Mario Testino

Dude, Mario Testino’s like crazy-talented. He doesn’t sing, or dance, or design clothes, or act, or anything like that. He just takes pictures. But the pictures are so incredibly amazing. If you’ve never seen his work, go to And if his stuff comes to a museum (via traveling side-show) near you, just go & expand your horizons just a tad, ‘kay?

If you don’t know what you’re doing when you get to his site: Skip the intro (always skip the intro for all sites, they’re annoying after the 1st time), then click on exhibitions, and the Portraits Tour (that’s my fave). Then you can browse around after you do my bidding! (mu-hahahahaha!).

He also did a bunch of really incredible shots of Princess Diana; they are featured in December’s issue of Vanity Fair. It was the night of her charity auction & they were gonna auction off a lot of incredible designer evening gowns. Testino took a bunch of shots of her looking very natural & casual. They were never made public then, b/c they seemed to informal for a member of royalty at the time. Unfortunately, you can’t see them at his website. If anyone knows where you can view ’em, let me know!

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