Ernesto, fun new toys, & my hair

Ok, so here’s the thing. I’ve got lots to tell. Today’s Friday, which means PhotoFriday, but I’ll just have to post a PhotoFriday pic sometime this weekend.

I got my new laptop. It’s cool, & new, & just the greatest thing EV-A. I love it. I haven’t named it yet, & am taking suggestions. I am leaning towards naming it a boy’s name. We name all nice things girls’ names, but not boy’s. Like ships, cars, all that stuff. So, I’m leaning towards a boy’s name. And we all remember how sexy a name I thought Ernesto was when that hurricane was comin round. Oh, wait, did I not share all that w/ y’all? Yeah, I just looked through my emails & saw that I didn’t. I’d just emailed my thoughts on the rainy season, & Ernesto w/ my girls. I’m not gonna post what everyone had to say about Ernesto here. Eh, what the hey, I might as well. Here’s what my girls had to say in response to one of my emails I sent around where, at the end I mention how sexy Ernesto sounds.

Now that I’m thinking about sexy Ernesto, I’ve forgotten about the cold and rain. Oh the things he could do to me. Excuse me for a bit. 😀 haha

Ernesto does sound sexy…Everytime I hear a newsperson say it (or everytime I read it) I think of a swarthy, dark, tall, handsome man with chocolate brown eyes and wavy black hair. Very Harlequin romance picture in my head. Unfortunately, like most sexy men, he will do a lot of damage. 🙂
–urban cowgirl

So, anyway, I want to name my laptop a boy’s name. Not Ernesto. Maybe something equally ‘cabana-boy’-like; def something exotic & unusual. Any thoughts? Keep in mind that he’s very powerful (my laptop, not Ernesto or any assorted cabana-boy). He’s got a hundred gig memory so I can store all my junk (ie pics, music, & videos), & a centrino duo processor. I have no idea what that’s for, but both of my sisters said I need it to do what I do, so it’s what I have now. So, again, we’re lookin for a name! Please help.

And, last night, I drove down to Akron with my dad & BOUGHT A CAR!!! Yes, a brand, spankin new car. A new car that’s currently sittin pretty in my driveway right now, b/c I can’t drive it until I go see Nikolina tomorrow & get it added onto my insurance. It’s black. BUT, it’s not just black. It’s black w/ teeny-tiny flecks/specks of blue & purple mixed into the black paint, so it looks really metallic & sharp! I love it! It’s a 2007 Corolla LE, & it’s got a 6-disc changer.

Do I need a 6-disc changer? No. I really don’t. I explained to the car-dude that what I really need is a single disc player that plays both audio cds & mp3 cds. But he said that’s just not available on my car model. Whatev. I’ll deal w/ what I’ve got.

And, even more NEWS!!! I’m going rock-climbing in AZ for my beautiful, cute little (well, she’s not so little anymore really) niece’s birthday. I can’t wait to go! I leave next week & will be there for a week. Ok, more later. Can I just say that I’m really very excited about everything.

Oh, & there’s some mediocre news too…
I got my hairs all cut last weekend. I went in & asked for just an inch off at most. I told the chickee that I wanted to keep my length, but I really the split ends cut off. And I wasn’t delusional, I knew I had split ends that needed to go. I missed a hair cut appointment entirely in b/t now & my last cut. PLUS, I’d done some serious damage to my hair by straightening it during this really humid summer. So, I told her to do what she had to, but no more than an inch off the length. Well, she cut it, it looked a little short, but I thought it was just me not being used to having my hair cut. I just had it pulled back after b/c I was going straight to go work out & shower after that. After all that, I let my hair down. And was shocked. SHOCKED! I showed my sister (who’s visiting home from school), & she confirmed that the chickee had to have taken at least 2 or 3 inches off.

I was pretty pissed. I’m still a little irratated. I mean, it still looks cute. (Seriously, I don’t know how, w/ a face like this, any hair wouldn’t look cute). But I was pissed that I was told one thing & something else was done. You know? I don’t like being lied to. I feel betrayed. It wouldn’t be so bad if I knew what was gonna happen.

You know, it’s like when you eat something salty when you’re expecting something sweet. Or, a few weekends ago, me & my 2 sisters went to Trader Joe’s & I found a bag of the salted pb-filled pretzel nuggets I love. They’re usually out, but someone had picked up a bag, & then dropped it off in the frozen food aisle cause they prob decided against it. So, in the car, on the way to our next shopping destination, I asked my sis to open the bag of pretzels so we could have some. She put one in her mouth, & was grossed out cause there was something gooey inside. She didn’t know they were filled w/ pb. It’s like that.

Anyway, my hair was like that. If I knew she was going to cut off that much, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much. Just let me know.

8 thoughts on “Ernesto, fun new toys, & my hair

  1. You will love your laptop so much. I take mine everywhere. I think that Roberto and Fernando are good names.

    I hate when I get my hair cut an they screw it up. It’s so irritating.

  2. Oh, I like Fernando. Isn’t there a song too? So, my laptop can have his own song if I name him Fernando. AND, I can call him Fern for short. That’s cute.

  3. Ernesto, Fernando, Roberto … you ladies and your single track minds. Seriously, you need a strong but reliable name, like Tom. Or Fred. Possibly Orville.

  4. I suggest Rico…but why keep it to just Spanish-esque names? I also suggest:
    Lief (viking -strong, blonde, tall)
    Max (german -dependable, ambitious)

    If I think of more, I’ll email you. I’m leaning toward Lief, though.

  5. Lief sounds good in theory, but I’ll think of that Lief Garrett (is that his name?), the child-star turned junkie w/ bad hair. Also, I don’t really go for the blonds. And Max sounds like a player.

    But it doesn’t have to be Spanish, it’s just that those names sound so swarthy, dark & handsome like. Ya know?

  6. Leif Garrett – Yeah he’s yucky -scratch the Leif suggestion…You know, in real life I don’t go for blondes either. But, I just have to mention this, 2 of my nephews are very handsome toe-heads and I go for them (but not in an “icky” kind of way, in a proud aunt kind of way).

    What about the name: Trey? The word “cool” comes to mind when I think of that name. 🙂

  7. Yeah, I like Trey. I actually knew/know a guy named Tre (well, Trevor, but pronounced Tré/Trey). You’ve met him, at the Meningitis party last yr July. He’s a great guy.

    I want to name it something that I know I’m not gonna run across in everyday life. Nothing to compare the name to, no comparision to expectations or disappointments.

    Am I being too finiky? Does that make me sound like a cat?

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