snowed in

So, I’m kinda bummed. Was really excited about going to a pre-show party tonight for Red {an orchestra}. My good friend & I had gotten tics to this Cool Cleveland party before the show. It was an open bar w/ appetizers catered by another friend of ours (who owns Gypsy Beans & does the yummiest catering). So, we were pretty psyched* about it.

Red {an orchestra} was doing a night of movie music….


Red’s sixth season comes to an exciting conclusion with a concert featuring the music of film composer Bernard Herrmann, whose scores for classic films of Alfred Hitchcock–Vertigo, North By Northwest and Psycho–are unmatched in their distinctive style. His style as a film composer, keen psychological atmospheres made with simple means, was formed in his concert music. His early pieces in the manner of his idol, Arnold Schoenberg, matured as he worked in radio and then Hollywood, his ambition remaining high, even as his film music eclipsed all other efforts. In this unique program, film clips featuring Herrmann’s Hollywood music mingle with a suite from Psycho, and work from his time in the 1930s at CBS Radio. The highlight of the program is a group of excerpts from his unproduced opera, Wuthering Heights, perhaps the greatest unknown opera in the history of American music.

Sounds cool, huh? I KNOW! I was really looking forward to it, but just hoping now that they may reschedule. I mean, they’ve all been rehearsing for this show for a few weeks, I’m sure.

So, they were planning on doing a bunch of pieces that composer Bernard Herrmann did for Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, but they were going to do excerpts from an unproduced piece too?!?!?! Seriously?!

They HAVE to reschedule!

Oh, did I mention the reason everything’s cancelled? B/c of the winter storm. We were so ready to brave it. I went out there to my car. The snow drifts are 3 to 4 feet, I made it to the garage w/ the help of my trusty snow shovel. Then I opened the garage door……

Yeah, that wasn’t gonna happen. No way my Corolla’s makin it out of the garage. So, I call my girl to see what it’s like where she is, cause I can make it to the end of the street w/ my snow shovel. She gets outside, & makes it as far as the end of the street….

No more.

Dude, you’ve gotta give us credit for tryin though. So, we’re on the phone figuring out that this is just not gonna happen for us tonight, & go back into our respective homes. I get upstairs & turn on the news, & see that in some counties, the police are actually fining/ticketing ppl who are out on the street if it’s not an emergency!

*do ppl still say psyched?

the sunshine state?

More like the clouded-over state.

Don’t mean to be a negative & stuff, but I’ve mentioned before how Florida gets more days of thunderstorms every year than not.

And we know the ppl there aren’t exactly the brightest in the country. They’re the only state w/ that whole hanging chad problem. Plus, they decided as state that a guy called Jeb would be their best bet as Gov. Yes, folks, they elected this guy fair & square.

And y’all prob don’t know too much about their education system, but lemme tell you, it SU-CKS. First, school starts the 1st week of August. This messes up everyone’s vaca plans, b/c that’s when most of the fam across the nation is able to get together.

Anyway, so this past Monday morn, I was getting ready for work in the morn, & I was thinking of what a pain this whole having FL around is. And I came up w/ the GREATEST IDEA EVER! Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s def up there as one of my best ideas.

You know how ppl are always talking about how CA’s gonna fall off into the Pacific? Well, ppl have mentioned it before.

So, I was thinking about how CA gets a bad rap sometimes b/c of the air-heads/ditzes in LA. But it’s really not bad. I enjoy San Fran, the food, the shopping, the strolling, the weather, the food. And LA’s fun too, you get to go there & act all pretentious & uppity. So FUN! And the Roosevelt Hotel’s fun to stay at, & the the Getty museum‘s fun to visit. So, I was thinking how I like CA & about the San Andreas Fault & everything. And that’s when I came up w/ the GREAT IDEA!

What if there was some way to get FL to fall off into the ocean instead?

No, wait… hear me out on this one.

FL sucks, remember? We just discussed a couple of the ways in which it sucks; & I didn’t even mention jellyfish once. Oh, & the ppl there are old, so it’s just a matter of time before they’ll be gone anyway.

