sharing fake plastic love

I’ve never even attempted to fill in the profile thingie on this Blogger. I really don’t even have time for that; b/c the music I listen to is so incredibly eclectic. It would prob take up a ton of space. I literally listen to just about every type/genre of music (well, except country).

I listen to what I like. If it affects me or moves me in a way, I like it. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, “the heart wants what it wants”. There are times when I just want to listen to females, & I listen to a lot of Tori, Sarah, Fiona, Belly. I get in my Madonna moods. Yes, folks, say what you will, but sometimes when you’re driving down I-71 w/ 2 hours of highway ahead of you, on your way to pick up your sister*, rolling down your windows & singing along to some ole 80s Madonna really gets you through the day.

I was listening to a lot of hip hop/r&b before. I’ve always loved Mary J. Blige, India.Arie, & Outkast. There were a lot of really great beats & songs coming out of the hip hop community for a while. One great jam after another. But lately, I haven’t heard anything worthwhile or intoxicating from them.

I was listening to classical music a lot this summer. Mostly Tchaikovsky.

I work in an area where there’s a lot of college-age kids. They keep talking about some band called “Fall Out Boy”, or at least they did for a while. A lot. Now, I haven’t really heard anything by them, & if they really were all that, I’m sure I would’ve by now. Regardless, I only mention them b/c I was flipping through a rack of cds this weekend trying to come , & I stumbled across a whole row of these Fall Out Boy cds. I mean, there were like 5 or 6 of them. Aren’t they new? How do they have more cds out than bands who’ve been out for a decade or two. It reminds me of those writers who churn out a “novel” once a year, every year. I mean, Holy mass-produced music, Batman!

Anyway, the reason I’m even writing about this, is that rock musicians have really been bringin the good music lately. I can’t get enough of that “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. Yes, I think of Denny when I hear it, & sometimes it does bring a tear to my eye. Shonda, I can’t believe you KILLED Denny Duquette!!! How could you?!? Well, actually, I guess I can believe it. I mean, you hired someone just to kill off the famous violinist that was Burke’s hero, you allowed Annie to be killed off (although, I agreed w/ that one; if you allow a tumor to grow for a year w/out doing anything about it, you need to pay the piper). OH, & you killed off the cute bomb-squad dude that I really was hoping might become a recurring character. All that tension b/t him & Meredith, that could’ve turned into something. C’mon, you have to admit, you wrote in a lot of tension there. Um, and he was cute. Oh, speaking of that bomb epi, does anyone know the name of that haunting song they played as they were wheeling the body w/ the bomb in it to a diff OR? (It’s one of these songs, but I’d have to find a way to listen to clips of them to find out which one). I really loved that song, & they usually list the songs they play on each epi on their website, but I couldn’t find it.

Sorry, back to my point (again, the one I meant to get to in the last para, but didn’t). Since I have this new car w/ the cd playa, I put in a cd, & was listening to Radiohead this morn on my way into work. I remember when I was working at Ray’s in college; one night I got off work, & joined a table full of ppl. I sat down next to a girl (that I didn’t know) & she was listening to a portable cd player (it was the 90s, we didn’t know what mp3’s were yet), & had earphones in her ears. I smiled at her, we introduced ourselves to each other, & I asked her what she was listening to. She said it was this new band called Coldplay; & if I liked Radiohead, I would love them. So, being a huge Radiohead fan, I took her earphones & gave ’em a whirl. To this day, Coldplay’s ok, but they ain’t got nuthin on my Radiohead. Yes, I know Thom Yorke’s doin a solo album, but I love my Radiohead.

If you like the Bends, get the Clueless soundtrack. No, I’m not kidding. The Clueless soundtrack. There’s this acoustic version of “Fake Plastic Trees” on there. If you play it at just the right volume, sing along, & let it overcome you; then you’ll get goose-bumps. Seriously. You will.

