disclosure issues

So, Mr. T & I are going to (eventually) have a child. I emphasize the ‘eventually’ b/c I don’t want anyone getting any ideas; it’s prob not going to be for another 4-5 years. But the day will come.

Here’s the thing, we’ve had the baby names talk, & picked out 2 really chill names (1 boy name, 1 girl name). And no, I can’t tell you what they are.

We’ve had the talk about when to tell ppl. I mentioned to him once that I’d read online that day that you’re not supposed to disclose that your all knocked-up until after your 1st trimester. I think it comes from the olden days when women were more likely to have a problem & possibly miscarry. If no one knows, then no one will be able to put hexes on your unborn child… or something like that.

He said that he wouldn’t be able to hold it in, & that we’d def have to tell some close fam. I think I’m ok w/ telling the parents, but swearing them to secrecy until we make the actual announcement.

Now, the reason I bring up all this is b/c we had another conversation about this topic last weekend. I think it was last Sat night. We’re usually out until late on Sat nights, we get home around 5:30 am (yes, that’s very typical for us)*, & then stay up until around 8 am talking & watching the sun come up. We live across the street from a beach (it’s a 3 min walk); & we sit out on the balcony talking about all sorts of stuff.

Anyway, the topic of pics came up. He wants us to send out those “1st pics”. You know, the kind they take at a hospital. I’ve never been a big fan of the “super-newborn” picture. I just don’t know; it just doesn’t seem right to me. I can’t explain it. Well, ok I can. But I will seriously come off like an insensitive bee-otch if I do. I could spin it around, & be all like, oh the baby just went through the trauma of birth, we should leave it alone, & not stick a cam in it’s face. But we all know that’s not really why.

Now, I’m going to totally contradict myself here, & say that I do like getting those “birth announcements” in the mail. But that’s mainly so that I can get the stats on the kid; you know, like on a baseball card. I’d be totally fine w/ a birth announcement that didn’t have a pic of the newborn on it. But I am ok w/ the kind w/ the pic of the newborn. But that’s only one pic. I don’t want to see a whole photo album of just borney-ness. Does that make sense? No? Well, let me take this moment to remind you all that I am often not very rational.

So, the thing is, I never planned on sending out pics of my newborn (again, ppl, when it happens, years from now). I saw what CrazyCruise & KatieCruise did last year w/ that pretty lil Suri. That was marketing GENIUS! Now, I’m not trying to market my baby. But let’s face it, babies look WAAAAY cuter at 6 months than they do as newborns.

So, my plan was to not disclose any pics of my baby until she (or he) was about 6 months. I think I’m fighting an uphill battle. This aforementioned “logic” cannot be explained to Mr. T.

*in fact, we got home last night at 4:30 am, & it was a Thursday night; & I’m at work today.

resenting authorities everywhere

I know I’m not being a posting machine; it’s only cause I have a lot of stuff going on, & have no time. I get up early in the morn for work, don’t really return home until 10 pm (or later, or the next day sometimes), & have barely anytime to do anything. I’m thankful for the day off work tomorrow b/c it means I can do laundry & have some clean clothes again. I’m also thankful for Mr. T, cause he did all my dirty, dirty dishes. And there were quite a few.

Even though I’m not posting, I’m still reading y’all’s blogs & the news. So, I saw an article about Oliver Stone requesting to make a documentary about Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Well, the Iranian prez rejected the offer b/c Stone is part of “Great Satan” cultural establishment.

The media advisor to the Prez said, “I sent a negative answer by Ahmadinejad to Oliver Stone…. It is right that this person is considered part of the opposition in the U.S., but opposition in the U.S. is a part of the Great Satan.

This is all fine & good. If someone thinks someone else is a Great Satan, then of course they would want nothing to do w/ that person.

*total sidenote: I think I’m really digging that term “Great Satan”… there’s this whore that I completely hate (like really hate as a human being, seriously). And, I have a name I call her, but it’s way worse than whore (whore being the more publishable word; & no, it doesn’t involve the ‘f’ word, it’s waaaay worse). But I think I will also start to refer to her as a “Great Satan”.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is what Oliver Stone said in response. I found it quite funny.

I have been called a lot of things, but never a great satan. I wish the Iranian people well, and only hope their experience with an inept, rigid ideologue president goes better than ours.

The pic to the left is of from Feb 2002 when Stone spent 3 days w/ Fidel Castro for his documentary of him, Comandante. I think it’s a cool looking picture. And the pic above is my montage of finger pointing that cracks me up. It’s really only there for me, b/c I’m sure no one else will find it as funny as I do.

ta-DA! I knew it!

Hey, guess what, folks?!

Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I knew it! Well, actually, I didn’t. But I thought maybe.

Actually, I don’t really think this is true. This isn’t actually an accurate thingie, cause it said that their are zero ppl here in the US w/ my 1st name, but, HELLO, I’m someone in the US w/ my 1st name! Right?

Plus, I’ve met someone (a guy in Texas) who has my 1st name minus one character at the end. So, I’m sure there’s more out there.

a rose by any other name….

Ok, so the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens was a man previously known as Steven Georgiou, & eventually called himself ‘Yusuf Islam’, has released an album where he is simply going by ‘Yusuf’. Is he pulling a Madonna (or Cher)?

I’m all for ppl changing their minds. I know I’ll change my mind a million times, & then back to the original thought at the last sec. But I don’t do so in a way to confuse ppl. Even when he changed his name when he converted to Islam, I still called him ‘Cat Stevens’. So, I think I’m gonna continue to do so.

Even when Prince went to ‘the Artist’, I still called him ‘Prince’. He was always & has always been Prince to me. So, I’m gonna keep callin him Cat Stevens. Not ‘Cat’. The full name, Cat Stevens.

This reminds me of a story of a boy I met in my college days. Wanna hear? Ok.

So, my bff & I met this dude at a party, & (we swear) we were introduced to him as ‘Bob’. We met him at a party, & maybe it was the noise/music/medley of tonix*/whatev; but we thought his name was Bob. So, we continued to call him Bob for the next 6-8 years. I don’t know how long exactly, but a long time. We still see & talk to him. My bff is still good friends with him. Point is, a few years ago (3-4, again time can be hazy), he told us that his name was not Bob, but really Rob. He had always answered to Bob, b/c it didn’t bother him, but now he’s decided to let us know. So, for the next 2 years after finding out his real name, we (or mostly I) called him ‘Bob-Rob’, or alternatively ‘Rob-Bob’.

*tonix is a word made-up by moi. It’s a combination of tonics & toxics. It can apply to anything, & only I & others that may have been present at the time may know what it applied to in any given instance.

Ernesto, fun new toys, & my hair

Ok, so here’s the thing. I’ve got lots to tell. Today’s Friday, which means PhotoFriday, but I’ll just have to post a PhotoFriday pic sometime this weekend.

I got my new laptop. It’s cool, & new, & just the greatest thing EV-A. I love it. I haven’t named it yet, & am taking suggestions. I am leaning towards naming it a boy’s name. We name all nice things girls’ names, but not boy’s. Like ships, cars, all that stuff. So, I’m leaning towards a boy’s name. And we all remember how sexy a name I thought Ernesto was when that hurricane was comin round. Oh, wait, did I not share all that w/ y’all? Yeah, I just looked through my emails & saw that I didn’t. I’d just emailed my thoughts on the rainy season, & Ernesto w/ my girls. I’m not gonna post what everyone had to say about Ernesto here. Eh, what the hey, I might as well. Here’s what my girls had to say in response to one of my emails I sent around where, at the end I mention how sexy Ernesto sounds.

Now that I’m thinking about sexy Ernesto, I’ve forgotten about the cold and rain. Oh the things he could do to me. Excuse me for a bit. 😀 haha

Ernesto does sound sexy…Everytime I hear a newsperson say it (or everytime I read it) I think of a swarthy, dark, tall, handsome man with chocolate brown eyes and wavy black hair. Very Harlequin romance picture in my head. Unfortunately, like most sexy men, he will do a lot of damage. 🙂
–urban cowgirl

So, anyway, I want to name my laptop a boy’s name. Not Ernesto. Maybe something equally ‘cabana-boy’-like; def something exotic & unusual. Any thoughts? Keep in mind that he’s very powerful (my laptop, not Ernesto or any assorted cabana-boy). He’s got a hundred gig memory so I can store all my junk (ie pics, music, & videos), & a centrino duo processor. I have no idea what that’s for, but both of my sisters said I need it to do what I do, so it’s what I have now. So, again, we’re lookin for a name! Please help.

And, last night, I drove down to Akron with my dad & BOUGHT A CAR!!! Yes, a brand, spankin new car. A new car that’s currently sittin pretty in my driveway right now, b/c I can’t drive it until I go see Nikolina tomorrow & get it added onto my insurance. It’s black. BUT, it’s not just black. It’s black w/ teeny-tiny flecks/specks of blue & purple mixed into the black paint, so it looks really metallic & sharp! I love it! It’s a 2007 Corolla LE, & it’s got a 6-disc changer.

Do I need a 6-disc changer? No. I really don’t. I explained to the car-dude that what I really need is a single disc player that plays both audio cds & mp3 cds. But he said that’s just not available on my car model. Whatev. I’ll deal w/ what I’ve got.

