Jared Leto won the Internet

This won the internet for me today. Maybe this week. Maybe this year. It may be the best thing I’ve seen since the Macaulay Culkin picture.

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech

meryl-streepPatricia Arquette gave a bomb-diggity Oscar speech. And here’s why.

She was recognized for work she did. She’s been acting for about 3 decades. Three decades. She’s finally being recognized for her work. The Academy Award is the highest regarded movie award in the US.

Yet, this woman took this platform, where she is being put on a national stage and her shining moment.

And she decided to use that platform to say something to support her fellow women.

You don’t often see that type of selflessness in the world, let alone in Hollywood.

Now, people may complain that she makes way more money than the average woman working in the US.

First, so what? I worked hard to get my current job. So hard. And I excel at what I do. I know this. Others see this. I have a work ethic like a bull. And I’m super amazingly good at what I do. And I found out (by asking around) that I do make more than my male counterparts. So, does that mean I’m not going to still be vocal about feminist ideals, and equal pay for women?

Second, I don’t know how much she makes or made on any movie. But I do know this, there’s a good chance she made LESS than her male counterparts for no good reason other than she was a woman.

How can I make this statement. Easy. Because the leaked Sony emails give us some insight on how far-reaching the pay gender gap really goes. Those emails showed us that Jennifer Lawrence and FIVE TIME ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Amy Adams were paid less than their male co-stars. There was also some list of like 6000 Sony employees; and of the 17 making over a million, only one of them was a female.

Now, I don’t get the other part of her speech, where she goes into different types of people. She should have stuck to one topic so not to dilute the strength of the sentiment. But whatever. Take what you will from it.

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My “friend”, W Kamau Bell

w kamau bell1So, he’s not really my friend in real life, in that he doesn’t know he’s my friend. But I’m his friend.

Have you ever liked someone so much that you felt you know them, and feel their pain? I have so much love & respect for W. Kamau Bell, and feel the need to share what happened to him on his birthday.w kamau bell2

I’m such a big fan of his, that when he said he was canceling his tour due to the impending birth of his 2nd daughter, I had nothing but mad respect for him. I mean, how could you not admire a father putting his family first?


w kamau bell3

Here’s his post about his birthday:


ppl need ppl

I walked into work this morn. Before I even got to my office, I was told “OMG, Did you know Corey Haim died?!?!” To which I answered “Was it a drug overdose?”. She said “yeah”.

“Eh” was all I could answer.

What a cliché. I hate to say it, but c’mon ppl.

Don’t these ppl have ppl? I mean, I know I have more than enough ppl who butt into voice their concerns about my life. They’re called friends & family. & I’ve got a huuuuge family.

Someone had to have known there were probs.

This brings me to the ‘Precious’ girl. I’m glad she’s comfortable w/ herself. Props to her for loving herself & her confidence is a strong force. She should love herself; she’s a talented young lady.

However, she’s got to have family that should be concerned about her health. It’s one thing to be a bit overweight. But I think she’s obese, which means health probs. Plus, she’s black, so the likelihood of her having or developing diabetes is great. Not to mention high cholesterol & blood pressure.

Not pressure her, but encourage her. Remember, I believe in moving towards something, not away from something. But I think she’s got the right attitude. Here’s something she did say:

“I love the way I look. I’m fine with it. And if my body changes, I’ll be fine with that.”

So, I respect that she understands that loving herself is not related to the physical, but rather to who she is as a person. But at the same time, I want her to not have what ends up being stupid/silly complications that wouldn’t have disrupted her life if she’d monitor her blood sugar, or cholesterol level.

I’m not really upset w/ Gabby Sidibe.

I’m just sick of ppl not being there for other ppl.

When I see a kid riding shotgun w/ no seat belt, it infuriates me. That kid HAS their own person to watch over them, & they still aren’t doing it! We are a societal group. Meant to be social creatures.

Update (6/19/2010) – Related Article:
I just found this post on Gabby as I was browsing the blog of @blackconseco.

really? a headline?