So, on my way into work, I drive through the ghetto. No, I’m not kidding, I really do drive through a ghetto. I don’t necessarily have to, but it’s quicker so I do. I’m talking drug-dealin, drive-by-shootin, all in the middle of the day, ghetto. So, I drove through the ghetto on my way into work this morn. Normally, I don’t like to play my music at a loud volume when I’m in town b/c I don’t like it when other ppl force their music on me, & I don’t want to be one of those ppl. Also, if my music has bad words, I don’t want to be responsible for lil kids hearing it. So, I’ll blast it on the highway, but not in town on local roads. But this morn, I felt the need to share my fake plastic love w/ the punks on the street. That is def a song that songs incredible acoustic, but I would love to one day hear it w/ a full orchestra. That would seriously give me the chills.

*BTW, I will no longer be driving down I-71 to pick her up from OSU, b/c she now has her VERY OWN CAR!!

random rumblings

Don’t have much to say. Just a few thoughts on stuff (gripes, mainly). I’ve been pretty happy (like super-happy) all day long, & I think I wore the happiness outta me. I haven’t really had time to even read much news or anything (blogs) lately, but I’ve been catching up. Now I’m getting sleepy, but I thought I share what’s on my mind.

1. I’ve never liked Katie Couric. I now know I am so totally in the minority here. I didn’t realize how obsessed this nation is w/ her. I’ve always been an ABC news gal. I loved Peter Jennings, wish Elizabeth Vargas all the best w/ the birth of her baby, stayed up all night w/ Bob Woodruff when he was in the eye of the storm in Houston during Hurricane Rita, & respect Charlie Gibson.

The main reason I never liked Katie? B/c she wore waaay too much eyeliner. It was horrendous, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t get past that. And if I managed to (not be so shallow) for 2 secs, she’d start w/ the giggling. It was too much. Diane Sawyer doesn’t giggle. She makes witty comments, jokes, & teases her colleagues, but def doesn’t giggle.

I thought that when Katie left Today, that she’d fade away, but I see her all the time & everywhere. And she hasn’t even started her gig yet!

2. Our fantastic gov’t lost (lost) the original recording of the 1st moon landing. This is gonna make all those ppl who say the moon landing is a hoax veeerrry happy.

3. I love Ani DiFranco, & I’ve heard about this poem she read at the recent NOW conference where she also announced her PREGNANCY! I really want to read this poem & have been searching online for the text this whole past week. But I just can’t find it anywhere. They just have the video, & I can’t watch the video of it, I want to see the text, so if anyone knows where to find it, let me know.

All I know was that it was a weird moment; & she cried throughout her entire speech. Here’s what Allison Kasic over at Independent Women’s Forum said about it:

To celebrate the moment, Ani read an original poem. I wish I could relay what the poem was about, but truth be told, Ani lost me somewhere between the “patriarchy causing war,” a bomb dropping in Hiroshima, and the streets of Manhattan. When DiFranco finished, NOW president Kim Gandy thanked Ani for her courage and pointed out that there wasn’t “a dry eye in the house.” Hogwash, I thought. That poem didn’t even make sense! But I looked around and there really were people crying. How anyone could make sense of such a poem, let alone be moved to tears, baffles me.

And that’s why I really wanna read it now.

world cup fever

Everyone knows someone who’s got it. Monday, at a cookout, I met a girl who’s got it bad. Her prob right now is that since the US is outta contention, she can’t find the game on her tele. ESPN, ABC, & ESPN2 are still broadcasting games, but she couldn’t find them. I guess they’re just airing whichever games they want all sporadically. So, I told her how I watch it. Now, mind you, I don’t have ‘the fever’. If I’m dusting, vacuuming, or straightening up the living room, I do turn it on. I’m not glued to the set, but I’ll watch it for a few mins, then turn off the tv, & go onto whatever is next.

So, I told her to find her Telemundo channel, cause they’ll play the World Cup all day & all night, like it’s 1999. So, I’ve made a list.

