stop squirrelling around

haha, get it? Squirrel-ling around? Squirrel? heehee. hahaha.

Sorry, I’m in a bit of a silly mood this morn. So, you wanna know what I saw yesterday? Well, I was on the phone w/ Mr. T; so I went out to our patio area at work so I can talk to him in peace. Yesterday was a pretty warm day here in Cleve. It was probably like 95-98 w/ the heat index factored in.

Just like 3 feet in front of me is this drainage thing (b/c they really do over-water the foliage here). It was in the shade, so I figured the metal had to be all niiiiice & coooool. Why else would this squirrel decide to sprawl himself out on it? This sight really cracked me up.Oh, & I just got a new phone a couple of weeks ago. It’s the LG enV and it’s just the coolest thing EV-ER. It’s got an amazing camera on it, & the pic above was taken on my cute new lil camera phone. Did I mention it’s orange? So. CUTE! I’m calling it butternut though, I have a wallet that’s orange too, but on the label, it didn’t say orange, it said butternut. So, since the phone matches the wallet ex-act-ly, I’m calling the phone butternut too.

See? Now you get it. Squirrelling around! heehee.

bitter much?

There’s this woman I don’t like. I’m fine w/ it. Not everybody is going to like everyone else. Esp when the person is a stuck-up, full-of-themselves know-it-all who really doesn’t know anything when asked what’s going on.

Anywhoo… So, this woman told my boss that my department orders a certain number of her publication, but we don’t use them all. She found out that we toss out over half of what we order. So, my boss came to me & asked if maybe we should order less. He said it doesn’t bother him either way if we keep ordering what we do, b/c it’s not like we don’t pay for it anyway, so we can do what we like with what we get.

I said he’s got a point there. But the reason we order so many is b/c every now & then, the publication is actually interesting to read. Most times, eh, not so much. So, I offered up 2 options:

1. They can send us a pdf of it prior to printing / our ordering, & we can tell them exactly how many we want. We’d order more copies when it’s interesting, & less when it’s… uh… not.


2. They can just make it more interesting to read, & we’d actually use them, & end up not throwing so many of them away.

I’d just like to mention that I made my boss crack up laughing when I offered up option 2. And that’s why I’m such a good employee; b/c he’s had a rough day today.


Ok, so I was told earlier this week at work that our offices will be closed this coming Monday. My boss will still be coming into work, but that’s different (he’s just very dedicated). Well, I just went down to the kitchen to get my sammich outta the fridge; & I was talking to a colleague who was already in there. He said that it turns out that we’re going to be open on Monday after all. I told him that I wasn’t hearing what he’s gotta say, & that I want no part of his heresy.

I also decided that I need to be pro-active b/c I really NEED this day off. So, I’m changing my voicemail:

“Hello, I’m unavailable to take your call right now; please leave a message & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” [this won’t be until Tues, but there’s no reason to get into that]. “Please do not try to find me, I will get back to you when I am able. Also, do not go to any parks/beaches looking for me. Or Great Northern Mall, or Crocker Park; as I will not be there either. Oh, & don’t stop by my house in the early morn b/c I’m not there sleeping in since I don’t have to go to work.”

Think it’ll work?
~fingers crossed~

PhotoFriday #2: common

Today’s challenge is ‘common’. Whenever I walk past the Western Reserve Historical Society here in Cleve, I always stop at this patch:
There’s just so many of them. I keep thinking (sometimes hoping) that they’ll just take over! Just spread like wild fire.

They seem to be under some sort of “contained expanse” right now. I know this, b/c I’ve seen the dudes out there ‘controlling’ them while I sit on a bench, eat lunch, & watch. Damn the man. Always tryin to keep a good ivy-growth down! Or something like that.

I love the distinct vein-age on each leaf. You really should click on the pic to see it all large & in-charge though. Or, to see it completely blown-up, click here.

It’s like an intricate spider-web, but it’s the life blood of it all. It’s really quite something to behold really, up close. And if you lift up just the surface leaves, you see this inticate spider-web of stems underneath.

They’re everywhere & so common. You see them everywhere, but when you really stop to look at them, it’s like you’re witnessing something & noticing it for the 1st time ever. As soon as I saw what this week’s challenge was, the 1st thing that popped into my mind was this patch of green in my life. So, I went out on my lunch break to capture it for y’all. To share. Cause sharin is kewl.

