“It’s not racist!” – Except for, it totally IS racist!

Happy Opening Day, Cleveland!

Thank you for reminding the country of how racist we can be, but it’s so instilled, that we don’t even see it as racism! Case in point, this happened today:

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Since I just am so tired of trying to explain how this is racist, I’m linking to the Cleveland Scene article they wrote on it.

“It’s Not Racist!” And Other Responses to Wahoo Protesters at Home Opener

And here’s a shirt I saw at Kohl’s while shopping (below, from my own instagram). I found this shirt so disgustingly offensive, I had to share it. This made me stop, and walk around the ENTIRE kids’ section, just looking for a shirt without the Chief Wahoo on it. NOT A ONE. I was in the kids’ section. So, this is to instill this same brand of racism into the next generation. I don’t think I feel comfortable shopping at Kohl’s anymore.

hello… glass house anyone?

Oh, you tough football boys crack me UP! Thanks for this, though. I did need a laugh today.

I mean, whatev, maybe they are piping in extraneous noise. I just really don’t think the Pats are in any position to point fingers at any other team right now. Sorry, kids, but you kinda forfeited that right when y’all went shady.

Not that all the football teams aren’t being shady. Cause they’re all pulling something. They are guys, after all.

Now I’ve gotta stay up late to see what Dave’s gonna say about this. Cause Dave films his show around 4-ish, & the story’s out already, & the Colts are his team.

*click on the pic to go to the story. Oh, & ProFootballTalk.com has audio of it.

UPDATE: Dave’s in reruns this week due to the Writer’s Strike. So, I’ll be in bed by 9:30 pm (since I only got about 4 &#189 hours last night).

i ain’t mad at cha

It’s ok, Bron-Bron.

Betta late than neva, eh?


I’d like to just post the pic below that I’ve painted on & be done w/ it. But of course, I can’t. I have to say a lil sumptin-sumptin here. B/c I’m not one of those ppl who think that dude can’t support whoever he wants. He can.

HOWEVER, he CANNOT be disrespectful to the town that pays him. He’s OUR bitch, so to say. Cleveland welcomed him here from the ‘Kron, & Cleveland all donned “Witness” shirts. Um, remember the humongo poster on Ontario? Dude, you had everyone calling you “King James”.

Cleveland showed you some respect.

I couldn’t care less who you like. I don’t care what sports team, religion, or political party you support. We get it, we know you’re a bandwagon junkie, w/ your Bulls & Cowboys & Yanks. I don’t care about that.

I do care that you have everything to gain if any part of Cleveland does well. I was once a little surprised at what a good business-head you had on your shoulders. This is not a good business decision. You are a Cleveland icon; the Yankees cap is a huge logo, & we all know how much Clevelanders hate the Yankees.

You shouldn’t have worn the cap, you should’ta held it over your head, & you shouldn’ta gone on national television supporting the Yankees. You shoulda just came to the game in whatever normal clothes you wanted to wear (no logos) & just cheered for the Yanks if you wanted. Although, there really wasn’t much opportunity to do so last night, eh?

You were always a lil cocky, L. But I think you pushed it too far. You’re testing your city. Bottom line is that this isn’t a good business decision.

Here’s what you gotta do: Meet Braylon Edwards. Bray-boy went to Michigan, everyone knows that. He plays for our Brownies. So, at a Browns game, when the crowd started up the Ohio State “O-H-I-O” chant, he put his hands up & did it too.

“I was definitely doing it. This is Ohio. This is my residence. This is where I play football. This is where I earn my paycheck. This is the city I’ve adopted and the one that has adopted me. I don’t mind doing O-H-I-O. I don’t believe it just pertains to Ohio State.
Cleveland … is in Ohio.”

– Braylon Edwards

Are you ready for some football?

So, the ppl who know me best, know that I’m such a hardcore football patron. Heeheehee. Ok, so that’s totally not true. But it was funny.

But every now & then, I do have football comments. Now, I think “real hardcore football ppl” should really NOT read my football posts. B/c in all seriousness, it’ll prob just piss you off that someone who knows absolutely nothing about a subject is posting as if she does. So, that’s my disclaimer. Don’t come bitchin to me when you get mad if you keep reading.

Ok, now for the actual post…

So, yahoo is always putting up certain “featured articles” on my home page that they think the mass Yahooing public might find interesting. They actually posted this about a week & a half ago, but what can I say, I’ve been busy.

The article was about the possible trade of Randy Moss. Now, most ppl I know would know that normally I don’t even know the names of football players (well, except Eagles players, b/c my bf talks about them). But I do know Moss well. How do I know him? Well, that’s not important, is it? Fine, fine, I’ll tell ya. I know Randy Moss b/c they mentioned him in an OutKast song. So, whatever, maybe I exaggerated when I said I knew him “well”.

So anyway, I know Randy Moss plays for someplace warm. I’m not exactly sure where, but it’s def someplace warm. And they’re thinking of trading him to New England. Or, maybe New England wants him & want to trade someone for him. Either way, I know New England is in the NE somewhere & is cold.

Now, in my football expertise-opine, I think that this trade wouldn’t work simply b/c Randy used to play for someplace cold, & he went to someplace warm. I’m pretty sure it was b/c his fingers were too cold up there. Football players can’t really wear gloves when they’re playing b/c, you know, they have to like grip the ball & stuff.

Therefore, this trade will not happen. That’s all. Stay tuned for my ‘fantasy football’ post coming up!