Wow! Realized I haven’t posted since the end of June. It was always my intention to put up at least some post every month. Even something dumb, just so I don’t skip over months in my archive. Oh well.

Why am I back? What has driven me to post? I think we all know. Kanye.

C’mon Kanye. I just got an email letting me know about an upcoming presale for Kanye’s Cleve show in Dec. It’s gonna be a Christmas time show. Dec. 23rd.

Aw man, Kanye. How do you expect me to find ANYONE left here in the land of Cleve that’s willing to shell out at least $50 now?!?!?!

Yes, I’m coming. But whoooo with?

C’mon man, I’m ok w/ you being your jerky self, but the rest of the US doesn’t like it. & it’s not a prob if you’re a jerk unless, say, your LIVELIHOOD depends on other ppl’s money. The masses. Which… um.. it does.

Now, we all know I couldn’t care less. So what if you took the mic out of some 17-yr old millionaire’s hand when she was getting an MTV VMA award. It’s not like it was the Nobel Peace Prize. Add to that the fact that you were all over the place swigging a bottle of Hennessy before the show. Anyone on stage who sees you coming at them while they have a mic in their hands (ESP at the VMA’s, b/c it’s not like you haven’t pulled this like 5 out of the last 7 VMA’s you’ve been to) totally has that coming.

Who cares? She lived & she learned. & she got some publicity out of it. I couldn’t care less about all that.

The only thing I care about now is, who’s gonna come w/ me to see you at freakin CHRISTMASTIME?!?!?!! Thanks, Kanye.

the lip balm gave it away….

To become an official Claymate*, you go to Clay’s website & pay anywhere from $14.99 to $29.99 for the membership.

For the “Ultimate Membership” (29.99 + tax + s/h), you get:
– a Clay Aiken tote bag
– lip balm
– and set of Clay Aiken buttons

Um… & ppl really didn’t know? Seriously? One of the Claymates had written in:

“This is really shocking news as I had no idea he was gay…. And now I have to deal with this. I am not sure what to say to people who know I was a fan. … I didn’t go to work today and am not answering the telephone.”

Really?!?!? You had noooo idea?

Uhh….. didja not get the lip balm w/ the pic of Clay on it, in the Clay tote bag, in the mail?

*I’m pretty sure it’s just like being a playmate, but for Clay instead of Hef. Don’t quote me on that, though.

today’s searches don’t count.

So, I don’t really have a tv that I watch. Don’t have cable, & never really there to watch anything, so I didn’t know I missed the VMAs yesterday till I watched the news this morn. So, of course, I’ve been looking at pix online for the last hour.

And here’s how that’s been workin out for me:


look at a pic.
do a search for Russell Brand
look at next pic.
do a search for “Fanny Pak” (seriously? Fanny Pak? ok.)
search Christopher Mintz-Plasse
see pic of Slash on stage.
google his wife to see what she wore (I really dig Slash’s wifey, she’s spunky-cute)
google Tocarra

Wait…. WHAT!?>!!#: !
T-Pain came in on an elephant?!?! redunkulous.

Cisco Alder was there? Is he still relevant? Was he EVER relavant?

google Stephanie Pratt.

Katy Perry looks like a stupid banana whore in her performance pic.

Jordin Sparks look HUGE, but I still got love for her. It may just be a bad angle.
Pink looks HOTTTTTT. That’s more than 2 T’s.
Lil Wayne looks stupid & lil.
Pussycat dolls look pretty classy for a group that calls themselves pussycat dolls.

Michael Phelps can wear whatever he wants cause he the golden boy at the moment. But I do wish his mom taught him how to pull his pants up & wear a belt properly. I really don’t like when boy’s pants aren’t pulled up. I’m not askin for Urkel here, but I just don’t like the low-riding pants. It’s a lil gay, don’t cha think? (I mean that in the best possible way.)