In other news, I’ve just finally opened up my very own flickr account!! Yea! (read: yay! yippee!) So, if you click on any of the pics, I’ve hotlinked them to the actual pic at the flickr account. Yeah, I know, I’ve become a lean, mean, htm-ell-in machine.

Click here to see other PhotoFriday participants. Some of their shots are just absolutely amazing; & superbly breath-taking. Mine is no-where close, but I’m really happy w/ it this week.

pink elephant

There’s this woman at work. I’ve been working w/ her for over 3 years now. In the last 2 years, she’s seemed to put on weight; just a little weight, mind you. Well, in the last few months, she’s put on a bit more weight, & had developed an ever-increasing belly. A lot of times, women who find themselves w/ a bit of a belly try to hide it. Esp b/c they’re not used to having it, & they don’t really care for it. They do it more for themselves than for other ppl.

So, this woman. She’s been walking around w/ this belly now for the last 2 months. I just ignored it.

Oh, total sidenote: In my fam, they are not shy about mentioning these kinds of things. Once, I went to see my uncle after not seeing him for a year, & the 1st words out of his mouth were “Wow, it looks like you’ve put on some weight there? You need to exercise more.” No, I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up. Oh, & btw, I’d gained about 10 pounds (maybe 8). And I wasn’t fat to start off w/. Yeah, they don’t like weight gain. But it’s better than my other uncle, who’s come to visit us from overseas, & hasn’t seen a lot of us in 15 years. He went to see my cousins, & mentioned how two of them had become “fatties”. So nonchalantly too. He’ll just say, “oh yeah, & we saw ‘so & so’ today, he’s turned into a bit of a fattie, hasn’t he?”, then ask when we were going to make his tea for his ‘4 pm tea-time’. B/c he doesn’t know how to make TEA!!! TEA, ppl!?!

Ok, back to the subject at hand. Yesterday, I saw her & she was wearing (what looked to me like) a pink maternity top. Now, I realize maybe she hasn’t been slingin back the Pabst Blue Ribbons. Maybe she’s pregnant. I mean, she’s married, young-ish, has a dog, & they just bought a house 2 years ago. No, I don’t know what the dog has to do w/ anything. At the time, I thought they’d moved into the house from the apt so that the dog had space to run around in. Now, it’s occurring to me that maybe they bought the house in preparation for a baby.

So, I still haven’t asked if she is or not. I don’t want to say anything about it, b/c what if she’s not? She’s a decent person. That, & the fact that when I request changes be made, she’s the person who decides what priority to give my requests; which in turn affects whether my requisitions are fulfilled in the next 48 hours or 8 months. Ok, more the latter reason; but still, I don’t want to hurt her feelings or upset her.

This is my current “pink elephant in the room & you can’t talk about it” situation. Literally & figuratively.

huffing-puffing & my cowgirl-chickee

I have a confession to make. It’s been bothering me for quite a while, & I now feel the need to get it off my chest. You see, I got a phone call this past week from someone where they mentioned the object of my confession. I didn’t answer my cellie, I was working out, & I don’t take my phone w/ me when I go to work out.

Which is actually another post in itself; I can’t stand ppl on the treadmill, running, out of breath, who answer their stupid phones, trying to get the words out, gasping more than talking. Who can understand them anyway? And most times they answer, say stupid things like “…no, I’m running on the threadmill! Man, I can’t talk right now! I’ll have to call you back!” And they’re YELLING all this. Well, yelling-gasping, huffing-puffing. Haha, like a dragon, haha. Sorry, my mind drifted. So, read what I just wrote, but w/ pauses in b/t as the dork tried to catch his breath in b/t words. This is seriously what the guy on the machine next to me was sputtering into his phone. Only he had to repeat each sentence 2 or 3 times, b/c the person on the other end couldn’t understand him. WHY!?! Why would someone have to answer the phone (or take their phone w/ them in the 1st place?). Ok, before you lay the smackdown on me for that last question, I’d like to acknowledge that there are exceptions. Ppl who are parents, yes- please continue to be good parents & answer your phones cause it could be your kids. Ppl who are in life & death occupations, like if you’re a doc on call. Ppl who have fam or friends in the hospital, & have taken an hour outta their day to try to take their mind off of it. And of course, the hookers. The “oldest profession”, we know that you women are always “on call”, & you do have to answer if yo pimp is trying to reach you. Cause we all know, it’s hard out here for a pimp.

