re-do on my Milk post

I know I’ve linked to my original Milk post before. But I’m just saddened by what’s going on today.

All these suicides. Gender identity & sexual orientation are NOT included in anti-bullying programs?!? School started a month ago, & many LGBT kids have committed SUICIDE b/c of the bullying they face. Here’s a link to ask Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to include gender identity and sexual orientation in anti-bullying programs. Of course, call your Senators, call your Congressmen, call your City Halls, call your district’s Board of Education!

ā€Ž“It means hope and we – no – you and you and and, yes, you, you’ve got to give them hope.” ~ Harvey Milk

Click on this screenshot of my archived post to read it. Today is National Coming Out Day. I’m coming out as a Straight Ally, though I’m sure I’ve been suspected as such for ages! šŸ˜‰

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