more diversity rants…

I know I post stuff about diversity a lot. I also know that I don’t acknowledge positive moments. Like in Grey’s Anatomy, how they didn’t even go out trying to cast actors of various ethnicities, & it just happened. Things like that are very cool. But, yesterday, I got this email from my dear friend (y’all know her as Urban Cowgirl), & I feel compelled to post about it. She’s gettin hitched & so she’s been researching all kinds of ‘gettin hitched stuff’. You know what that ‘stuff’ is if you’ve ever been around the betrothed; if you don’t know what the ‘stuff’ is, just know it’s stressful & nerve-wracking for those who do need to concern themselves w/ it.

Anyway, here’s the email (I’ve replaced real names w/ the bracket-thingies, but that’s the only thing I altered):

So, [Urban Cowboy] and I are now researching wedding photography and I’m noticing a disturbing (well, I think it’s disturbing) trend…Most of the photographers have websites and post wedding portfolios on-line so you can see what kind of work they do, right. Well, I think it’s disturbing that I’ve researched at least 25 local photography companies and have only seen ONE black couple featured in a portfolio. I mean, they all seem to be pictures of girls that look like me or [other caucasian person] and there doesn’t seem to be much variety at all. Obviously, not all Cleveland brides are WASPs. AND, what’s more, there’s one photographer who advertises his Latino roots and yet his website features all Anglo-Saxon brides. It’s crazy and I think these people should put more consideration into this as they’re advertising their services on major websites like the or Weddings in Partially, I’m really disturbed by this trend because it’s not something I usually think of unless it’s truly, glaringly obvious, you know. I mean, I’m not oblivious or insensitive to diversity issues, I just don’t think about it an awful lot because I’m not often presented with situations TO consider it. Anyway, I just thought you would be interested in my recent observation.

See how well she knows me? Now, I’m completely disturbed by this as well. So, I wanted to post it so it’s a little more “out there” than just the two of us talking about it. Ya hear?

Oh, & esp the thing about the latino dude?!? What’s that all about? You’d think at least he’d have a more diverse portfolio. Esp w/ the sheer number of hispanic ppl living in Cleveland.

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