Today is Twitter’s 10th birthday. I love Twitter. It’s the birthplace of hashtags, trending topics, and where I can count on to get need in REAL TIME, from REAL PEOPLE.

It was instrumental in the change of the Iranian government. It aided people looking for shelter in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo scare.

On a personal note, I love being able to connect globally in real time with others while watching (over the years):
– presidential debates
– American Idol
– Golden Globes (& other awards shows)

It’s a place to celebrate Diwali with the hashtag #SalMubarak, and see everyone’s wishes for the coming year worldwide. To see wishes for Ramadan by following #EidMubarak. To see all different cultures and how they celebrate their various traditions.

It has united our world. Facebook is only friends. But Twitter was a network of EVERYONE, in a concise manner.

the “mosque” at “ground zero”

You knew I had to talk about it here at some point, right? I mean, I’ve been tweeting & leaving comments on everyone’s fb statuses about it.

First of all, “mosque” is in quotes b/c it’s not a freakin mosque. It’s an Islamic Community Center. Yes, there will be a place for prayer there, but it’s a smaller part of a $100 MILLION Cultural Center. It will also have a swimming pool, a gym, basketball court, an auditorium, a restaurant (& culinary school), a library, and art studios. Are we calling it “the ground zero pool”? No? Then why “ground zero mosque”? Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to stimulate the economy ($100 Mill project) whilst adding to the community?

If you want to find a Mosque, there IS one INSIDE the Pentagon, open for worship, rebuilt after the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon.

Are we criticizing Christian churches around the Oklahoma City building site? Why is it that American laws seem to apply or be exempt for Christians? Division of church & state doesn’t exist like it should. Lots of religious organizations receive tax-exempt statuses, then give money to fuel their political interests. It’s like certain things are ok, as long as you’re the “right religion”.

“Ground zero” is in quotes b/c it’s not at ground zero! It’s 2 blocks away. Though, there was a mosque already 5 blocks from ground zero (GZ); it was there for like 30 years!

Though, there are currently strip clubs way closer to GZ. & they’re planning to build a 55,000 sq. ft. mall right on GZ. How is a mall paying tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11?!?! Mall to me means a bunch of corporate stores. Not even small businesses. Starbucks. The Gap. Banana Republic. How does that remember fallen heros?

Roger Ebert recently re-posted an op-ed piece that he originally published on Sept. 12, 2001:

A Green Field

If there is to be a memorial, let it not be of stone and steel. Fly no flag above it, for it is not the possession of a nation but a sorrow shared with the world.

Let it be a green field, with trees and flowers. Let there be paths that wind through the shade. Put out park benches where old people can sun in the springtime, and a pond where children can skate in the winter.

Beneath this field will lie entombed forever some of the victims of September 11. It is not where they thought to end their lives. Like the sailors of the battleship Arizona, they rest where they fell.

Let this field stretch from one end of the destruction to the other. Let this open space among the towers mark the emptiness in our hearts. But do not make it a sad place. Give it no name. Let people think of it as the green field. Every living thing that is planted here will show faith in the future.

Let students from all lands take a sunny corner of the field and plant a crop there. Perhaps corn, our native grain. Let the harvest be shared all over the world, with friends and enemies, because that is the teaching of our religions. Let the harvest show that life prevails over death, and let the sharing show that we love our neighbors.

Do not build again on this place. No building can stand here. No building, no statue, no column, no arch, no symbol, no name, no date, no statement. Just the comfort of the earth, to remind us that we share it.

I fleet, I float, I fleetly flee I fly…

I do love the Sound of Music. It’s the greatest movie ever. EV-ER.

No, that’s not opinion. It’s just fact.

Anyway, been super-busy lately, so I’ve had no time. But I didn’t want to neglect my bl*g, so I thought I’d share my tweets w/ cha.


Reminding y’all that today is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Try to be peaceful today, ‘kay? 3 minutes ago from web

To the homeschooling hippies w/ the 6 kids: It is NOT cute to give your daughters boy’s names. It just confuses ppl. about 22 hours ago from web

mmmm…. coffee. 11:35 AM October 01, 2008 from web

Just saw Marc Norton gettin out of the car. (In front of his furniture store, of course) 09:29 AM September 30, 2008 from txt

Are RTA buses allowed 2 go through red lights? 05:42 PM September 29, 2008 from txt

Seriously? The one game this season I decide not to watch, & the Brownies actually won? Fine then! 05:22 PM September 28, 2008 from web

@FrankGumola um…. unless NP means Not Posh, & you’re saying you don’t like it. I sometimes don’t understand you comp-savvy ppl. 05:01 PM September 28, 2008 from web in reply to FrankGumola

@FrankGumola Frankie, we should totally have some song swappin time. I have a limited edition 5-disc set of Sound & Vision!! 05:00 PM September 28, 2008 from web in reply to FrankGumola

@DVDQuotes Wayne’s World, baby! 04:14 PM September 28, 2008 from web in reply to DVDQuotes

Trying to clean my apt on a beautiful sunny day. Not workin so great. 03:49 PM September 28, 2008 from web

sorry, NY & Co. Spent too much $ on a handbag today @ dept. store to “take advantage” of your $ saving offer email. 05:27 PM September 27, 2008 from web

@ohiocitytim I’m headin to Brother’s tonight to see the members from Outlet & Sultans of Bing do a special set. They go on at 9pm. 06:49 PM September 26, 2008 from web in reply to ohiocitytim

Stupid BCBG ostrich feathered clutch in InStyle mag. (only if faux feathers tho, of course). 06:10 PM September 26, 2008 from txt

WAHAT!? There’s deleted scenes from the Office season premiere last night? Oh, I’m so there. (tomorrow, of course.) 04:00 PM September 26, 2008 from web

2 Fancy Giant Eagle cashier: u have only 1 job, smile & ask 4 my card. I can’t b expected 2 look fab AND remember card. 06:50 PM September 25, 2008 from txt

the lip balm gave it away, folks….. http://tinyurl.com/44nj5z 02:39 PM September 25, 2008 from web

maaaaannnn….. we are in some deep financial doo-doo. 09:14 PM September 24, 2008 from txt

There’s bad things goin on in the world. Bad things I say. 11:40 AM September 23, 2008 from web

Pls go 2 http://sweetsunshower.com & click through 2 sign the petition/send a letter. They want to execute dude 2morrow just 2 end case!!! 07:06 PM September 22, 2008 from web

I’m think I’m going to try to start pronouncing schedule, “shed ule”. You know, all British-pretentious like. 11:52 AM September 22, 2008 from web