Reasons to watch the World Cup on Telemundo versus the American sports channel:

1. No 5 sec delay.
What do they seriously think is gonna happen? Oh, wait, maybe it’s cause of all the streakers during the games. Ok, so maybe that’s why. Forget it then. But still, no 5 sec delay.
2. The commentators talk in Spanish.
Do you really need a play by play during the world cup? We don’t know the players names or anything. So you can clearly see the one dude passed it to the other, who bounced it off his head to some other guy who kicked it all sideways-like into the goal! Yeah! You can see all that, you don’t need someone explaining the obvious. BUT, it does sound cooler when they’re all talkin in Spanish all fast, & rollin ‘r’s, & what-not. I guess if you know Spanish, it may help; but I don’t & I totally enjoy watching it in Spanish anyway. It’s just plain, good clean fun.
3. You don’t have to check your tv guide to see what games are playing & when.
They’re always on, all the time. They barely even interrupt w/ the news. Screw the regularly scheduled programming, they’re (like the whole rest of the world) excited about the World Cup.

Now, I don’t really watch it, like I said before. But I do love seeing ppl all excited & passionate about stuff. They’re playing commercials in Europe about it, & U2 did a couple of the spots. Here’s what the Edge says in one: “…every 4 years in June, sick days increase 300 percent. And yet not one employee is fired. Not one doctor’s note is required. Not one important meeting is ruined. Because bosses are out sick, too.”

I think that’s just crazy. I mean, by 300%!?! That’s insane! But I do like crazy, & it’s totally insane in a really cool way. So, I just wanna say that I’m totally diggin all the ppl who are all ga-ga over da Cup.

more diversity rants…

I know I post stuff about diversity a lot. I also know that I don’t acknowledge positive moments. Like in Grey’s Anatomy, how they didn’t even go out trying to cast actors of various ethnicities, & it just happened. Things like that are very cool. But, yesterday, I got this email from my dear friend (y’all know her as Urban Cowgirl), & I feel compelled to post about it. She’s gettin hitched & so she’s been researching all kinds of ‘gettin hitched stuff’. You know what that ‘stuff’ is if you’ve ever been around the betrothed; if you don’t know what the ‘stuff’ is, just know it’s stressful & nerve-wracking for those who do need to concern themselves w/ it.

Anyway, here’s the email (I’ve replaced real names w/ the bracket-thingies, but that’s the only thing I altered):

So, [Urban Cowboy] and I are now researching wedding photography and I’m noticing a disturbing (well, I think it’s disturbing) trend…Most of the photographers have websites and post wedding portfolios on-line so you can see what kind of work they do, right. Well, I think it’s disturbing that I’ve researched at least 25 local photography companies and have only seen ONE black couple featured in a portfolio. I mean, they all seem to be pictures of girls that look like me or [other caucasian person] and there doesn’t seem to be much variety at all. Obviously, not all Cleveland brides are WASPs. AND, what’s more, there’s one photographer who advertises his Latino roots and yet his website features all Anglo-Saxon brides. It’s crazy and I think these people should put more consideration into this as they’re advertising their services on major websites like the or Weddings in Partially, I’m really disturbed by this trend because it’s not something I usually think of unless it’s truly, glaringly obvious, you know. I mean, I’m not oblivious or insensitive to diversity issues, I just don’t think about it an awful lot because I’m not often presented with situations TO consider it. Anyway, I just thought you would be interested in my recent observation.

See how well she knows me? Now, I’m completely disturbed by this as well. So, I wanted to post it so it’s a little more “out there” than just the two of us talking about it. Ya hear?

Oh, & esp the thing about the latino dude?!? What’s that all about? You’d think at least he’d have a more diverse portfolio. Esp w/ the sheer number of hispanic ppl living in Cleveland.

rare recap, American Idol finale

Ok, I’m not so good at these re-cap things, & so I usually don’t do them. Also, I’m lazy. BUT… There’s so much I have to say about American Idol, & I could only talk about it to one person today. The LIWW (Lady I work w/) isn’t in today, & the only other person here who watched it works in our mailroom. So, of course, I can’t really justify spending more than 30 mins talking to her about it. Esp. since she obviously was busy & had stuff to do. So, here I am.

The only word that fully sums up how I felt about American Idol last night was “excited”. There are so many other words I could use, but that one seems to fit best. So, are you ready to play? Take a drink everytime you read the word “excited”.