What was I talking about? Oh god, yeah, my confession. Do I really have to do this? I don’t think I’m ready. It involves ‘Urban Cowgirl’. She’s a real life friend of mine. She’s the one who called & left the voicemail. I don’t want to make the confession, b/c I feel that I’ve betrayed her in a way.

Maybe I could tell you a little bit about her. She’s one of my fave ppl in the world, let me tell you! I met her through my job, but I no longer work w/ her. We used to eat lunch together for an hour a day. And by eat lunch, I mean, we’d laugh our pa-tooties off talking about all kinds of inappropriate (& oft offensive or politically incorrect) things that would make Bill Maher blush. And he’s dating Corrine Stephens, so I’m sure there’s very little that could make him blush! If my sister is reading this, don’t google Corrine, she’s a whore-skank & that’s all you need to know about her, ‘kay? Thanks. Did I not spell ‘skank’ right? My spell-check is lighting up like ka-ray-zay. Well, I wasn’t an English major, so that’ll have to do.

Anyway, in the summer, we’d take our lunches that we’d packed, & go outside to this place that we called “the jungle”. The jungle had this long, lean grass that almost came upto your knees (well, our knees anyway); & these huge trees that loomed into the sky, reaching out to try to grasp the clouds overhead. We’d hike up our skirts, eat lunch, while tanning our legs (yes, folks, we’re women, & what we do best is multi-task). Every now & then, a car would come along & try to parallel park in an unbelievably small space. And we’d point & laugh. Aahhh, happy memories….

Oh, back to my girl. She has this t-shirt that says “Urban Cowgirl” on it, & let me tell you, it fits her perfectly. She’s street-savvy, cultured, & country. She was raised in the country, so she’s really smart about country-stuff (if you don’t know what country-stuff is, I can’t really help you, cause I don’t really know either). But she’s down w/ the city lifestyle too. Anyway, she’s just grand. Does that make her sound like a piano? Cause she’s not a piano. She’s also gorgeous. AND, she just got engaged! I’m so incredibly happy for her. I love love! It’s grand, too! Although, not in the piano-way again.


No, seriously, BAGPIPES! I was leaving work the other day, & I saw this guy in a green plaid kilt, walking back & forth in a parking lot, playing BAGPIPES.

There really is no mistaking the sound. So, I pulled out my cam, & snapped a shot.
Now, I wasn’t entirely sure that this was gonna come out; me being so far away from him. So, I got in my car, & drove around to the entrance of the parking lot he was in. But there were 2 cop cars already up the driveway, one horse-cop trotting up, & another cop car behind the horse-copper, about to pull into the same drive. So, I just drove off. I figured it had to be one of those “nothin to see here, folks” type situations. Also, the horse stunk. Worse than “circus-elephant stink”. It was pretty bad. So, I just went on home.

I guess bagpipes are the new thing here in C-town. Someone told me a local high school had bagpipes playing for their commencement ceremonies. You know, instead of that regular/standard commencement march-piece?

Here’s a close-up of the pic. On the right is the bag-piper (bag-pipee?), & on the left, you can see a cop walking up to him.And I know y’all are thinking that you didn’t realize how beautiful the greenery in Cleveland is. I know, no one talks about how gorgeous it is here. We have great weather most of the time. Ppl are just haters & talk smack about this great city all the time. You can see how beautiful & lush even our parking lots are in that 1st pic.

I do love my digital camera. I think I’m in love w/ it!

Interesting articles

I think that periodically, I’m gonna post here some of the most interesting articles that I’ve read recently. I may discuss them, & I may not. But usually when I read articles, really read them, they linger w/ me for a while. And eventually, I’ll want to re-read it. So, please feel free to read on the things that I find of interest here & there.

25 worst tech products of all time
The LIWW found this & showed it to me. She says that I could probably contribute more to this particular article. I agree.

