foaming hand soap

Just want to get this out there….

I hate foaming hand soap!

I’m not so lazy that I can’t rub my hands together for 30 secs. Plus, everyone knows that antibacterial soap isn’t any better than reg soap unless you actually rub your hands together for 30 secs to scrub all the germs off your hands.

Now, foaming hand soap makes ppl not rub their hands together for 30 secs. Not even 10 secs! And what’s worse, is automatic foaming soap dispensers, which they just put in at schools in the area. Which spit out an iota amount of soap. Def not enough to clean hands properly! Um… schools/campuses where disease/sickness/flu/h1n1 is more common than at other places.

Ugh. It’s bad enough that ppl don’t wash their hands. Now, they’re giving the illusion of doing so!

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