AUGH! I can NOT stand lil Wayne. He seriously makes me want to rip off my ears, & now my eyes. He’s wearing an MLK shirt? For reals?!?! I’m so sick of him. I would love to meet him so that I can smack him (seriously, right across the face) & tell him to never EVER compare himself to MLK Jr. EVER again. I’m not a hostile person, but I really can’t stand him. And pull your pants up, punk.

LL looks classy, as usual.
Kid Rock looks appropriately dressed-up-white-trash. (I mean that in the best way possible too).

Brooke Hogan didn’t fall too far from the tree, eh?

I didn’t know Lupe was a polo-playing white British aristocrat?

Chris Brown can wear whatever he wants. He’s a good, young, clean kid from the streets of Philly who stayed focused on his goals, & got to where he is with a bit of luck & a ton of hard work. The boy can dance his butt off. I hope he stays grounded & on top.

David Banner – stupid is as stupid does.

I hate mermaidy dresses. But I love Christina (Xtina if ya will). So, I’m just turning my head at that one. Everyone’s allowed a pass.


oh, looks like I got to the end of the pix. Man, I wish I had cable. I totally coulda live-blogged that.

You know, if I wasn’t so lazy about my blogging 😉

nu-uh, they’ve got Milk!

Remember a couple years ago, how interested in Milk I was?

Click on this screenshot of my archived post to read it:

penn on lf, milk on rt

I was just fascinated w/ Harvey Milk & I still haven’t seen that documentary that I wanted to.

Well, I just found out that they’re doing another movie about Harvey Milk & Sean Penn’s gonna play him. Oh, oh , OH, & there’s MORE! Gus Van Sant is directing! My Own Private Idaho was one of my fave movies! If you love Shakespeare, you have to see it!

I’m not a huge Sean Penn fan, but I am a big Harvey Milk fan & a big Gus Van Sant. I’m definitely not going to miss this one. Hopefully, I’ll have seen that 1984 doc by then too.

they’re KIDS

So you know how R. Kelly got off?

Yeah, that didn’t link to what you thought it was gonna link to, eh? You sick, sick ppls! 😉

Anyway, I have a couple thoughts on that.

1- they say one of the main factors is that the girl in the video didn’t testify. I’m wondering if anyone’s checked for any weird (& extreme) activity in her bank account since this case has arisen. I’m just sayin.

and deux- I think anyone who has that video on their computer should face some sort of child porn charges. Yes, that prob means a few of the ppl who come to this post googling this whole situation.

No, I haven’t seen the video. No, I have no plans to ever see the video. (And yes, I did just write that in a huffy-pretentious voice.)

UPDATE: Ok, I was gonna post a comment, but it turned really long, so I’m just adding it here as a radio edit.

It’s absolutely crazy. Kids are having sex at the age of like 12 in suburbs & even younger in inner cities. I’ve heard this from kids! It’s insane & outta control.

I’m so scared for our youth.

The other thing is, I think she was totally willing (as were other teenage girls). And they don’t regret it when they’re older. It’s a “cool thing”. And if they did regret it (doubtful), they would never testify against someone so famous that so many ppl love. Some crazy fans would try to stalk/hurt them if Kells ever went to jail.

I was listening to a radio show while in Chi-town one weekend, & there were a couple girls who called in bragging about having slept w/ him a decade ago when they were teens. Who knows if they were legit, or if they were making it up? But regardless, it was seen as a cool experience.

that’s how you slap a racist diva

How comes we don’t convict racists & bigots here in the US like they do in France?

They mean ill-will & harm to a particular group of ppl. How many ppl die here in the US b/c of their race, religion, gender (transgender), or sexual-orientation? How many are harmed or die, & it goes unreported? It’s sickening.

Brigitte Bardot wrote a letter to (then) Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. In the letter, she provoked discrimination and racial hatred; stating that Muslims are destroying France.

She wrote that France was “tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts.”

Her statements were also published in her foundation’s quarterly journal.

France has anti-racism laws that “prevent inciting hatred and discrimination on racial or religious or racial grounds”. Bardot has already been convicted four times for this in the past.