I’m currently baking

Not “baking-baking”, as in pastries in the oven. Although I did make cupcakes last night. But honestly really truly baking myself. I’ve been up since 7 am & out in the glorious “77 degrees at 9 am sun”.

It is truly beautiful out here. Gorgeous. Sunny & gorgeous & warm. And beautiful. A change of scenery is always nice & very much appreciated. I’m not blogging b/c I’m enjoying my surroundings & the weather & my family.

Oh, did I tell you guys I’m in Phoenix? Beautiful, gorgeous, sunny PHOENIX! ~sigh~

My niece saw a black snake as we were walking to the bus-stop this morn. I wish I could post some pics, but I forgot the usb cord that connects my cam to Fernando.

Oh, did I tell y’all I finally picked a name for my new laptop? I ran the choices by my nieces & was secretly hoping that they also would like Fernando, & they DID!!! So, I’m happy to announce the name now. I said I liked it cause then he’ll have his own song, & I could call him Fern for short. I like when you have a long girl’s name (ie. Alexandra), & the shorter version is like a boy’s name (ie. Alex). Or, vice versa. The girls thought I should call him Ferny for short instead of Fern. So, I’ve concluded that it’s Fernando, short version will be Fern, & the affectionate nickname will be Ferny.

Growing up, we’ve all had our affectionate nicknames. I’ve had quite a few that I’ve been called, & some family members still call me by those names. Most call me by my proper (real) name, but I still have an aunt who calls me “Chuckee”, which was one of my nicknames.

5 thoughts on “I’m currently baking

  1. So you went with Fernando. I still say Fred would have been a more reliable choice.

    Have a wonderful time in Phoenix!

    Also, how’d you get the nickname “Chuckee”? I say it has to do with a young obsession to Chuck E Cheese. Please let the world know that I am right. Thanks.

  2. I secretly liked Fernando too, but I read about the laptop too late in the game and had to catch up because I missed some blog time, so by the time I got caught up, you had already made the decision.

    Man, that was a long, possibly mispunctuated, run-on sentence. I’m a little ashamed. English major and all.


  3. V- ‘Chuckee’ actually came from the word ‘chucklee’. The spelling may be a bit off b/c of the translation into the English alphabet from the Indian alphabet (diff characters). But the word means ‘bird’. I guess it’s just an affectionate word given to girlies; cause it was also one of my cousin’s nicknames, although she still goes by it in reg life.

    Liz- I think everyone secretly likes Fernando; & many ppl secretly like ABBA.

  4. Ok, I thought that I was the only person who referred to my laptop as if it were a person. My old laptop’s name was Lappy. My new laptop’s name is New Lappy. Sometimes I’m not very creative.

    I like your blog!

  5. mmm- Lappy is cute! I laughed when I read this comment of yours.

    oh, & V- I couldn’t go w/ Fred, b/c I used to have a lil pet frog named Fred, that I carried around w/ me everywhere I went in college (even classes). Um, he was… how do you say…. uh, plastic. But I treated him like he was real. He liked pizza & apples, & chick peas on his salad.

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