haha, gramps cracks me up

today’s boondocks

haha. I don’t know if y’all read the boondocks regularly. But, gramps has joined mySpace recently in an attempt to meet “floozies”. He cracks me up. He’s also had “issues” w/ the gay cowboy movie.

2 thoughts on “haha, gramps cracks me up

  1. It may be apparent to you now, but just in case it’s not, I’d highly recommend you switch back to TurboTax. As you mentioned, it’s “super-easy” and “easy as pie.”

    Bob Meighan
    VP, TurboTax

  2. that boondocks strip was funny but this bob meighan comment might be funnier … is this guy really with turbotax?

    hah. pretty funny all around.

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