disclosure issues

So, Mr. T & I are going to (eventually) have a child. I emphasize the ‘eventually’ b/c I don’t want anyone getting any ideas; it’s prob not going to be for another 4-5 years. But the day will come.

Here’s the thing, we’ve had the baby names talk, & picked out 2 really chill names (1 boy name, 1 girl name). And no, I can’t tell you what they are.

We’ve had the talk about when to tell ppl. I mentioned to him once that I’d read online that day that you’re not supposed to disclose that your all knocked-up until after your 1st trimester. I think it comes from the olden days when women were more likely to have a problem & possibly miscarry. If no one knows, then no one will be able to put hexes on your unborn child… or something like that.

He said that he wouldn’t be able to hold it in, & that we’d def have to tell some close fam. I think I’m ok w/ telling the parents, but swearing them to secrecy until we make the actual announcement.

Now, the reason I bring up all this is b/c we had another conversation about this topic last weekend. I think it was last Sat night. We’re usually out until late on Sat nights, we get home around 5:30 am (yes, that’s very typical for us)*, & then stay up until around 8 am talking & watching the sun come up. We live across the street from a beach (it’s a 3 min walk); & we sit out on the balcony talking about all sorts of stuff.

Anyway, the topic of pics came up. He wants us to send out those “1st pics”. You know, the kind they take at a hospital. I’ve never been a big fan of the “super-newborn” picture. I just don’t know; it just doesn’t seem right to me. I can’t explain it. Well, ok I can. But I will seriously come off like an insensitive bee-otch if I do. I could spin it around, & be all like, oh the baby just went through the trauma of birth, we should leave it alone, & not stick a cam in it’s face. But we all know that’s not really why.

Now, I’m going to totally contradict myself here, & say that I do like getting those “birth announcements” in the mail. But that’s mainly so that I can get the stats on the kid; you know, like on a baseball card. I’d be totally fine w/ a birth announcement that didn’t have a pic of the newborn on it. But I am ok w/ the kind w/ the pic of the newborn. But that’s only one pic. I don’t want to see a whole photo album of just borney-ness. Does that make sense? No? Well, let me take this moment to remind you all that I am often not very rational.

So, the thing is, I never planned on sending out pics of my newborn (again, ppl, when it happens, years from now). I saw what CrazyCruise & KatieCruise did last year w/ that pretty lil Suri. That was marketing GENIUS! Now, I’m not trying to market my baby. But let’s face it, babies look WAAAAY cuter at 6 months than they do as newborns.

So, my plan was to not disclose any pics of my baby until she (or he) was about 6 months. I think I’m fighting an uphill battle. This aforementioned “logic” cannot be explained to Mr. T.

*in fact, we got home last night at 4:30 am, & it was a Thursday night; & I’m at work today.

8 thoughts on “disclosure issues

  1. It’s, like, we’re connected on such a deep level. At the risk of ALSO sounding like a real beeotch, I don’t like those super-newborn pics either. I mean, NO KID is cute after it’s been working it’s way out of a tiny hole for hours. If adults work that hard at something, they look bad too. You’re right, though, it is an uphill battle to release the pics of your kid at 6 mos – in addition to fighting against your man, you’d also be fighting against your mama.

    Kudos on keeping your baby names secret – ours our secret too! NO, readers, we’re not TTC anytime soon!

  2. Ok, so I had to look up TTC, & I’m figuring it’s ‘Trying To Conceive’ & NOT ‘Terrorist Training Camp’.

  3. LMAO!! (look that up, yo!) just kidding! Holy cow, I’m laughing so hard! Terrorist Training Camp … never occured to me! I picked up TTC from theKnot.com! Still laughing!

  4. This all becomes a moot point if you end up having to deliver by C-section; those babies come out nice and fresh looking.

  5. oouuu, Is that what Christie did? I don’t wanna be cut up though. I think I wanna push the sucker out, but w/ the drugs (of course).

  6. The reason many people don’t tell people about the pregnancy at the start is because of the risk of miscarriage. It happens more often these days than you’d think.

    My friend recently got pregnant and forget the newborn pics, she already sent me some zygote/fetus shots. I’d say go with the 6 months version for anyone outside your immediate family

  7. i don’t think i’ll send any fresh out the womb pics of my baby. friends who don’t see the baby will probably see him/her at least a few days later.

  8. I think your argument makes sense. But I think Ryan has the best compromise. The immediate family gets pics from minute 1. Everyone else gets the pics from down the road.

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