the sunshine state?

More like the clouded-over state.

Don’t mean to be a negative & stuff, but I’ve mentioned before how Florida gets more days of thunderstorms every year than not.

And we know the ppl there aren’t exactly the brightest in the country. They’re the only state w/ that whole hanging chad problem. Plus, they decided as state that a guy called Jeb would be their best bet as Gov. Yes, folks, they elected this guy fair & square.

And y’all prob don’t know too much about their education system, but lemme tell you, it SU-CKS. First, school starts the 1st week of August. This messes up everyone’s vaca plans, b/c that’s when most of the fam across the nation is able to get together.

Anyway, so this past Monday morn, I was getting ready for work in the morn, & I was thinking of what a pain this whole having FL around is. And I came up w/ the GREATEST IDEA EVER! Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s def up there as one of my best ideas.

You know how ppl are always talking about how CA’s gonna fall off into the Pacific? Well, ppl have mentioned it before.

So, I was thinking about how CA gets a bad rap sometimes b/c of the air-heads/ditzes in LA. But it’s really not bad. I enjoy San Fran, the food, the shopping, the strolling, the weather, the food. And LA’s fun too, you get to go there & act all pretentious & uppity. So FUN! And the Roosevelt Hotel’s fun to stay at, & the the Getty museum‘s fun to visit. So, I was thinking how I like CA & about the San Andreas Fault & everything. And that’s when I came up w/ the GREAT IDEA!

What if there was some way to get FL to fall off into the ocean instead?

No, wait… hear me out on this one.

FL sucks, remember? We just discussed a couple of the ways in which it sucks; & I didn’t even mention jellyfish once. Oh, & the ppl there are old, so it’s just a matter of time before they’ll be gone anyway.

So, anyway, I’ve decided to come up w/ my own fake scientific proof on a major benefit to back my “let’s saw off FL” cause. Here’s a pic that NASA had put out during Hurricane Katrina (8/29/2005):NOW- by my own theories (w/ no scientific training whatsoever)*, I’ve come up w/ a modified version of this same pic:Do you see how w/out FL to contain the storm, it could very easily branch out into the Atlantic & dissipate? Ah HA! We wouldn’t have had all the destruction, we would still be living w/ a false sense of security that FEMA had our backs, & we wouldn’t have to live w/ the knowledge that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black ppl”.

The only possible dilemma I see, if we saw off FL, is the bug infestation. See, I’ve thought this out completely. Now, this is just a possibility, ppl. No need to get your panties in a bunch until we know for sure what’ll happen w/ all the Floridian bugs. We all know that there’s nothing but bugs, insects, locusts, blech all over FL. If we saw the state off, then there’s a few possibilities:
– they may just go off into the ocean.
– they may relocate to Cuba. We’re still at odds w/ the Castro regime, right?**
– OR- they may just die off since they used to live off of the FL environment, & it no longer exists.

*dude, I know what you’re thinking… If I can come up w/ these great plans w/ no scientific knowledge/training whatsoever, imagine if I actually knew anything about science at all! I’d totally be more genius-er than I am now!!

**seriously, I’m going to do a post tomorrow (I think) going into this a little. Bush can just be so ridiculous sometimes.

just checking in

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven’t been posting. Have been really busy, plus there’s just stuff going on in my life that I can’t talk about. I know, why even mention it, right?

Here’s what I can tell you. I just got back from the Getty Center/Museum, & it is A-MAZE-ZING!!! I can’t even tell you. Well, ok, maybe I can (& I will), but not now. I just got back to my room, & I’m just across the street from the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre & the Kodak Theatre (yes, where the Academy Awards are).

But I have to go. I’ll have more to write later. Just wanted to check in, & let you guys know I’m still alive. I didn’t die in the 5 hour plane ride on the way here. Wait, should I not have said that until I complete the 5 hour plane ride back home? Well, whatev happens, happens.

I’ll send out a post on Tues just to let y’all know I didn’t just jinx myself. (I hope).

the Shuttle

Ok, so by now, y’all know that the weather has delayed the shuttle launch til tomorrow. It was s’pposed to fly today at 3:49 pm, & they called it at 3:41 pm. If you’re in the ‘cockpit’ (or whatever they call it if it’s a shuttle), then that’s gotta be a major buzz-kill. I mean, all your internal systems are a go-go. Your adrenaline’s all hopped up, you’re super anxious; having trained for this moment for years.

That’s one thing. But here’s the other. The shuttle launches from the Kennedy Space Center in FL. I heard yesterday that out of the 365 days a year, FL has the most thunderstorms (over 250 a year). Why would they choose to spend millions (prob billions) of dollars to establish a NASA base in a place where they know they’re going to experience so many weather issues? And that’s just the thunderstorms; not the hurricanes, which could level the entire structure of the base to the ground.