So, anyway, I’ve decided to come up w/ my own fake scientific proof on a major benefit to back my “let’s saw off FL” cause. Here’s a pic that NASA had put out during Hurricane Katrina (8/29/2005):NOW- by my own theories (w/ no scientific training whatsoever)*, I’ve come up w/ a modified version of this same pic:Do you see how w/out FL to contain the storm, it could very easily branch out into the Atlantic & dissipate? Ah HA! We wouldn’t have had all the destruction, we would still be living w/ a false sense of security that FEMA had our backs, & we wouldn’t have to live w/ the knowledge that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black ppl”.

The only possible dilemma I see, if we saw off FL, is the bug infestation. See, I’ve thought this out completely. Now, this is just a possibility, ppl. No need to get your panties in a bunch until we know for sure what’ll happen w/ all the Floridian bugs. We all know that there’s nothing but bugs, insects, locusts, blech all over FL. If we saw the state off, then there’s a few possibilities:
– they may just go off into the ocean.
– they may relocate to Cuba. We’re still at odds w/ the Castro regime, right?**
– OR- they may just die off since they used to live off of the FL environment, & it no longer exists.

*dude, I know what you’re thinking… If I can come up w/ these great plans w/ no scientific knowledge/training whatsoever, imagine if I actually knew anything about science at all! I’d totally be more genius-er than I am now!!

**seriously, I’m going to do a post tomorrow (I think) going into this a little. Bush can just be so ridiculous sometimes.

Ernesto, fun new toys, & my hair

Ok, so here’s the thing. I’ve got lots to tell. Today’s Friday, which means PhotoFriday, but I’ll just have to post a PhotoFriday pic sometime this weekend.

I got my new laptop. It’s cool, & new, & just the greatest thing EV-A. I love it. I haven’t named it yet, & am taking suggestions. I am leaning towards naming it a boy’s name. We name all nice things girls’ names, but not boy’s. Like ships, cars, all that stuff. So, I’m leaning towards a boy’s name. And we all remember how sexy a name I thought Ernesto was when that hurricane was comin round. Oh, wait, did I not share all that w/ y’all? Yeah, I just looked through my emails & saw that I didn’t. I’d just emailed my thoughts on the rainy season, & Ernesto w/ my girls. I’m not gonna post what everyone had to say about Ernesto here. Eh, what the hey, I might as well. Here’s what my girls had to say in response to one of my emails I sent around where, at the end I mention how sexy Ernesto sounds.

Now that I’m thinking about sexy Ernesto, I’ve forgotten about the cold and rain. Oh the things he could do to me. Excuse me for a bit. 😀 haha

Ernesto does sound sexy…Everytime I hear a newsperson say it (or everytime I read it) I think of a swarthy, dark, tall, handsome man with chocolate brown eyes and wavy black hair. Very Harlequin romance picture in my head. Unfortunately, like most sexy men, he will do a lot of damage. 🙂
–urban cowgirl

So, anyway, I want to name my laptop a boy’s name. Not Ernesto. Maybe something equally ‘cabana-boy’-like; def something exotic & unusual. Any thoughts? Keep in mind that he’s very powerful (my laptop, not Ernesto or any assorted cabana-boy). He’s got a hundred gig memory so I can store all my junk (ie pics, music, & videos), & a centrino duo processor. I have no idea what that’s for, but both of my sisters said I need it to do what I do, so it’s what I have now. So, again, we’re lookin for a name! Please help.

And, last night, I drove down to Akron with my dad & BOUGHT A CAR!!! Yes, a brand, spankin new car. A new car that’s currently sittin pretty in my driveway right now, b/c I can’t drive it until I go see Nikolina tomorrow & get it added onto my insurance. It’s black. BUT, it’s not just black. It’s black w/ teeny-tiny flecks/specks of blue & purple mixed into the black paint, so it looks really metallic & sharp! I love it! It’s a 2007 Corolla LE, & it’s got a 6-disc changer.

Do I need a 6-disc changer? No. I really don’t. I explained to the car-dude that what I really need is a single disc player that plays both audio cds & mp3 cds. But he said that’s just not available on my car model. Whatev. I’ll deal w/ what I’ve got.

And, even more NEWS!!! I’m going rock-climbing in AZ for my beautiful, cute little (well, she’s not so little anymore really) niece’s birthday. I can’t wait to go! I leave next week & will be there for a week. Ok, more later. Can I just say that I’m really very excited about everything.

