My customized weekly mixtape

My weekly Spotify customized mixtape shocked me today. It had some ‘to be expected’ but hadn’t heard in a while (112, DeBarge), and some of the usual (New Order). But then, it broke out something I hadn’t heard in decades! ‘Waiting for the Star to Fall’ – Boy meets Girl. Who remembers this song?

Person of the Week: Jason McElwain

I saw this old footage of Jason McElwain, an autistic high schooler who had a love of basketball.

“I just caught fire. I was hot as a pistol.”

I had to share it, so I went to YouTube, and found this. Another video about J-Mac, a story about him 5 years later. Of course I had to share both. I’m so proud of this boy-turned-young man!

We choose what we allow

There’s a point to be made about looking at ourselves. What we buy into, as consumers. Whether consumers in the economic sense or consuming of information. The media will deliver what we want. It’s simple supply and demand. That’s why there’s a $5 BILLION zombie industry in the US. An actual industry just for zombies. We buy into fear; that’s why so many news networks have all this fear-mongering. It sickens me.

Charlie Hebdo: Whose Fault Is it? Russell Brand The Trews (E231):

Definition of a feminist

“If you believe that men and women have equal rights, if someone asks if you’re a feminist, you have to say yes.”  “Because that is how words work.”
~ Aziz Ansari

Geez, I love Aziz Ansari. He’s hilarious, and he just gets it.

Demand a plan to end Gun Violence

Because we can do better. #America

Stop buying bottled water

If the extra plastic consumption does not bother you, please at least consider that the CEO of Nestlé truly believes that water is NOT a human right. ‪#‎StopBuyingBottledWater‬

I’ve posted before about water. Because it’s kinda crucial.

toddler vegetarian

Conversations w/ toddlers. Prob one of the greatest, truest, most inspiring moments in life.

Here’s a toddler who’s decided to be a vegetarian.

WARNING: This video might bring tears to your eyes!