sharing fake plastic love

I’ve never even attempted to fill in the profile thingie on this Blogger. I really don’t even have time for that; b/c the music I listen to is so incredibly eclectic. It would prob take up a ton of space. I literally listen to just about every type/genre of music (well, except country).

I listen to what I like. If it affects me or moves me in a way, I like it. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, “the heart wants what it wants”. There are times when I just want to listen to females, & I listen to a lot of Tori, Sarah, Fiona, Belly. I get in my Madonna moods. Yes, folks, say what you will, but sometimes when you’re driving down I-71 w/ 2 hours of highway ahead of you, on your way to pick up your sister*, rolling down your windows & singing along to some ole 80s Madonna really gets you through the day.

I was listening to a lot of hip hop/r&b before. I’ve always loved Mary J. Blige, India.Arie, & Outkast. There were a lot of really great beats & songs coming out of the hip hop community for a while. One great jam after another. But lately, I haven’t heard anything worthwhile or intoxicating from them.

I was listening to classical music a lot this summer. Mostly Tchaikovsky.

I work in an area where there’s a lot of college-age kids. They keep talking about some band called “Fall Out Boy”, or at least they did for a while. A lot. Now, I haven’t really heard anything by them, & if they really were all that, I’m sure I would’ve by now. Regardless, I only mention them b/c I was flipping through a rack of cds this weekend trying to come , & I stumbled across a whole row of these Fall Out Boy cds. I mean, there were like 5 or 6 of them. Aren’t they new? How do they have more cds out than bands who’ve been out for a decade or two. It reminds me of those writers who churn out a “novel” once a year, every year. I mean, Holy mass-produced music, Batman!

Anyway, the reason I’m even writing about this, is that rock musicians have really been bringin the good music lately. I can’t get enough of that “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. Yes, I think of Denny when I hear it, & sometimes it does bring a tear to my eye. Shonda, I can’t believe you KILLED Denny Duquette!!! How could you?!? Well, actually, I guess I can believe it. I mean, you hired someone just to kill off the famous violinist that was Burke’s hero, you allowed Annie to be killed off (although, I agreed w/ that one; if you allow a tumor to grow for a year w/out doing anything about it, you need to pay the piper). OH, & you killed off the cute bomb-squad dude that I really was hoping might become a recurring character. All that tension b/t him & Meredith, that could’ve turned into something. C’mon, you have to admit, you wrote in a lot of tension there. Um, and he was cute. Oh, speaking of that bomb epi, does anyone know the name of that haunting song they played as they were wheeling the body w/ the bomb in it to a diff OR? (It’s one of these songs, but I’d have to find a way to listen to clips of them to find out which one). I really loved that song, & they usually list the songs they play on each epi on their website, but I couldn’t find it.

Sorry, back to my point (again, the one I meant to get to in the last para, but didn’t). Since I have this new car w/ the cd playa, I put in a cd, & was listening to Radiohead this morn on my way into work. I remember when I was working at Ray’s in college; one night I got off work, & joined a table full of ppl. I sat down next to a girl (that I didn’t know) & she was listening to a portable cd player (it was the 90s, we didn’t know what mp3’s were yet), & had earphones in her ears. I smiled at her, we introduced ourselves to each other, & I asked her what she was listening to. She said it was this new band called Coldplay; & if I liked Radiohead, I would love them. So, being a huge Radiohead fan, I took her earphones & gave ’em a whirl. To this day, Coldplay’s ok, but they ain’t got nuthin on my Radiohead. Yes, I know Thom Yorke’s doin a solo album, but I love my Radiohead.

If you like the Bends, get the Clueless soundtrack. No, I’m not kidding. The Clueless soundtrack. There’s this acoustic version of “Fake Plastic Trees” on there. If you play it at just the right volume, sing along, & let it overcome you; then you’ll get goose-bumps. Seriously. You will.

So, on my way into work, I drive through the ghetto. No, I’m not kidding, I really do drive through a ghetto. I don’t necessarily have to, but it’s quicker so I do. I’m talking drug-dealin, drive-by-shootin, all in the middle of the day, ghetto. So, I drove through the ghetto on my way into work this morn. Normally, I don’t like to play my music at a loud volume when I’m in town b/c I don’t like it when other ppl force their music on me, & I don’t want to be one of those ppl. Also, if my music has bad words, I don’t want to be responsible for lil kids hearing it. So, I’ll blast it on the highway, but not in town on local roads. But this morn, I felt the need to share my fake plastic love w/ the punks on the street. That is def a song that songs incredible acoustic, but I would love to one day hear it w/ a full orchestra. That would seriously give me the chills.

*BTW, I will no longer be driving down I-71 to pick her up from OSU, b/c she now has her VERY OWN CAR!!

2 thoughts on “sharing fake plastic love

  1. 1) I want to see the new car!

    2) Fall Out Boy was REALLY big on One Tree Hill the past 2 seasons…Peyton (character) was even dating the lead singer, Pete, for a few episodes.

    3) Recently, I’ve been in love with Michelle Featherstone.

    4) Urban Cowboy likes Snow Patrol a lot, they’re ok for me.

    5) I’m so not a Radiohead or Coldplay fan, I’m a freak.

    6) I was listening to a lot of classical this summer, too! BUT I was listening to whatever WCLV or WKSU was playing. I do love Brahms, though. He’s so romantic!

  2. Where my new office is, I can’t listen to the orchestra rehearse every afternoon like before. It’s too quiet, & I miss hearing the music & commotion in the afternoons.

    I’ll come over w/ the car after I get back from AZ.

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