Melanin in the sun

Well, I know I’m supposed to post on the OSU commencement ceremony that I went to, but there are no words to really describe it. I may post in detail about it (most likely) in a couple of weeks when it all sinks in. It was such an exciting day. Our fam’s “best girl” graduated & it was just very, very exciting.

We got there hours in advance so that we would get good seats. There were 7 of us, & we ended up in 5th row seats to see Bill Clinton speak. We would’ve been closer if there weren’t as many of us. But it was just perfect. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see former Prez. Clinton speak. He’s just an amazing man. You can actually see the entire commencement ceremony streaming online (isn’t the internet GREAT!). You can fast forward to his speech, or watch the whole sha-bang. Whatev. No pressure. I will post on the ceremony itself & Clinton in the coming weeks, I promise.

We were in the sun for about 7 hours & I ended up sunburnt (along with my dad). I had put on sunscreen, but my nose sweats, & so the sunscreen on my nosey-nose sweated off, & now I look kinda like Rudolph. The tops of my cheeks are a lil pink too. Mr. T has been teasing me about it since he saw me Sunday night, but it’s all good.

So, I’m gonna leave you with a real conversation b/t me & my pops:

me: Pappa, here, put on some sunscreen before we go. We have to leave now. C’mon.
my dad: What?! No, we’re Indian. Indian ppl don’t need to wear that stuff, we don’t get sunburnt. You guys are such drama queens. [he does love calling us drama queens; I think he got that from my mom]
me: No, I’m serious. Do you want to get skin cancer? HUH? Is that what you want!?
my dad: Whatever. [he got that from me]
my sister: No, dad, she’s serious. We may not get sunburned in the traditional sense, or as much b/c we have more melanin. But we should still be careful.
my dad: Whatever. [again]

Fast forward about 8 hours, we come back to my sister’s apt. My nose is bright red & burnt, my cheeks are just slightly so. My DAD, on the other hand, is really burnt. Like, to a crisp. No, I’m not exaggerating. Do you think he’ll wear sunscreen next time? Eh.

UPDATE: Oh, & I forgot to mention that I “called-in sunburned” on Monday b/c of this. It’s just like calling-in sick; only you’re sunburnt instead.


Ok, so I was told earlier this week at work that our offices will be closed this coming Monday. My boss will still be coming into work, but that’s different (he’s just very dedicated). Well, I just went down to the kitchen to get my sammich outta the fridge; & I was talking to a colleague who was already in there. He said that it turns out that we’re going to be open on Monday after all. I told him that I wasn’t hearing what he’s gotta say, & that I want no part of his heresy.

I also decided that I need to be pro-active b/c I really NEED this day off. So, I’m changing my voicemail:

“Hello, I’m unavailable to take your call right now; please leave a message & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” [this won’t be until Tues, but there’s no reason to get into that]. “Please do not try to find me, I will get back to you when I am able. Also, do not go to any parks/beaches looking for me. Or Great Northern Mall, or Crocker Park; as I will not be there either. Oh, & don’t stop by my house in the early morn b/c I’m not there sleeping in since I don’t have to go to work.”

Think it’ll work?
~fingers crossed~

My life as a 12-year old girl

Today’s post is actually 2 separate installments of my real-life conversations. One actually happened during the month of January, & the other yesterday. While I consider myself extremely intelligent, sometimes I realize I come off as a 12-year old girl. The following are examples of these circumstances.

In January, my parents decided to leave us visit India for a month. Yes, they took off for a month-long vacation to India. During this time, I took over their guardian role for my teenage brother. He’s in high school, so I took him to a college day thing, & I was in charge of cooking dinner, making sure he ate*, did homework, & also the fun job of chauffeuring him to & fro his important high school activities. On one such occasion, I was to pick him up from a group study session (or group project, or something):

[I pull up & he comes out of the building. As he approaches the car, a Justin Timberlake song comes on the radio.]
Me: Ooouuu, you lucked out! This JT song just began.
Him: Uh, I don’t like Justin Timberlake.
Me: Oh, so maybe you’re not so lucky. [as I proceed to turn the volume up.]

At work yesterday, this woman called me & gave me her address so that I can send her something. She lives in Arlington, VA; right next to the nation’s capitol.

