the bubble

Have y’all heard of this Michael Bublé dude? tg8 thinks he’s gay. I don’t really like his music. But I love sayin his name. You say it like this: Boub-lei (or lay), not bubble. I love the French pronunciation on things. It’s just lovely, I think.

Anyway, one morn, as I was driving my usual 45-min commute to work. I have to listen to the radio. Even when I don’t want to, it’s a necessity. It’s the only way I know where the accidents are (there are always accidents, or construction blocking my way to work). I feel that sometimes the world just wants me to not go in some days. But I’m told that I still need to come in, it’s ok if I’m late b/c of the construction, I just really need to at least get there.

Back to the point. This female dj of one of the morning shows I usually listen to (I flip back & forth b/t a national syndicated show & the local morn show for traffic) played a Michael Bublé song.

But here’s the thing, when introducing it, she said that anyone who doesn’t like this song “doesn’t have a heart”. Yeah, those exact words. Now, I’d never heard the song before, so I was expecting a bee-u-ti-ful, incredibly lovely song. That’s not what I gots. I tried to like it, honest. And I probably would’ve liked it if it didn’t suck so bad. But I have been living w/ this thought in my head for the last 2 months. Who is she to determine who has a heart & who doesn’t? I have a loving, caring heart. But I also have taste. And I don’t think dj’s should be allowed to make statements like that.

3 thoughts on “the bubble

  1. curious…what was the song? He’s alright, you’re not heartless though. I’ve seen video of him on stage and he does have quite a prescence.

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