And, even more NEWS!!! I’m going rock-climbing in AZ for my beautiful, cute little (well, she’s not so little anymore really) niece’s birthday. I can’t wait to go! I leave next week & will be there for a week. Ok, more later. Can I just say that I’m really very excited about everything.

Oh, & there’s some mediocre news too…
I got my hairs all cut last weekend. I went in & asked for just an inch off at most. I told the chickee that I wanted to keep my length, but I really the split ends cut off. And I wasn’t delusional, I knew I had split ends that needed to go. I missed a hair cut appointment entirely in b/t now & my last cut. PLUS, I’d done some serious damage to my hair by straightening it during this really humid summer. So, I told her to do what she had to, but no more than an inch off the length. Well, she cut it, it looked a little short, but I thought it was just me not being used to having my hair cut. I just had it pulled back after b/c I was going straight to go work out & shower after that. After all that, I let my hair down. And was shocked. SHOCKED! I showed my sister (who’s visiting home from school), & she confirmed that the chickee had to have taken at least 2 or 3 inches off.

I was pretty pissed. I’m still a little irratated. I mean, it still looks cute. (Seriously, I don’t know how, w/ a face like this, any hair wouldn’t look cute). But I was pissed that I was told one thing & something else was done. You know? I don’t like being lied to. I feel betrayed. It wouldn’t be so bad if I knew what was gonna happen.

You know, it’s like when you eat something salty when you’re expecting something sweet. Or, a few weekends ago, me & my 2 sisters went to Trader Joe’s & I found a bag of the salted pb-filled pretzel nuggets I love. They’re usually out, but someone had picked up a bag, & then dropped it off in the frozen food aisle cause they prob decided against it. So, in the car, on the way to our next shopping destination, I asked my sis to open the bag of pretzels so we could have some. She put one in her mouth, & was grossed out cause there was something gooey inside. She didn’t know they were filled w/ pb. It’s like that.

Anyway, my hair was like that. If I knew she was going to cut off that much, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much. Just let me know.

Moses, Clay, & hygiene

Why do ppl name their kids “Clay”? I think even “Moses” is a better name than “Clay” for a boy. It’s distinguished & is a “man’s name” definitely. Clay is smooshy stuff on the ground & synonymous w/ dirt. It’s their call what they want to name their kids, but I would def prefer Moses over Clay as a boy’s name. This came up today, b/c I actually dealt w/ a real live young boy (not man) by the name of Clay. And a few weeks ago, I know a lot of ppl were worked up cause Gwynie named her boy Moses. I’m cool w/ it, I think Moses is a grand name for a young man. I wouldn’t want it to become one of the popular boy’s names, but few & far between, it’s ok.

This whole thing reminded me of last year around this same time, when I got on a rant about ppl naming their kid “Jeanne”. If you name a baby “Jeanne”, then as that baby grows up, and ppl talk to her, they will be saying “Hi Jeanne” but it will come out “hygiene”. Why do that to your kid? Don’t you love your baby?! I thought ppl were supposed to love their kids & be totally in love/smitten/ all that good-stuff w/ their children.

male-oriented last names

I’ve been having a ton of just random thoughts that have just been popping into my head. The latest in this series is when ppl have 3 first names. You know like David Patrick James*, or something like that. Also, I’ve heard that you should never trust anyone w/ 3 first names, but that’s so not true.

Anyway, what I’ve noticed is when these ppl have first-names for their last-name (or sur-name, family name, whatever), they are usually male names. How weird is that? Like James, Thomas, Murphy, Nicholas, Franklin, Edwards (well, it’s Edward w/ an ‘s’, so it counts), Davis, Riley, Aaron, Jacobs (same as the Edwards), Arnold, Gordon, and Martin. And those are just the last names I’ve encountered today in the last few hours!

A complete side-note. I heard that in Iceland, they add ‘daughter’ or ‘son’ to the last name of the children depending on their gender. This may explain Peterson, which is just Peter w/ a son at the end. So, I think this counts in what I was talking about w/ the last names being male first names too (as opposed to female first names). I mean, I’m sure there are female first names for ppl’s last names too, but they’re just not as prevalent.

Oh, and in the Russian states (ex-Russian states, whatever), they usually add an ‘a’ to the end of the female’s last name, & the guy’s name just wouldn’t have the ‘a’. I think that practice is pretty cool, so I thought I’d mention it. I don’t want to mention examples of those names, b/c I don’t want to put the last names of those ppl that I know “out there”.

*this is a totally made-up name. If you happen to know someone by this name, it is a complete coincidence.