do I look phat in this?

Um, I just checked the way I look in IE, & me no likie what I sees.

So, please use Firefox to view this site. If you must use IE, then it’s ok to lie to me & tell me you really saw it in Firefox instead.

If you want to get some firefox fo yoself (or foxy-fire, as some call it), then click on that ‘take back the web’ link on the right sidebar (at the bottom of the sidebar).

Thank you. This has been a public service announcement from yllwdizzle.

*I hope I didn’t offend any IE-lovers. I don’t want y’all to think I’m a hater. It’s just that there are many flaws in IE, & ways for all kinds of worms to get into your computer, & do really bad worm-like things while they dig through all yo stuff. Ya hear? Click here for more details of the bad things it can do. I’m not gonna pretend to understand it all. All I know is that I get upset when I’m in the middle of something & my comp freezes up or worse, tells me I’ve committed a fatal or illegal (?!) error, & shuts down everything!

**If you use Safari, then you’re an apple/mac user, & I have no idea what I look like in Safari, so if you wanna let me know, I’d be interested.

8 thoughts on “do I look phat in this?

  1. I use the double F (yes, I am hip) and you look maaaaaarvelous, dahling.

    Wow that sounded so gay.


  2. Wanna know a secret? come close.

    No, closer.

    Ok, here it is.

    No one I know calls it foxy-fire. I just made that up.

  3. You should totally do it. It automatically updates your pages as you’re in them (great for gmail), you don’t have to refresh to get new mail.

    And… you get tabbed browsing, which I think is just the BEST!!! You only have one thing open, & you can have 10 diff pages open in various tabs w/in the one thingie. Um, I don’t know what those ‘thingies’ at the bottom (in your taskbar) are called. You can move your tabs around so you have things grouped together. I just love it.

    Oh, & my page looks better in it. At my company today, I was told that not everything is about me though.

  4. Not everything is about you? WHAT? Why would your company tell you this? Without you, they would be nothing! … Nothing, I say!

  5. I KNOW!!!

    Don’t worry though, my boss told that person what’s what. I like the ppl in my office! 😉

  6. um, I don’t want y’all to think that I’m tellin you what to do.

    But I do think if you haven’t tried Firefox, at least give it a whirl. It’s not like there’s any committment.

    If ya don’t like it, you can always use IE instead again.

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