this is for all my girls out there.

I know my curly-/wavy-haired girls can totally relate to this.

Sunday’s boondocks (6/25/2006) [click to enlarge]

3 thoughts on “this is for all my girls out there.

  1. AMEN! This blasted humidty has caused my hair to RIOT! RIOT, I say! I’ve thrown up the white flag and surrendered to its unruly ways…yes, girls, it’s true; I gave up and have let my hair win. No amount of product will conquer it and I just don’t have the time or energy to keep up the fight…

  2. You have NO IDEA! You’ve absolutely gotta see mine. You’re right about no amount of product.

    Mine’s kinda pulled back. I have to say ‘kinda’ cause some of it has escaped. I don’t remember it ever being quite this bad!

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