Um, you know how the British spelling differs from the American?

The British spell it ‘grey’, Americans–‘gray’. And of course, we all know the ‘re’ instead of ‘er’ at the end of such classics as ‘theatre’; or the ‘our’ instead of ‘or’ in colour, behaviour, etc.

Well, is ‘yay’ the American way of spelling ‘yea’? I’ve always spelled it ‘yea’. Mainly cause I learned British-English growing up. I think. In primary school, they beat the ‘our’s & the ‘re’s right outta me. Well, ok, so they didn’t beat me here in the States*. But they def worked their patooties off to re-condition me to spell things the American way instead of the British way.

Um, does anyone else also call it ‘primary school’? Grammar school? Grade school? Anyone?

But I guess they never noticed the ‘grey’. Maybe I just didn’t use it back then. I mean, how many 8 year olds use the word grey? I use it all the time now, complaining about yanking out yet another couple of hairs. So, it hasn’t been til recent years that I even noticed that it’s correct to spell it ‘gray’ as well.

But what about ‘yay’? Is that the same thing? Or, is it just these young punks now-a-days. W/ their adding words like ain’t, bootylicious, & google (as a verb) to our dictionaries?

*Although when I was in preschool overseas, my teacher used to threaten to tie me to the ceiling fan at least twice (or thrice) a week. No kidding. My mom & grandma had to go to school on several separate occasions to ask her to stop.

Aside: I was trying not to post b/c I wanted to keep the link to write about the crisis in the Dafur region at the top of my page; but please do scroll down & click on the link to help. Amnesty is trying to get a massive amount of letters to Washington by Monday.

pink elephant

There’s this woman at work. I’ve been working w/ her for over 3 years now. In the last 2 years, she’s seemed to put on weight; just a little weight, mind you. Well, in the last few months, she’s put on a bit more weight, & had developed an ever-increasing belly. A lot of times, women who find themselves w/ a bit of a belly try to hide it. Esp b/c they’re not used to having it, & they don’t really care for it. They do it more for themselves than for other ppl.

So, this woman. She’s been walking around w/ this belly now for the last 2 months. I just ignored it.

Oh, total sidenote: In my fam, they are not shy about mentioning these kinds of things. Once, I went to see my uncle after not seeing him for a year, & the 1st words out of his mouth were “Wow, it looks like you’ve put on some weight there? You need to exercise more.” No, I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up. Oh, & btw, I’d gained about 10 pounds (maybe 8). And I wasn’t fat to start off w/. Yeah, they don’t like weight gain. But it’s better than my other uncle, who’s come to visit us from overseas, & hasn’t seen a lot of us in 15 years. He went to see my cousins, & mentioned how two of them had become “fatties”. So nonchalantly too. He’ll just say, “oh yeah, & we saw ‘so & so’ today, he’s turned into a bit of a fattie, hasn’t he?”, then ask when we were going to make his tea for his ‘4 pm tea-time’. B/c he doesn’t know how to make TEA!!! TEA, ppl!?!

Ok, back to the subject at hand. Yesterday, I saw her & she was wearing (what looked to me like) a pink maternity top. Now, I realize maybe she hasn’t been slingin back the Pabst Blue Ribbons. Maybe she’s pregnant. I mean, she’s married, young-ish, has a dog, & they just bought a house 2 years ago. No, I don’t know what the dog has to do w/ anything. At the time, I thought they’d moved into the house from the apt so that the dog had space to run around in. Now, it’s occurring to me that maybe they bought the house in preparation for a baby.

So, I still haven’t asked if she is or not. I don’t want to say anything about it, b/c what if she’s not? She’s a decent person. That, & the fact that when I request changes be made, she’s the person who decides what priority to give my requests; which in turn affects whether my requisitions are fulfilled in the next 48 hours or 8 months. Ok, more the latter reason; but still, I don’t want to hurt her feelings or upset her.

This is my current “pink elephant in the room & you can’t talk about it” situation. Literally & figuratively.

aren’t rainbows purty?

Does anyone else go stand outside in the rain when it’s sunny looking for rainbows? Last Sat, we had one of those days here. I just finished working out, & it’d been rainy & grey all morn. Well, I was almost done, when I looked out the window & saw that it had become sunny. It was still raining, but in the beautiful sunshine. So, I finished up & hightailed it outta there. On my way out, the lady at the desk (they all know me so well in my town) saw me fixated on the windows of the door as I was headin towards it, & said to me “You’re going to look for the rainbow, aren’t you?”. I said “yup” (I’m a girl of few words. haha, ok, so I’m not, but when I’m focused on something I can be.) She said I needed to come back in & tell her what it was like before I actually left. So, I walked outside, & had to look around for it. I couldn’t find it anywhere. It took an 8 year old boy riding his bike through the parking lot to help me find it; “look over there”. So, I did.

