sometimes, men are dogs

I was doing laundry today. Pixie, the cockapoo, has some weird need to grab socks. It’s like I’m in some duck and weave game with her while folding laundry. I keep her from the laundry basket, and she keeps going for it. As I lay out the folded laundry in piles by owner, I also make a pile with the rolled up pairs of socks. All while keeping her away from these too.

It’s bound to happen. Every now and then, she is victorious in her quest to nab the socks! And off she goes! She races to the other room, and enjoys playing with her sock conquest. I go ever-so-quietly to try to get it back. Her ears perk up and she is ready to bolt. I inch closer to her. Too close…. SHE BOLTS!

This continues between the two opposite rooms on the main floor. Sometimes for far too long. I’ve come up with distractions to be able to grab her & get the socks from her, but it’s always frustrating.

But here’s the thing…. SHE KNOWS IT’S WRONG.

She knows. Or else why would she make a run for it as soon as she nabs them? And then why run each time I go near her? Because she knows I’m going to take them away. Because she knows it’s wrong. But she doesn’t care. Why? Because she just loves socks, and she wants socks, and she just wants what she wants.

This is the same with men. Sometimes.

Sometimes, they will just do whatever stupid thing they want to do. Even though they know it’s wrong. Just like a dog. Which reminded me of a Babyface song about men being dogs. Haha.

Also, I think when I get a dog in the future, I will name her Maria if she’s a girl. Because then, when she does something to drive me crazy and make me mad, I can sing “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”. And it will make me not be mad anymore!

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