Ok, 1st off, how excited was I that Taylor won? How sweet was he?!?! Remember when Kelly won, & sang her single at the end of the finale the 1st year? And she was tearing up, & screeched out some of it b/c her voice couldn’t keep a note? When Taylor was singing off, he was getting the crowd hyped up. During this entire finale, he showed that he could work a crowd. And during his single to sign off the show, he told the crowd that he was livin the “American Dream”. I know that these kids get put through a pressure machine, but he made it through, & he’s stoked about it. And I’m really happy for him. Ok, enough about him.

And did’ja guys see the last Coke commercial? I can’t find it, but when I do, I’ll post it here. But it was simply a red background, & flashed 3 sentences (paraphrased):
“We’ll make this short”
“Drink Coke”
“Now tell us the winner, Seacrest!”

Now, on the rest of da show. About Katherine & Meatloaf:

1. What kind of name is “Meatloaf”? If I was a singer, & I went to pick a pseudonym or stage name, I would not pick Meatloaf. I would pick something more appealing. But maybe meatloaf is the most appealing thing he could think of at the time? Hmmm… I never thought of that. He was hopped up on a lot of drugs back in the 70s. Ok, I take it back, so Meatloaf can have his name.
2. What’s goin on w/ that red handkerchief he’s waving around like he’s Scarlett O’Hara? Is that were Steve Tyler & Shirley Manson got their handkerchief ideas from? Does anyone else still use the word handkerchief but me? You can take a drink for that too then.

Oh, & how excited (total understatement here, I completely lost my breath!) was I went Chris performed w/ LIVE!!! Those of you who went to school w/ me, do you remember how totally crazy I was about Ed Kowalczyk in college?! That was during Live’s height. I’ve seen them perform since then. The most recent time, I drove out to Pittsburgh to see them, & they are even better now than they ever were then. I’m totally not kidding. As a fan of music, & live shows, I really do think that Ed Kowalczyk & Live are probably the greatest performers I’ve seen live. No, I’m not kidding. I think it’s b/c they’re so relevant. He’ll do an old song (like from Mental Jewelry or something), & in the middle they’ll start jammin out & do lyrics from some recent hip-hop song to their music. He’s also so intelligent. I’ve seen a lot of bands, & most ppl would disagree w/ me about my thinking that “Live” is the best live performance I’ve seen. But don’t knock it til you try it. You won’t be sorry.

And is it wrong for me to say that I enjoyed Elliot’s performance w/ Mary better than her w/ U2? I mean, I love, love, love the U2 version of “One” (the live version better than the album). But the version that Mary does? ehh, not so much. It’s alright, but not as good as U2’s live version (or their album version). But, Elliot & Mary together? Loved it. And she looks better; she’s not dressing & doing her hair like an old matronly lady anymore. I swear, ever since she got married, you’d think she just turned 64 by the way she was presenting herself.

I did not really enjoy Taylor & Toni Braxton’s performance together. 1st, I couldn’t understand anything Toni was singing. And it seemed like she was trying so hard (too hard). I know there’s a huge audience (read: lots of disposable income candidates) watching, Toni, but I don’t think you sealed the deal there for yourself. I did like how comfortable Taylor looked doing a different genre of song though. He’s very versatile, that Taylor; a real Renaissance man!

And what was not exciting: the Clay-look-alike act. So, they invited the Clay-imposter to come onstage to do a song, & the real Clay comes out. Well, he’s a newer, trying not to be gayer, Clay. He’s got this spiffy new ‘do. And the fake-Clay just goes wild. I mean, he really loses it. So, now it’s just kinda pathetic, & I’m wondering to myself, if I was a gay man, I really don’t think I’d be attracted to Clay Aiken. I just don’t see it. Any gay men out there? Does anyone find Clay Aiken hot?!? Not just attractive, but drop-dead, like a “hot tamale”? You can say so as an anonymous person in the comments if you do.

Oh, & jeez-Louise! Did I flip out when I saw Prince come out!!!! Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. I guess no one was really expecting him. But how exciting was that. Yes, I will admit I let out a squeal. But seriously, who knew?!?!

Speaking of losing it… The Idol judges have now officially lost it. Here’s proof. And I’ve also noticed that they’re really wrapped up in themselves. During Tuesday night’s sing-off, you could see the judges off-stage just talking to each other, ignoring the singers. Not “talking” either, Paula & Simon were arguing, & she was smacking him (big surprise). Aren’t they there to listen to the singers? I mean, it’s not supposed to be “party-time” for them. They’re not supposed to get drunk there.