Oh, & there’s some mediocre news too…
I got my hairs all cut last weekend. I went in & asked for just an inch off at most. I told the chickee that I wanted to keep my length, but I really the split ends cut off. And I wasn’t delusional, I knew I had split ends that needed to go. I missed a hair cut appointment entirely in b/t now & my last cut. PLUS, I’d done some serious damage to my hair by straightening it during this really humid summer. So, I told her to do what she had to, but no more than an inch off the length. Well, she cut it, it looked a little short, but I thought it was just me not being used to having my hair cut. I just had it pulled back after b/c I was going straight to go work out & shower after that. After all that, I let my hair down. And was shocked. SHOCKED! I showed my sister (who’s visiting home from school), & she confirmed that the chickee had to have taken at least 2 or 3 inches off.

I was pretty pissed. I’m still a little irratated. I mean, it still looks cute. (Seriously, I don’t know how, w/ a face like this, any hair wouldn’t look cute). But I was pissed that I was told one thing & something else was done. You know? I don’t like being lied to. I feel betrayed. It wouldn’t be so bad if I knew what was gonna happen.

You know, it’s like when you eat something salty when you’re expecting something sweet. Or, a few weekends ago, me & my 2 sisters went to Trader Joe’s & I found a bag of the salted pb-filled pretzel nuggets I love. They’re usually out, but someone had picked up a bag, & then dropped it off in the frozen food aisle cause they prob decided against it. So, in the car, on the way to our next shopping destination, I asked my sis to open the bag of pretzels so we could have some. She put one in her mouth, & was grossed out cause there was something gooey inside. She didn’t know they were filled w/ pb. It’s like that.

Anyway, my hair was like that. If I knew she was going to cut off that much, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much. Just let me know.


oooouuu, ominous!
This pic was taken by Joshua Gunter for The Plain Dealer. This is what Cleveland looked like last night from Edgewater Park, as the storm came a rollin in. I just wanted to share cause the pic looks awesome. That’s the skyline of Cleveland there in the bottom right, & you can see the line of clear sky in the background as the storm clouds just engulf the city. What an incredible shot!! I would love to take pics like this. It looks like Armageddon or something. But no worries, it wasn’t really that bad of a storm. It’s one of those things; like a really mean lookin dog, who’s really sweet.

what a diff a day makes

OK, yesterday morn here in Cleveland, the sky was pitch black. Huge thunderstorm, raindrops the size of my fist! No, I’m not exaggerating. So, maybe my fists aren’t that huge, but that’s still a big raindrop. In the morning, I was making my coffee in the kitchen & I look out the kit window. The sun is coming up, the sky is bright, & the rays are shining down. Then, I walk out to the living room, & look out the window there. Pitch black, dark gray clouds rolling in. Very eerie. Cool, but eerie.

Then, in the afternoon, the skies opened up. The clouds drifted away. Pure sunshine. So bright it hurt your eyes. All over the ground were tree limbs that just weren’t strong enough to make it through the day. It was still windy out, but bright & windy. Sunny & 67 degrees for the rest of the daylight hours. 67 & SUNNY!!!

Well, this morning I woke up to 30 degrees & snow. Still windy, so the snow’s now coming at me sideways. As I drove up toward the lake (I work North of where I live), the snowflakes grew in size. At first, they were these teeny-tiny little specks coming at me super-fast. Going up 71, they got to the size of a half-dollar, & were now more fluttering around as my windshield hit them head-on. They stuck onto my windshield glass & melted away into nothing-ness. Oh, & they were so white & clean & fresh & new. Then, they were gone.

Well, now I’m told that near where I live, the snow’s coming down; an inch an hour. I was told we’re going to get 3 to 7 inches today. Here’s what the winter storm advisory online (below). Wild, huh?

The national weather service in cleveland has issued a lake effect snow advisory…which is in effect until 7 am est wednesday.

A wind advisory remains in effect until 6 pm est this afternoon.

Expect winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts at times of 45 to 50 mph to continue through this afternoon. the winds will slowly diminish through this evening and tonight.

Motorists in high profile vehicles should use caution until the winds subside.