Removing the “female tax”


hey girl tamponsRight now, there are movements worldwide to remove tax on hygiene products. So called the “tampon tax”.

In Australia, feminine hygiene products are taxed at 10%. This tax contributed to the equivalent of $19 million USD to their government. However, we are talking about a country that does not tax “essential health items”. These items include condoms, lubricants, nicotine patches, and sunscreen. I don’t get how feminine hygiene products are not included as an essential health item.

Canada’s bill to tax-exempt feminine hygiene passed and will begin on July 1st. This will include tampons, pads, and menstrual cups. I’m not sure of the nuances of this law. Like, if I paid $40 for a menstrual cup last year that will last me the next 10 years; I don’t get a tax credit on that, do I? I’m sure the law just applies to new purchases moving forward.

Now, I’m not saying that we need to remove this tax in the US. I get the US does things differently, and by state. Some states don’t tax food at fast food restaurants when you get it ‘to go’; they only charge the tax if you are using their facility to eat. Some states don’t charge tax on clothes, because they say that clothes are essential.

However, I got to thinking about this, and thought – we could use some tax credit just for being female. You feel me? First of all, it’s well-known (& accepted) fact that women make less money than men. How about a tax credit to off-set that? Also, women just have to deal with more *ish than men. Just ask any woman what she goes through in a normal day, and ask a man. It’s dramatically different.

I think you’d have to include the men who transitioned to female. Because I’m sure they go through a lot of *ish too. But I don’t think they should get the equal amount of credit, depending on the age they transitioned. Like, for example, Bruce Jenner led a very fortuned life as a man, and likely benefited more as a man than he would have as a woman. Whereas, maybe someone who transitioned as a teen would have to go through the struggle of the transition WHILST going through the struggle of being a teen. And god knows, the struggle of being a teen is not something anyone would wish on anyone.

Now I’m not belittling what Bruce Jenner went through. I get that he lived his whole life with an inner conflict that weighed on him everyday. I don’t mean to diminish that in any way. I’m just saying, to be a woman in this country, world actually, is not easy.

Brelo case: how is this possible?


I’ll be honest right up front. I’m not in Cleveland right now. Heck, I’m not even in the US. I have limited internet time, so I haven’t read the judge’s 35-page verdict. I’m sure he explained why he found Brelo not guilty. But I just don’t get it.


I don’t know how, standing on the good of a car and firing 40-some rounds is justified. Or even how it’s appropriate police procedure. If the couple in the car was armed, which they weren’t, wouldn’t that not be safe for the officer?

Now, I wasn’t there, but I don’t know that such police brutality was justified. I don’t know that they felt their lives were in danger.

Some people may argue that why did they run if they were innocent? To that, I say:
1. Whether or not were they innocent does not mean you shoot 137 shots at them. If anything, that is the definition of overreach.
2. After a bunch of officers have already shot dozens of rounds at a couple, why do you singlehandedly need to shoot 42 rounds by yourself? And at such close range?

But most of all, if you use that argument, then why was the city of Cleveland so quick to pay out $3 MILLION dollars to the family if they didn’t think they did anything wrong???

I wish I was in Cleveland to sit with these guys.


Photo Challenge: Early Bird


I was in Phoenix last April, and of course woke every morning around 5:30am. You can’t turn off the east-coast time! So, I made the most of it by snapping pics. Here’s one taken at 5:46am, April 2014.


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Northern girls love their leggings



I could never live down south, because I have invested so much in leggings.

Opaque leggings
Fleece-lined leggings
Sweater leggings
Colorful leggings

Chick-Fil-A: more than just homophobic


Chick-Fil-A. I’m not even sure how they came up with that name. It’s not even a real name. Burger King. Taco Bell. Dairy Queen. These are real names. Chick is a real word. I don’t know what ‘fil’ is, and then they tacked an ‘a’ at the end. Not sure what that’s all about.

But I digress. This post is not about the absurdity of a name.

I have a friend who “confessed” on fb recently about her love of the chicken and waffle fries there. Confessed is a correct term, because she did it knowing that judgement would come down on her.

It’s easy for me to stand my moral high ground and say that I don’t go there because I don’t want my money to go to hate groups. To me, all these hate groups are equal. It doesn’t matter to me if you call yourselves the Ku Klux Klan or the Freedom Defense Initiative. In some cases, I equate them to terrorists when they are seeking out with the hopes of killing those that fall into a certain category; especially if that classification is something a person is born into and not a behavior they control.chick fil a

Anyway, the point of this is that it’s easy for me to stand my moral high ground, as I’ve NEVER HAD CHICK-FIL-A. The only actual difference it made in my life is that I don’t wave at the costumed individual standing outside Chick-Fil-As anymore.