And lastly, the “Hoff” was there. One of my fave lines is “Don’t hassle the ‘Hoff”! Corny, yes. But please don’t tell me that you haven’t figured out by now that I’m super-corny. I’m kewl w/ it though. Anyway, the ‘Hoff lost it too; when Taylor was announced the winner, he cried! I couldn’t find a pic of that, but here’s another reaction shot. And for those of you who are questioning why the ‘Hoff is there, he was a guest judge on Australian Idol, & has been on American Idol before too.

UPDATE: I finally found video of it, so I’m replacing the pic w/ the video. Warning: I’ve never added video before, so I’m hoping this works. And it’s footage from Jay Leno. I am NOT (not, not, NOT) a fan of Jay, so I am in no way condoning his show. I am a hardcore Letterman-fan (not stalker-style, but…).

Barbara, Barbaro, & Taylor Hicks

This actually happened on Monday, but now it’s starting to annoy me. I came back to my office from lunch on Monday, & am asked if I heard the latest on Barbaro.

Moi: “huh? Barbara who?”
Lady I work w/ (LIWW): “No, Barbaro”
Me: “Who’s Barbaro? Is he a musician?” (I’m wondering how I can forget a name like Barbaro, I know it couldn’t have been an American Idol thing, cause that’s Taylor. BTW, “GO TAYLOR!!”)
LIWW: “No, Barbaro the horse”
Me: “What horse? What are you talking about?”
LIWW: “You know, the horse from the race, he had to go into surgery?”
*Now, it dawns on me.*
Me: “Oooh, thaaat horse. Yeah, I saw a picture of the bones, but I didn’t bother to read anything about it really”

That night, he was on World News Tonight (w/ Elizabeth Vargas, who my mom says is preggers). Yeah, you know what? I really don’t care. And to be frank wit cha, I didn’t realize all these other ppl cared so much for his well-being either.

Here’s the scenario, & you tell me if you see any inconsistencies in this train of thought. Let’s go out & create a ranch, hold animals that once roamed the Earth freely, & give them a strict structured life. We’ll keep them locked up in stables, “breed them” whenever (& w/ whomever) we see fit. They will be on a strict diet, have to “exercise” a certain amount everyday, have to run practice races (on a enclosed track), & basically not be able to just run around freely in a wide meadow/field w/ posies.

So, after all this, we’ll take them out for the public once a year. During that once-a-year public exhibition, they’ll run a race w/ some short guy weighing a-buck-ten on their back hitting them. If they win, we’ll give them a bunch of roses, which they probably don’t really care for. If they lose, they get to go out on a 2nd exhibition, where they are sold off to who-knows-who, who may or may not abuse the horse in order to get him to win the next race.

Now, this particular horse (who has led a life similar to the one mentioned above) ends up getting injured, & now everyone & their mother all of a sudden cares!!! Who cared about the horse’s quality of life before all this? If the horse is lucky, he may not fully recover, & get to retire early. I mean, I don’t want him to die or anything drastic. But he’s more than paid his dues, let him chill out, maybe meet himself a lil filly, & grow old w/ her. This pic is the place he’s at now, recovering. I hope he gets to chill here for a while, it looks pretty tranquil.

At least on American Idol, they chose to subject themselves to all public appearances & stuff. And they get to pick one of the three songs themselves. In closing, I’d like to say “GO TAYLOR!”.

haha, he said ‘crotchety’

This is how my parents feel about me:

Today’s Boondocks
You’ll prob have to click on it to enlarge so you can read it (unless I can figure out a way to fix it, which is highly unlikely).

da eye

Today’s Ben Sargent:

Vaughn, dead or alive?

OK, so an anon posted a comment that began w/:

if you haven’t noticed…jj abrams is going mad! i SAW vaughn die!!!

