We lied, it really is YOU.

Men can be so full of themselves, huh?

You know how men say we’re c*ck-blockin? Well, more often than not, it’s not actually that. B/c that insinuates that they may have actually had a chance w/ the pretty lady. When, alas, that’s not the case.

We gals see the “please get me away from this guy” look in our poor friend’s eyes & move in. I can’t tell you how many times my dear friends have asked for help. Or, getting the guy to move away for a couple of mins by asking him to get a drink, pleading w/ me not to leave them alone, b/c she wants nothing to do w/ him. Or, just asking that we move on to somewhere else.

I remember once telling a couple of guys that we were leaving b/c we were to meet ppl somewhere else, & then we just moved to another floor instead. I thought of this, b/c I’ve been overhearing guys complain of getting cock-blocked; & I have witnessed what they thought was them getting played. But there was no way in the world that guy was getting anywhere w/ the gal he was hitting on.

Please, guys, get over yourselves.

So, fellas, it’s not really us “blocking” you. It’s def you.

This has been a “the more you know” moment from yllw. Peace.

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