Total sidenote: I live right next door to the NASA base here in Cleve. And I think it’s really cool that more astronauts have call OH their home state than any other state in the Union (including Armstrong, Glenn, & the dude from Apollo 13 who told Houston they had issues).

Ok, back to the topic. Here’s the whole reason for this post. There were 2 NASA officials who flat out said NOT to go on w/ this launch. Not b/c of the weather. But b/c of safety issues w/ the foam. I mean, don’t they remember the tragedy that just recently happened? The 2 ppl that said not to do this launch are the chief engineer & the chief safety officer. Um, if you didn’t want their opinion anyway, why’d ya ask?!? This happens constantly; ppl ask someone what they think & then do whatever they want anyway. But in this case, the ppl they asked were trained experts that they hired just to prevent a disaster (like Columbia) from happening again. Well, the ppl who voted to go on w/ the launch are the administration hot-shots, like the senior managers & such. It’s more important that NASA & the Space missions look like they’re progressing.

Who cares what the safety & engineer experts have to say, right?

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devil, planes, & ‘Morning Glory’

So, they’ve turned The Devil Wears Prada into a movie. At 1st, I was like, “huh? That wasn’t even a great book in the 1st place!? Why would they make a movie outta it?” So, I was wondering about this & though I was the only person who thought so. But I recently discovered that I wasn’t alone.

I had read this book back in the Spring/Summer of 2004, & in October of that year, I went to Texas for a week. When boarding the plane, you know how you go past 1st class (or business class, or whatever class-ism that airline is holding us all down w/) to get to your (or my, you may roll in more dough than me) seat. Well, in the “premier class” area, there was a woman (late 30s, nicely dressed in a cream outfit, it looked linen, but I don’t know if it was or not, don’t worry about how I even remember this stuff a year & a half later, but that’s me). Anyway, the woman was holding up & reading The Devil wears Prada, & was in the beginning of it. I had time to talk to her b/c the ppl in front of me were held up by the ppl in front of them putting carry-ons in the overhead compartment. So, here’s our mini-conversation:

Moi: “oh, I just read that book recently”
Woman: “really? Did you enjoi it?”
Me: “No, it wasn’t that great. I didn’t really care for it. You should read ‘blah’ instead”. [At the time, I had just read another book right after “devil…” but now I just don’t remember what it was. But I remember it was waaay better.]

Now, I was told shortly after this happened that it wasn’t very nice of me to tell some stranger that her book sucked & that she should read something else. Esp when she’s on a plane, can’t really go out to get the much-better book, & now is beginning a 3 & ½ hour flight, w/ possibly nothing else to read.

Well, it’s not my fault, she asked me a question & I answered it. Honestly. That’s just how I roll. [Oh, speaking of honesty, remind me to post about my car-shopping experience yesterday.] AND, not only that, but who am I to her anyway? She shouldn’t take what I say so seriously, it’s not like we’re close friends w/ all the same interests. Just b/c I didn’t like it, didn’t mean she wouldn’t. Obviously, enough ppl had to like it for a movie to get made.

Anyway, back to the point. So, at 1st, I was like, I don’t really want to see this movie. Even though I like Ann (Anne?) Hathaway & Meryl Streep. Then, I started thinking, well, maybe this is one of those movies that really shouldn’t have been a book in the 1st place, it may work as a movie. So, maybe I’ll see it when it comes out on video. Maybe not, I don’t know. How about this, if anyone out there sees it, let me know what y’all thought of it.

I mean, I prob should at least see it when it comes out on video. I saw le divorce on video, & that’s 2 hours (yes, TWO HOURS!) of my life I’ll never get back. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it was just a “little less than mediocre” movie. I’ve now forgotten the point of this whole post. Oh, I’ve decided to see what others say regarding the devil movie, & then decided if I’ll see it in the future. There.

In other news, they made a movie outta In Her Shoes. Now, I love (love, love, love) Jennifer Weiner. I love that she’s a Philadelphian, & has taken great pride in sharing specific places & events of the city of Philadelphia w/ her readers. But that was not her greatest book. I never did see the movie they made of In Her Shoes, so I’d appreciate feedback on that too. But I can’t imagine it’d be that great. Let me know if you’ve seen it.

HOWEVER, if you are female & if you’ve ever had “body”-issues (you know what they are if you’ve had them; if you don’t know what they are, that means you’ve never had them, & you can just stop reading); then you must read Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner. This book was absolutely amazing. It was well-written, entertaining, & really made you feel for the character. Go here & click on the link to read the 1st chapter.

Also, Jennifer Weiner mentioned this place call “Morning Glory” (I think that was the name of the place, I read the book at least 2 or 3 years ago). Anyway, the way she described it made me totally want to go there for breakfast/brunch! I’ve been to Philly at least 3 times since then, & I completely have talked about it, & begged to go there everytime. I’ll make it there sometime. Debbie, if you’re reading this, if you go there, could you tell me how it was, so maybe I could experience it vicariously through you?