It was a short stubby rainbow. Wide, but short. I’d never seen one like that before. I could see both ends of it, & the top of it was so low to the ground. Very cool. So, if it’s sunny & raining, high-tail it outside to see one of these babies, ‘kay? Cause no two are alike, & if you miss it, that’s it. There’s no instant replay on ‘em.

Then, this morning, I check my email, & my friend Jen sent me this awesome pic. Thanks, baby-doll! How cool is that?!? So, I’m sharing w/ y’all.

yes, I’m fab

Ahhhh, to be ghetto-fabulous. I know a lot of ppl use this term, applying it to others, but I think it’s over-used & not in the proper way. Now, yesterday, I can honestly say that I felt ghetto-fabulous.

I had just gotten these new Liz Clay wedges. Now, wait, give me a min to explain. These are not part of the ghetto-fabulosity. BUT, in getting these new sandals, I carried myself a little higher, & there was a slight sash-shay to my walk.

So, during my lunch hour, when it’s nice outside, I like to stroll around. So, I walk up one street & down the other, to this area where there are a few granite benches to sit, eat my lunch there, & eventually drag myself back to work. Now, I should add here that I don’t work in a shady neighborhood or anything like that, buuuut, if you go down a couple of blocks, you’re instantly in the inner-city. I’m talking hard-core, drive-by shooting, 2 arsons killing 8 kids in the last 2 months inner city. Our PR department is pretty good about drawing attention away from that though.

So, I was strolling back to the building, as slowly as I could, b/c I really was in no hurry to get back. I saw a shuttle bus go by me. No biggie, right? These shuttles go by all the time. Well, 4 mins later, it comes back from behind me. It had turned around, & is now going in the same direction as I am. It stops, & the driver opens the door, & says something to me. I have pretty bad hearing (plus the bus was loud), so I’m assuming what he said was something to the effect of “hop on, do you need a ride?”. I heard a combination of a few of those words. I just said ‘no thank you, I’m enjoying the day, & I’d like to just walk’. He then tipped his hat (no, not kidding, Clevelanders are ‘hat-tippin’ folk, not many ppl realize this), closed the door, & drove off. Now, keep in mind that I was in the middle of a street, walking along. I know there’s a stop on the street just before, & just after, but not on this particular street in between them. Yeah, the word you’re lookin for is ‘ghetto-fabulous’.

Now, pair that w/ a few hours later, I get off of work, & stop at the corner store to pick up a couple of things. I hand the clerk a 20. And what does she do?!? She pulls out one of those ‘counterfeit money markers’ & checks the damn bill! Now, I shop here all the time (it’s just down the street from my house), have always used cash (they don’t take credit/debit), & have had her check me out before. I’ve never had her pull out “the marker” on me though! So, I’m attributing it to how ghetto-fabulous I looked yesterday.

Obviously, the bus driver liked my ghetto-fabulushness, while the woman (who should’ve recognized me) in my own neighborhood did most def did NOT.

UPDATE: Looking back & re-reading what I’d written, I can see how it may come off a little superficial, but that’s not really how I had meant it. It was just a weird day, & that whole experience of the day kept going round & round in my mind. It was kinda unsettling to me. I was bothered that in one part of town, I was offered a favor, & I was looked down upon in another. All b/c of the way I was dressed & carrying myself; mind you, I wasn’t dressed trashy or anything. But simply based on appearance, one person was being kind to me, & another looked disgusted at me.

Then, one of my closest friends posted about how stupid all these clichéd sayings are. And she’s right, they are. And I started thinking about the whole “beauty being only skin deep”, but that’s not how we treat each other. We treat pretty ppl much better than ordinary or ‘not-so-pretty’ ppl. Cause most days I look normal, I just happened to have looked a tad bit nicer that one day.

see… size doesn’t really matter

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. I know that’s not sayin much, b/c I’ve had an uneventful day. But I was just looking at stuff after checking my email & this is what I came across.

The cat you see there is Jack; weighing in at 15 pounds. A neighbor saw this & just thought that the cat was just watching the bear. But then the bear climbed down, & Jack the cat chased it up another tree!!! Apparently it’s a scaredy-bear (haha, ‘scaredy-bear’, haha, I crack myself UP!), & the cat’s hissing scared him. Then, the cat’s parents called him, & the bear ran away.

Here’s the story on it.


No, seriously, BAGPIPES! I was leaving work the other day, & I saw this guy in a green plaid kilt, walking back & forth in a parking lot, playing BAGPIPES.

