Viva la Mexico

I’ve not been on a real vacation in a long, long time. And I’ve never been to a tropical place before. So, my dear, beautiful, caring cousin chose to have a destination wedding. In Cancún. At a luxury resort.

oh. my. god.

I came back last Tuesday. And I want to go back. I want to spend many days of my life in that type of place. It was lovely.

I mean, it was more than just hanging out. We saw history. We saw the Mayan Ruins. But gosh. It was so lovely on the last day, when I had nothing to do but sit poolside, drinking tropical bevvies.

cancun pool

Here is the pyramid at Chichén Itzá, so you can see that I did embrace the cultural side of the journey as well. It was super cool. Well, super hot because Mexico in late June. But très chic.


my spirit animal is Ron

Have you ever seen those questions? When you’re looking at lists of possible interview questions, there’s that one: “What is your spirit animal?”

I’ve seen this over the years, and thank God I’ve never been asked it. Because I had no idea what I’d answer.

Until now.

I started working with this guy named Ron*. He’s an older (over 60) man, but not ‘old’. He takes off to go on bike trips across states. He’s gritty. He doesn’t do BS or ‘politics’ (like office politics). He’s quiet, won’t say much. And he’s got this screensaver on his monitor of him with a tiger. I’m pretty sure he’s a republican. He’s one of those ‘salt of the earth’ people.

And he’s my spirit animal.


*names may have been changed to protect the spirit animal.

Ms. Harriette Thompson

I want to see more news like this. HER SMILE IS EVERYTHING!

92 year old Cancer survivor Harriette Thompson, completed the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon in about 7 hrs 24 minutes.

She’s 92 years and 65 days old, which makes her the OLDEST PERSON TO COMPLETE A MARATHON. The previous oldest was 92 yrs and 19 days old, Gladys Burrill when she did the Honolulu Marathon in 2010. Which is also worth mentioning. Because don’t say you can’t do something. JUST DO IT.

harriette thompson

Photo Challenge: Early Bird

I was in Phoenix last April, and of course woke every morning around 5:30am. You can’t turn off the east-coast time! So, I made the most of it by snapping pics. Here’s one taken at 5:46am, April 2014.


Other Early Bird Submissions on the Daily Post Photo Challenge page.

Northern girls love their leggings


I could never live down south, because I have invested so much in leggings.

Opaque leggings
Fleece-lined leggings
Sweater leggings
Colorful leggings

Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Rangoli at the Indian temple at Diwali last year. They make these intricate designs by hand.

click to enlarge

Photo Challenge: Scale

Remember when I used to do PhotoFriday? I used to love it! Looking forward to hearing the new theme for the week, and keeping an eye out everywhere I went to find something that would match it. Or, instantly remembering a picture I had taken that would fit the theme; but still looking for something new & fresh. It makes you keep your eyes open & more aware of the world around you.

Well, I just discovered this new one called Photo Challenge. This week’s is called Scale. I just found this site, and so kinda looked through old photos to see if I had something applicable. I instantly thought of my visit to the Taj Mahal. Where I have pics of myself & family that I took, where it gives the optical illusion that I’m holding the whole Taj in my hand. Or holding it up by pinching the tip. Haha. But I’m not into putting pictures of myself on here, so I thought I’d find something else.

I found this one. When I was younger, my aunt had given me this tiny bottle of Oil of Olay (that’s what it used to be called). Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid. Then, the world went anti-oil, and everything was oil-free, or like in this case, the word oil was simply removed.

I keep this tiny bottle still in my travel bag. I wash it out & re-use it still. I wonder if that’s ok… ?? I mean, with the old plastic and all?