i miss the cure

You know how you do things & sometimes just have the tv on, but you’re not really watching it? Well, I had it on, and all of a sudden, I heard what sounded like the beginning of “Fascination Street” by the Cure. Then, they showed a Ford Explorer, and then it led into some other music.

But the 1st four chords were definitely Fascination Street. I haven’t heard the Cure in such a long time, and I really miss their music. Every single one of their albums were incredible & you could put them one & listen to them straight through. And all their albums had like a million songs on them too, and were over an hour long. That’s just plain good value.

3 thoughts on “i miss the cure

  1. I have many of the Cure’s cds and they are always a hit when I play them…no matter who our company is that is over. Everyone loves the cure.

  2. Rock the Casbah is a great song, but that’s the Clash (also another great group). & CM is right, everybody does love the Cure.

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