There really is no mistaking the sound. So, I pulled out my cam, & snapped a shot.
Now, I wasn’t entirely sure that this was gonna come out; me being so far away from him. So, I got in my car, & drove around to the entrance of the parking lot he was in. But there were 2 cop cars already up the driveway, one horse-cop trotting up, & another cop car behind the horse-copper, about to pull into the same drive. So, I just drove off. I figured it had to be one of those “nothin to see here, folks” type situations. Also, the horse stunk. Worse than “circus-elephant stink”. It was pretty bad. So, I just went on home.

I guess bagpipes are the new thing here in C-town. Someone told me a local high school had bagpipes playing for their commencement ceremonies. You know, instead of that regular/standard commencement march-piece?

Here’s a close-up of the pic. On the right is the bag-piper (bag-pipee?), & on the left, you can see a cop walking up to him.And I know y’all are thinking that you didn’t realize how beautiful the greenery in Cleveland is. I know, no one talks about how gorgeous it is here. We have great weather most of the time. Ppl are just haters & talk smack about this great city all the time. You can see how beautiful & lush even our parking lots are in that 1st pic.

I do love my digital camera. I think I’m in love w/ it!

I love Google’s personality…

…and as we all know, personality goes a long way. Here’s Google’s logo just for today, b/c it’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s b-day:

Here are a couple of previous ones, the one on the left for Easter, & the right was a braille one they came up with:

Moses, Clay, & hygiene

Why do ppl name their kids “Clay”? I think even “Moses” is a better name than “Clay” for a boy. It’s distinguished & is a “man’s name” definitely. Clay is smooshy stuff on the ground & synonymous w/ dirt. It’s their call what they want to name their kids, but I would def prefer Moses over Clay as a boy’s name. This came up today, b/c I actually dealt w/ a real live young boy (not man) by the name of Clay. And a few weeks ago, I know a lot of ppl were worked up cause Gwynie named her boy Moses. I’m cool w/ it, I think Moses is a grand name for a young man. I wouldn’t want it to become one of the popular boy’s names, but few & far between, it’s ok.

This whole thing reminded me of last year around this same time, when I got on a rant about ppl naming their kid “Jeanne”. If you name a baby “Jeanne”, then as that baby grows up, and ppl talk to her, they will be saying “Hi Jeanne” but it will come out “hygiene”. Why do that to your kid? Don’t you love your baby?! I thought ppl were supposed to love their kids & be totally in love/smitten/ all that good-stuff w/ their children.

for real, for real?

Ok, so foxes are part of the dog family, right? So, this is really strange to me. I don’t even have words to describe it. It’s not cannibalistic, it’s not sac-religious. I have no idea what word you would use to describe it. It’s just wrong. If any of you can think of the proper word to describe what this is, or what emotion it evokes in you, please feel free to comment. It’s just really wrong, though.

What you are looking at is a Mexican hairless dog (you can click on the pic to enlarge it). He’s sporting a coat made from an artic fox. Yes, folks, a FOX FUR COAT! On a dog. A fox, a member of the dog family, died so that the dog can wear its hide in a show. No, I’m not making this up. This was on April 16th at the Zoo Russia International Cat & Dog Exhibition.

Please comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Because I’m kinda speechless here.

what a diff a day makes

OK, yesterday morn here in Cleveland, the sky was pitch black. Huge thunderstorm, raindrops the size of my fist! No, I’m not exaggerating. So, maybe my fists aren’t that huge, but that’s still a big raindrop. In the morning, I was making my coffee in the kitchen & I look out the kit window. The sun is coming up, the sky is bright, & the rays are shining down. Then, I walk out to the living room, & look out the window there. Pitch black, dark gray clouds rolling in. Very eerie. Cool, but eerie.

Then, in the afternoon, the skies opened up. The clouds drifted away. Pure sunshine. So bright it hurt your eyes. All over the ground were tree limbs that just weren’t strong enough to make it through the day. It was still windy out, but bright & windy. Sunny & 67 degrees for the rest of the daylight hours. 67 & SUNNY!!!

Well, this morning I woke up to 30 degrees & snow. Still windy, so the snow’s now coming at me sideways. As I drove up toward the lake (I work North of where I live), the snowflakes grew in size. At first, they were these teeny-tiny little specks coming at me super-fast. Going up 71, they got to the size of a half-dollar, & were now more fluttering around as my windshield hit them head-on. They stuck onto my windshield glass & melted away into nothing-ness. Oh, & they were so white & clean & fresh & new. Then, they were gone.

Well, now I’m told that near where I live, the snow’s coming down; an inch an hour. I was told we’re going to get 3 to 7 inches today. Here’s what the winter storm advisory online (below). Wild, huh?

The national weather service in cleveland has issued a lake effect snow advisory…which is in effect until 7 am est wednesday.

A wind advisory remains in effect until 6 pm est this afternoon.

Expect winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts at times of 45 to 50 mph to continue through this afternoon. the winds will slowly diminish through this evening and tonight.

Motorists in high profile vehicles should use caution until the winds subside.