Cherry Capital Airport

Have I ever told you guys about Traverse City, MI? It’s the Cherry Capital of the World.*

They have the best cherries up there; & they have farms where you can pick your own of course. Every year, I get 1 (one) jar of cherry preserves from this place called Cooper Farm up there. It has 3 ingredients: Cherries, sugar, & some pectin (to make it all jelly-like). I then proceed to ration out the cherry jam in my PB & J sammiches so that it lasts as long as possible. This stuff is prob the greatest jam EV-ER.

Back to the airport though. The whole town is cute, just adorable. But the airport is really something else.

I’m sitting in the airport right now, & a flight just boarded for Chicago. There is one passenger missing. I know this b/c the gal that checks the boarding passes locked the door, found the one patrol officer, & told him. They both then split up & walked around the airport to try to find her. She even announced the gal’s name on the speaker, asking her to come to gate 1.

Oh, there’s only 6 gates. That’s 6 gates, 1 terminal.

I can walk into the airport, go through security, & go clear to the other side of the airport to the furthest gate in just 2 mins. Remember, this is WITH going through security. That also means that the ppl who live here don’t just drop off their loved ones at the airport. They actually come in, go through security, & kiss them good-bye at the gate. Then look out the window & wave to the plane as it’s leaving. Do you remember that? Or, was that just something my family did before all this hub-ba-loo?

That’s how cute & small this airport is. I love coming here! That’s all I’ve got, just wanted to share.

Oh, & didja check out their address? It’s in that lil picture.


3 thoughts on “Cherry Capital Airport

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