I started posting a comment in reply, but it ended up being super-long, so I’m just posting it here instead.

anon- Yeah, I saw Vaughn die too. But, you have to remember:
-that they have the whole cloning thing. Plus, Vaughn was a double-agent, & maybe it wasn’t really the real Vaughn that they shot 18 times.
-Plus, how does someone get shot that much, & still kinda “make it” enough to go to the hospital, not die right there on the spot. Here’s my thought on that: they extracted him after the car crash, afterwhich, they unleashed “clone Vaughn”, & he was the one they eventually killed.
-Or, the whole death was a hoax, so that they could have Vaughn not tell Syd the truth. Like, they could’ve injected something to make him “fake” die, but really come back to life after they extracted him from the hospital. Then, they kept him so that he couldn’t say anything.

Also, I think Michael Vaughn’s father, Bill Vaughn is still alive & working to take down “Prophet 5” which I think is still alive & kicking. I think it may even be bigger (“parent” company, if you will) of the Alliance. Or, maybe Bill Vaughn knew that his son’s life was in danger, so he injected him w/ the “fake death serum” so that he could save him. Maybe let him into his life now that he does know about Prophet-5.

This final theory does work for me b/c JJ Abrams loves to have historically fictional stories. I mean, 1st he has Rambaldi artifacts that really do exist, & he really did predict a lot of stuff. Then, character names like Renée Rousseau, or John Locke. And all the historical literature. So, he may have taken the fake death serum from Shakespeare’s “Romes & Jules”. Maybe that’s a stretch, but I don’t think so.

Also, I think both father & son Vaughns are still alive cause we thought that Iryna Derevko was dead (twice), & she’s most def is NOT!

Idle’s LOST

Thanks again Idle, for the LOST recap. I do enjoy that show, but I just watch it in tidbits. For some reason, I do get to see the meaningful looks, & I did see the oh-my-so incredibly sinister heeby-jeeby-giving slick-grin he gave when Locke asked if he punched in the numbers. I don’t know what that means though. The “pressing the buttons”, “punching the numbers”, whatever. So, I need that cleared up.

Yeah, I do watch Lost really weirdly. Like I said, if you added up all the minutes I’ve seen of all the episodes so far, it only adds upto a few hours. (From both seasons so far. Unless there’ve been 3 seasons, I lost track. haha “lost track” haha. Ok, I digress.) I have a weird attention span. I’ll watch a few mins, then if a story line that I don’t care about comes on, I’ll just leave the room. Then, I’ll start doing something else, & get involved in that. Eventually, I might walk past the living room & remember I was watching LOST, & sit down & watch some more. So, in a month, I’ve probably watched maybe an hour of the show combined. I am interested though, so I’m constantly asking LOST viewers to update me. Many (well, 2, my mom & my sis) now refuse to update me anymore. But it’s Idle to the rescue! Yea!

So, here’s what I think so far.
1–Rose & Berns are seriously having marital issues (that started on their honeymoon), & they need to split up. I like Rose. Bernie is a pain, I think they should trade him to “the others” to get back Michael & Walt. Tell them he’s really special in some magical way or something, & then let them deal w/ da pain in da b-u-t-t that he really is.
2—Rose should make a move for John Locke. They did have that meaningful glance on the beach. Well, maybe not. But at least leave Berns behind, & just be friends w/ Locke.
3—Yeah, I do agree about the “magic” of the island. (I wish I could send every single cancer patient there*). So, when that voo-doo-who-doo-dude** in Aussie said that her healing energy wasn’t there (Australia), but he didn’t know where it was. Well, it appears to be on d’isle. So, prepare for Locke to be healed in 1-2 weeks (instead of the 4).
and 4—If Jack & Kate hook up, I will be sooo pissed! JJ Abrams***, hear me now, DO NOT HOOK ‘EM UP!!!

PS to Idle: I did this whole post in Trebuet just for you!

*speaking of the tradegy that is cancer; my sis is involved w/ “relay for life”, & you can donate to the American Cancer Society through her Relay for Life homepage (tax-deducible, y’all!). It’s fun & you’ll feel great doing it!
**this reminds me of the “Voodoo Lady” song by Ween. I love that song.
***my sis also left me a voicemail yesterday saying that Vaughn was alive. So, maybe I’ll do an Alias recap if anyone wants.