Troubadours over the Rainbow

So, one of my fave bands/ppl are the Troubadours of Divine Bliss. They come ’round these-here parts a couple times a year.

And it’s so much fun. They came back in May for like 2 weeks, & they’re here now for about 2 weeks now. It’s great b/c you can either see them multiple times, or if you’ve got too much going on, you can at least sneak in a show into your calendar.

Wed night was their cd release party at Brothers, & tonight they’re playing at Harpersfield Winery.

Bet’cha didn’t know NE Ohio had a bunch of wineries, did’ja? I’m really excited about going to Harpersfield, cause I’ve never been there before. They’ve played there many times, but I never made it to those shows.

Here’s a clip from Wed night’s show. They played through their new cd (which I bought), & then their older stuff. The played 2 of my fave older songs, so that was cool. Most of their stuff is original, but they do have a couple covers. This is Somewhere Over the Rainbow:

Oh, & the person you see at the bottom there that pops up a couple of times is Bernie. Bernie is like their “unofficial Cleveland photographer”. Either that, or he is official. What you see going up is his flash thingie. Anyway, Bernie takes real pictures w/ a real camera. That is to say that he takes very precise photographs, takes the FILM (yes, film), & produces print photographs. Fancy.

fun b-day: friends & Magpies

This past Sat. was my b-day. Like, my actual birth day, not just the day I celebrated it. It’s actually the 1st birthday I’ve had since 2005! I know that may seem hard to believe, but it was. Don’t think about that anymore. That’s not important. What is imp, is that I had a fabuloso time. (that’s just like fabulous, but in Italian stilettos)

So, on Sat, I woke up & just chilled. Had some yummy hazelnut coffee on the back deck & just watched the sky.

Oh, here’s the thing… every year, on May 17th, it is bee-u-ti-full. Gorgeous. 70 degrees & sunshine. Every May 17th. W/out fail.

So, obviously, I was really bummed out on Fri when I heard we were gonna have rain & 60 degrees all weekend. They said Sat would be rain, t-storms, & more rain. (I think I may have said “Stupid Global Warming” at least once an hour on Friday)

But all for naught, b/c it was 73 & sunny, just like God intended it to be every May 17th. Big ups to the G-o-d! Mad props at cha, baby!

Ok, maybe that last part was a lil wrong. But if you can’t be blasphemous on your birthday, then just when is it appropriate?

So, the gals & I went to D’Vine for din & drinks. I have felt that I really haven’t had any “just girls” time in a while, & it was almost detoxing to be able to have that time w/ them!

I also got to meet one of my blog-friends in real life, so that was really cool! I had “discovered” Gennifer sometime in like 2006. We both were reading the same political satire blog; there was some Cleveland-related post & when commenting, I noticed there was a like-minded Clevelander on there. Anyway, she came out & she is as cool, witty & charming in person as on her blog! We’ve been blog-friends ever since!

Then, we went on to see the Magpies play at one of my favorite places. They were so much fun, & I don’t know if it was just me, but I think it was prob the best performance I’d seen from them this past year!!! They were really into the music. And it was super-cool of them to wish me a happy birthday & play a song for me. But then again, I’ve been to every single one of their shows (except the weekend of my sister’s wedding) for a long, looong time. And my bff & I always bring at least another 10 ppl, who now love the band too!

*sidenote: you may remember me talking about the Whiskeyhounds back in the day. The Whiskeyhounds are now the Magpies. You know, like how Puffy is now Diddy. Just like that.

Oh, & one more thing… The Magpies were on NPR recently on Around Noon. If you click on that link, it’ll take you to their interview. You can ff to around 31 minutes, that’s where their part starts.

pimp me

Dear Xzibit,

It has come to my attention that my mySpace page is not properly customized. Well, I knew it before, but my BFF thinks that I should get on it. So, I’m writing to you. I need some expert help in this; & it’s either you or the Orange County Chopper dudes; you both know the importance of customizationizing stuff. And just b/t you & me, they’re a lil scary. Your gas crew is pretty cool & collected.

Here’s what my boring MySpace page looks like right now:

I know, boring, right? I prefer the term “drama-free”. I thought it was kinda special though… probably over 99% of all MySpace pages are customized & personalized & what-not. Right? So, that makes me diff, that mine’s all nothing. Nada.