I’ve never had it. It could be some magical thing, that’s irresistible. I’ll never know now. I’m ok with that. I’ve also never had Auntie Ann’s pretzels at the mall. I figure there’s gotta be some sort of crack in it or something that makes everyone that ever had one go gaga, and HAVE to have it when they walk by the store at the mall. *please note, that they probably don’t have actual crack-cocaine. This is a metaphor, not literal.

But it’s just standing on some moral hill, and waving your finger when you don’t really know all the practices of the places you patronage.

Like, there’s this place here called Mudgies. OMG, I LOVE MUDGIES. But what do I know about Mr. or Mrs. Mudgie themselves? Or any locally owned place? What do we know about where any owner of any food establishment donates their money to?

I guess it’s just that the chick-fil-a guy (Dan Cathy) made it publically known that he not only is opposed to the lives of fellow human beings, but he financially supports hate groups so that they can exist. So that they can go to other countries, and give lectures on “family values”. Lectures that lead to actual LAWS requiring that if you are openly the person you are, and that person is gay, you should be publicly stoned to death. That’s just extreme. But he funds it, and lets it be publicly known that he FUNDS it, with REAL MONEY. If he’s so public about what he’s doing, then I’m going to publicly say I don’t support them with my money.

Chick-Fil-A gives millions to the WinShape Foundation, who then allocates money across various “family groups”. But by family groups, they really mean groups that enable parents to help their kids “pray the gay away”, or “electrocute the gay away” more like it. All kinds of programs and camps, some that use various forms of “reparative therapy” including electro-shock therapy. One such group is called Exodus International, they sent a man to a conference where he spoke of “family values”. Well, this had some impact on those that are in the Uganda government, and based on what they took away from what the Exodus man had to say, they came up with the legislation that they should kill their homosexuals. To me, that’s encouraging murder, but murder based on who you are. Which is like terrorism to me.

So, that’s why I’m opposed to it. Anyone is free to think what they want. But I’ll be damned if my hard-earned dollar is ending up funding a hate group.

But God help me if I ever find out that Mudgies is not right in any way. Then, I’ll be holding some sort of prayer group. Or something.

*I’d like to note that I’ve been able to have my company place orders at Mudgie’s, and I know they use local products. I like supporting small, local companies.

Update: I’ve thought about this at length now, and I think I can relate it to my love of Papa John’s pizza. I despise “Papa John” himself for how he values his profit over his employees (even though reports have shown that having health insurance & high employee morale actually helps companies more than it hurts them). While I despise him, I do love his pizza. Enough that I’ve had it once in the last 5 years (since learning of his views on healthcare).

press 1 for English


You know how people get all worked up about “press 1 for English”? I see it all the time, posts on facebook complaining about this. Well, most of these posts express anger at those who’d rather hear a different language in their IVR interaction.

A couple of things about that. These are people who likely speak more than one language, and most of the people angry about it only speak English. Is it like some type of envy? That they’re jealous that they don’t have other options because they never learned another language? But instead it’s coming out like displaced anger?

The other thought I had is that they shouldn’t get mad at these people. They should be mad at the companies. It’s the companies that put the recording on. If they don’t think companies should be putting “press one for English”, they need to express that to the company doing it.

Actually, their thought is probably that “American companies shouldn’t be doing this”, or that “This is America, we speak English here”.

But guess what? There is a trend of profiting American companies that are moving their base overseas to avoid American taxes. Why are more people mad at them?

List of companies incorporating overseas after the jump. Continue reading

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech


meryl-streepPatricia Arquette gave a bomb-diggity Oscar speech. And here’s why.

She was recognized for work she did. She’s been acting for about 3 decades. Three decades. She’s finally being recognized for her work. The Academy Award is the highest regarded movie award in the US.

Yet, this woman took this platform, where she is being put on a national stage and her shining moment.

And she decided to use that platform to say something to support her fellow women.

You don’t often see that type of selflessness in the world, let alone in Hollywood.

Now, people may complain that she makes way more money than the average woman working in the US.

First, so what? I worked hard to get my current job. So hard. And I excel at what I do. I know this. Others see this. I have a work ethic like a bull. And I’m super amazingly good at what I do. And I found out (by asking around) that I do make more than my male counterparts. So, does that mean I’m not going to still be vocal about feminist ideals, and equal pay for women?

Second, I don’t know how much she makes or made on any movie. But I do know this, there’s a good chance she made LESS than her male counterparts for no good reason other than she was a woman.

How can I make this statement. Easy. Because the leaked Sony emails give us some insight on how far-reaching the pay gender gap really goes. Those emails showed us that Jennifer Lawrence and FIVE TIME ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Amy Adams were paid less than their male co-stars. There was also some list of like 6000 Sony employees; and of the 17 making over a million, only one of them was a female.

Now, I don’t get the other part of her speech, where she goes into different types of people. She should have stuck to one topic so not to dilute the strength of the sentiment. But whatever. Take what you will from it.

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