Something Borrowed from the New Yorker Archive
I actually read this one a while ago, when the story broke about the Harvard chick that was accused of plagiarizing. I don’t just love it for the Beastie Boys reference though. It is a fascinating article.

Barbara, Barbaro, & Taylor Hicks

This actually happened on Monday, but now it’s starting to annoy me. I came back to my office from lunch on Monday, & am asked if I heard the latest on Barbaro.

Moi: “huh? Barbara who?”
Lady I work w/ (LIWW): “No, Barbaro”
Me: “Who’s Barbaro? Is he a musician?” (I’m wondering how I can forget a name like Barbaro, I know it couldn’t have been an American Idol thing, cause that’s Taylor. BTW, “GO TAYLOR!!”)
LIWW: “No, Barbaro the horse”
Me: “What horse? What are you talking about?”
LIWW: “You know, the horse from the race, he had to go into surgery?”
*Now, it dawns on me.*
Me: “Oooh, thaaat horse. Yeah, I saw a picture of the bones, but I didn’t bother to read anything about it really”

That night, he was on World News Tonight (w/ Elizabeth Vargas, who my mom says is preggers). Yeah, you know what? I really don’t care. And to be frank wit cha, I didn’t realize all these other ppl cared so much for his well-being either.

Here’s the scenario, & you tell me if you see any inconsistencies in this train of thought. Let’s go out & create a ranch, hold animals that once roamed the Earth freely, & give them a strict structured life. We’ll keep them locked up in stables, “breed them” whenever (& w/ whomever) we see fit. They will be on a strict diet, have to “exercise” a certain amount everyday, have to run practice races (on a enclosed track), & basically not be able to just run around freely in a wide meadow/field w/ posies.

So, after all this, we’ll take them out for the public once a year. During that once-a-year public exhibition, they’ll run a race w/ some short guy weighing a-buck-ten on their back hitting them. If they win, we’ll give them a bunch of roses, which they probably don’t really care for. If they lose, they get to go out on a 2nd exhibition, where they are sold off to who-knows-who, who may or may not abuse the horse in order to get him to win the next race.

Now, this particular horse (who has led a life similar to the one mentioned above) ends up getting injured, & now everyone & their mother all of a sudden cares!!! Who cared about the horse’s quality of life before all this? If the horse is lucky, he may not fully recover, & get to retire early. I mean, I don’t want him to die or anything drastic. But he’s more than paid his dues, let him chill out, maybe meet himself a lil filly, & grow old w/ her. This pic is the place he’s at now, recovering. I hope he gets to chill here for a while, it looks pretty tranquil.

At least on American Idol, they chose to subject themselves to all public appearances & stuff. And they get to pick one of the three songs themselves. In closing, I’d like to say “GO TAYLOR!”.

mis-leading chips

OK, I’m not trying to mislead anyone here. My cake did look a lot like the cake below, w/ a minor difference. My cake did not have chips in it. I don’t do “chips” in my food. (I also don’t do lemon wedges w/ my food or water, but that’s a story for another day).

I don’t like chocolate chips or sprinkles in my cake or frosting, or ice cream. I don’t like chunks of anything (chips, sprinkles, tutti-frutti-thingies, fruit, etc) in any cake, cookies, or jello. All through college, I ate Edy’s French Silk ice cream; & I separated the chocolate chunks they put in there & threw them out.

There are exceptions of course. Everyone that knows me, knows that I make up rules & then have exceptions to them all. That’s just how I roll. Cookies, obviously, can have chocolate chips. But not M&Ms in them, that’s just weird. And we can’t forget Ghirardelli’s triple-chocolate-chunk brownies.

Mmmm, ghirardelli trip-choco-chunk brownies. They are yummy. There’s this guy where I work, & he used to bring in these brownies every once in a while. But he hasn’t done it in a while (about a year). I think it all stopped the time he put some oregano in them. No, not “oregano” (in quotes), but real oregano, the spice. To see if ppl would notice. He also had a card to Costco (they only have this on the east-side of Cleve, not the west side; regardless, I don’t have a membership card), so he bought me a box once a while ago. He went to buy me another box a few months ago, but they don’t carry it anymore. Now, they only have Hershey’s triple-choco-chunk brownies. They’re still damn good though.