of grammar b/c I don’t feel they are right. I don’t know who created them, & how they constantly get changed. I do respect the teaching of the Bauhaus back in the day, & I don’t think they’d approve of many of our grammar rules. Thus, I simply don’t follow them. & I know that irritates ppl; but it irritates me too, to have to follow rules that I don’t respect. Ultimately, I have to uphold my own principles.  Yeah, I’ll end a sentence in a preposition. I won’t think twice about it. I didn’t make up the rules; & I’ve asked & no one seems to know who made that one up. It just doesn’t work for me.  I don’t get the whole putting a period in the sentence on the inside of the parentheses when it’s it’s own sentence. Isn’t the period supposed to be the last thing, signifying the end of the sentence?
  • I’m a fantastic cook. & baker. I can make just about anything.
  • If I were independently wealthy, I’d spend my days just volunteering @ the kids’ wing in the hospital, & places like the Ronald McDonald house. Just playing games, hanging out, making breakfast w/ ill kids. They seem to have the most insight.
  • I hate symmetry. Can’t stand it; it’s boring & lame.
  • I’ve never had a pet. Not even a fish. Or an imaginary pet.
  • I’m pretty impatient. It doesn’t show; but inside, I’m going crazy!
  • I’m pretty full of myself. I think I’m pretty amazing.
  • I am, above all, a lady. Possibly one of the last.

    2 thoughts on “About moi

    1. I’m a 63 year old (going on 40), English/Irish/Scottish Canadian lady who LOVES your blog! I just finished reading the whole thing through.

      I feel the same way about that disgusting flag. Just yesterday, I saw a confederate flag (license plate) on a car here and felt such distaste, I can’t tell you. Have absolutely no time for bigots.

      I’m sorry you’ve never had the deep, warming love of a pet…just thinking of them makes me smile.

      When we become wealthy, I’ll meet you in the kid’s wing or at Ronald McDonald’s House!


    2. I am not sure we would agree on everything but I think we would agree on more than anyone would expect. I admire your passion and energy. Thank you for posting your views.

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