dark circles & puffy eyes

I’ve heard (& seen) that sometimes when ppl get married, they go out & party it up the night before. These ppl are like the last minute crammers back in school. Ok, I admit I was one of the procrastinators who crammed all night the last night before an exam in the first couple of years of school.

But the last couple of years, I got wise. Plus, I was really interested in the stuff I was studying. My major was sociology, so I took classes like ‘Social Disobedience’, ‘Family & Intimate Lifestyles’ (where you explore the various close relationships that you find now-a-days), & ‘Urban Problems’ (this didn’t just focus on the US).

Anyway, the point is, I know ppl who go out & get completely sloshed the last night before their wedding. I think it’s uncouth & unwise. First, you’ll look like crap for the big day. You know why they call it the ‘big day’? B/c (at least) one of those wedding pics will be ON DISPLAY in your home for anyone & everyone to see for the rest of your life! And most likely in your parents & in-laws homes as well. Do you really want to look at a pic of yourself looking like crap, for the rest of your life? Well, do ya punk? (That’s what Dirty Harry would say if he was here.)

Second, with all those whiskey/tequila/whatever shots you did last night; there will most def be something coming outta your pores. Do you really want that when you’re in such close proximity to your childhood priest/rabbi/reverend/etc.?

And you’ll have dark circles & puffy eyes from the crappy night’s sleep you got. So, get yourself a good night’s sleep the night before, ‘kay? God knows I will! I don’t buy eye cream that costs me $100/ounce just so I’ll look like crap on the day where I’ll be immortalized all Kodak-like for anyone to see.

3 thoughts on “dark circles & puffy eyes

  1. I’m with you, these people are nuts. And its not like the date wasn’t planned beforehand. I mean set a party night a couple days in advance and get it out of your system.

    Whatever though, I’m no party animal and I don’t really understand them.

    As usual, great post!

  2. I havn’t had a drink in ages. I don’t get any of it. I don’t even like the way it tastes. Yuck. But, to get drunk the night before you get married is stupid. Completely and utterly stupid.

  3. Some people return to their hometowns to celebrate their weddings…maybe due to time-off and other logistical concerns they can only go out the night before? Of course, I do agree with you and have no intention of “cramming” my “last night” of “freedom” in the night before the nuptials…let’s say a few weeks ahead so all the puffiness, dark circles, bloating, and ringing ears can subside!

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