Anyway, YES, I do know that you guys all pimp cars, not MySpace pages. BUT, don’t you have a brother/brotha who can maybe help me out? We both know the importance of a good pimp, & I know you knows ppls. I saw all the ppls you were talking to at that party a few weeks ago. The chicks were all OVER you!!! The dudes were all about you too; but I know how you feel about that, not too comfortable-like, so I won’t mention it. Remember when you busted out that rendition of the Stereo MCs ‘Connected’? That was really chill, man. You should’ve seen the look on some of the ppl’s faces when you did that. Priceless.

Anyway, I want it all customized-able, my MySpace. Ya hear? Whoever you get to do it can basically have all the artistic freedom they want. I’m pretty open to new, creative ideas. My only request is that you put a lil avatar of me on it. Now, here’s the thing… I want her to look like me. I know you can go to & get a lil avatar there for your page, but they don’t really look like me. Here are the two closest ones (on the right).

And here’s my Yahoo avatar:

I’m Indian, & there just aren’t that many Indian ones. Oh, & I have curly hair. I straighten it sometimes, but it is curly.

OH, & a couple things. You see my Yahoo avatar? She’s cute, isn’t she? Well, see, she’s got a lil sidekick dragon. I want my MySpace avatar (that changes clothes according to weather, remember) to have either a lil pink or lilac colored sidekick dragon. If you can have the guy pimping my MySpace to also make her puff lil clouds of smoke, that’d be pretty sa-wheeeeet! I know he’d/she’d be able to do flash stuff, so it’s gotta be totally do-able. Oh, & I want her to dress up & go out dancing on Friday nights. Can you change the music to dance music when she goes out?

Don’t forget, X, that I love me some gay-ass dance music; I’ve gotta have some ole Madonna & Pet Shop Boys (George Michael, you know how I do). In addition to all the reg dance music that most other ppl like. Oh, & Prince. You know how I love Prince.

Thanx, X~2~Z, you rock! Just have whoever you find to do my page to leave me a comment, & we’ll get going on it. I know you’ll find someone who can do it up right!

where d’ja go?

Heehee, yeah, I know, y’all have been here all along. But I did turn the tables w/ the title, huh? Whatever, I thought it was funny.

So, I haven’t bloogged in a while (no, that wasn’t a typo, I was simply saying ‘blog’ w/ a British accent). Sorry to those of you who never experienced me in one of my ‘silly moods’. I think & say things that may make no sense whatsoever, but I do crack myself up in the process.

So, I don’t know how often I’ll be blogging until the end of February. As some of you know, I work in a field involving musicians, & this Monday starts my audition days. I need to accommodate over 1000 auditionees & I usually hire about 23-30 ppl to help me w/ the process. Wish me luck. Now, in the past, I have bloogged through audition season, BUT this year, I’m also apt hunting, to move into a place by Feb. 15th. Yes, folks, if you did the math, that means I have less than 3 weeks to find & move into a place. Well, find mostly. I can slowly move myself after I find the place.

In other news, I now have a MySpace page. Well, not so much a page as an account I guess. I haven’t like ‘pimped my page’ (does that sound dirty to anyone else) yet. So, I mainly started up an account b/c my dear, darling friend Liz (she of the motivational poster fame) had the brilliant idea to tour the 13 breweries in NE Ohio. Well, it turned out there were only 11, b/c 2 of them were actually like sub-brew pubs located in one humongo brewery. So, she’s making up a punch-card thingie, & we’re gonna hit em all up during the course of the year. But I needed a MySpace account to be able to post comments & stuff. Also, some of my other friends have MySpace blogs that I would hear about, but never got to really read or comment on, cause I didn’t ‘belong’.

So, back to our whole 2007 NE Ohio Brewery Tour. There’s an official MySpace page for it all here. If any of you blog-friends o mine find yourselves here in Ohio, & wanna come join in our festivities, there’s a an official schedule of the places we’re gonna visit on that MySpace page. We’d have to get official permission from the whole group I think, but I’m sure it’s a ‘definite possibility’ (as Mr. T would say).

haha, gramps cracks me up

today’s boondocks

haha. I don’t know if y’all read the boondocks regularly. But, gramps has joined mySpace recently in an attempt to meet “floozies”. He cracks me up. He’s also had “issues” w/ the gay cowboy movie.