Brelo case: how is this possible?

I’ll be honest right up front. I’m not in Cleveland right now. Heck, I’m not even in the US. I have limited internet time, so I haven’t read the judge’s 35-page verdict. I’m sure he explained why he found Brelo not guilty. But I just don’t get it.


I don’t know how, standing on the good of a car and firing 40-some rounds is justified. Or even how it’s appropriate police procedure. If the couple in the car was armed, which they weren’t, wouldn’t that not be safe for the officer?

Now, I wasn’t there, but I don’t know that such police brutality was justified. I don’t know that they felt their lives were in danger.

Some people may argue that why did they run if they were innocent? To that, I say:
1. Whether or not were they innocent does not mean you shoot 137 shots at them. If anything, that is the definition of overreach.
2. After a bunch of officers have already shot dozens of rounds at a couple, why do you singlehandedly need to shoot 42 rounds by yourself? And at such close range?

But most of all, if you use that argument, then why was the city of Cleveland so quick to pay out $3 MILLION dollars to the family if they didn’t think they did anything wrong???

I wish I was in Cleveland to sit with these guys.


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