how much is your dignity worth to ya?

Driving home yesterday, there was one of those advertisements on the radio for an upcoming event at one of the clubs. There’s this club, Moda, here in Cleveland. It was kinda a big-deal when it 1st opened. Like, they would charge $10 to $20 cover just to get in, depending on who was dj-ing that night. And it was $200 for a VIP table (for 6) w/ a bottle of champagne. You get the point. I haven’t been there in over 2 years (I can’t believe how long it’s been!), they’ve changed a bit since they 1st opened.

I’ve been kinda lucky to never actually have to pay to get in there. I used to go there whenever dj Kramer (this dj from San Francisco) was spinning there. He always played great stuff & he was a nice guy. Although, most djs I’ve met are pretty nice ppl, & a lot of them are shy (weird, huh?).

Anyway, back to the radio advertisement. They were offering 5 bucks to the wildest girl in there next Wed night. So, some girl’s gotta go in there, probably dressed pretty nautilicious, and act a fool for 5 bucks!

It’s not that they’re only going to give this chick 5 bucks (well, it is a bit of that). But that they’re sooo confident that Cleveland’s got so many girls w/ low self-esteem, that they can pack the club w/ these fine (but vulnerable) women. And that’s kinda sad.

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3 thoughts on “how much is your dignity worth to ya?

  1. I went to Baja, Mexico last year during Spring Break. I will NEVER travel that time of year again.

    If I had 5 bucks for every “wild” girl down there I’d be writing this to you from a mansion in the middle of Switzerland.

    Anyhow, I worked as a bartender/shooter girl in a club when I was younger and also saw enough “Wild” girls back then. I hate clubs now. I cannot recall the last time I went.

    I don’t know how these girls do what they do and not care. The funny thing is, they don’t think they have low self esteem, they think it is empowering for some reason.

    I shake my head, I really don’t get it.

  2. God, I know…I wouldn’t act the fool for anything under $7.00, *at least.*

    I was at City Nights in SF a while back (before I was 21…it was just an 18+ club) and they had a pole dancing competition. It was between two girls and one went upside down and flashed her twee thong clad ass for the PACKED club. Damn bitch didn’t even get the money. Flashed her ass for nothing.

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