Me: so that’s xxx Garfield Street? Garfield, as in the cat?
Her: uhhh….
Me: [light bulb going off]Um, I guess that’s probably Garfield, as in the president, huh? [realizing that a street named Garfield next to the nation’s capitol is named after a former prezzie, not a kitty.]
Her: Yeah, it’s Garfield like the president.

yo-yo-yo, I’m back, yo.

What up, all my ppls! I’m totally relaxed now. I am mostly moved into my new place; it’s completely grand like you wouldn’t believe. I love, love, LOVE it. I am lovin life right now.

I don’t really get into when ppl spell love, ‘luv’. What’s that all about? I don’t think I ever went through a phase when I did that.

But I am so incredibly happy. I am well rested. I had the day off yesterday, & relaxed, & worked hard, & then relaxed some mo’. I came into work this morn & my boss was like, “How was your day off?”. And my reply was some of what I said above, & then I said:
“I feel like I am ready to battle elephants”

To which he just laughed. Then I realized that I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I might actually be ready to battle elephants, so I added:
“Not that I want to battle elephants, b/c I don’t.”

So, I don’t think anyone’s gonna put me on elephant-battlin duty today. phew. That was a close call. Lesson: You really gotta watch what you say in life, or ppl might take you up on it.

me & my pops talking about balance in nature

I’m starting a new segment on this blog. It’s gonna be called “Real Conversations in my Life”. I’m gonna post real, raw things that are said in my life. I’m gonna start off w/ something my dad & I talked about tonight. Um, I call my dad “pappa”.

Pappa: “In life, everyone should have a diff nature. Everyone has different specialties.”

me: “Like oncologists, for cancer, right? And other doctors for other stuff.”

Pappa: “This is the balance of life, the balance of nature. You need balance in life.”…”Look at your mom & me: I make the money & she spends it. We balance each other well.”

what’s on your lap?

Hi y’all. Miss me? I know I’ve been gone for a while; just had a lot going on, & couldn’t really write about any of it. It’s funny, out of all my friends, there’s two of us who’ve started blog-sites. And both of us are the most reclusive ppl you’ll ever meet. The other one used to post a bunch, but now it’s once a month or so. I’ll be posting more now. Well, not now-now, but soon. And remember last December, when I only posted once during the whole entire month? Well, that prob won’t happen this year. I am just so super-busy in the fall/winter season, so I was totally ambushed, & didn’t have a really good internet connection, so I just didn’t post that much.

But, I’m waiting for a call… You see, I just BOUGHT A NEW LAPTOP!!!! I am just so bouncing off the walls about this. It’s super-cool, & has a dvd-burner, so I can make my OWN MOOOO-VIES.* Yes, you heard me right. My OWN movies, made by ME! Cool, huh? I KNOW! Oh, man, I absolutely cannot wait!!!

So, anyway, I’m waiting for my laptop to call me. You see, the store didn’t have any in stock of the puppy I wanted, so I had to special order it. And it’s gonna call me when it’s here & ready to be picked up. Just like having a kid, I think. I’m gonna consider this my training. I can’t believe how crazy I’m going waiting for it to call! I suspect it’ll be the same when my kid’s in high school at some punk’s house for a bonfire party, & I’m sitting at home waitin for the call to finally go pick him/her up. It’s prob gonna feel exactly the same as this anxiousness.

*um, it occurs to me that I always say mooo-vies, but most ppl don’t really know why I say it that way. (I do say a lot of things differently). So, I’m gonna let y’all in on exactly how corny I am. My nephew went through a phase where he would make up just a TON of jokes. It all started with this one joke:
Q: Why did the cow cross the road?
A: To get to the mooo-vies. Get it? Mooooooo-vies? Get it? Get it? Mooooooooo-vies!

You see, you have to add the “get it?, get it?” to the end. Well, it only escalated from there. Next thing you knew, if we were talking about our sister, lilies, he would be like:
“Why did lilies cross the road?”
“To get to the mooo-vies. Get it? Mooooooo-vies? Get it? Get it? Mooooooooo-vies!”

Then, we may be talking about what the kids want to eat for lunch & someone will say ‘chicken nuggets’, & next thing you know, you’re hearing his cutie lil voice question:
“Why did the chicken nuggets cross the road?”
“To get to the mooo-vies. Get it? Mooooooo-vies? Get it? Get it? Mooooooooo-vies!”

So, ever since then, regular movies have failed to exist, & it’s always been mooooo-vies.

more diversity rants…

I know I post stuff about diversity a lot. I also know that I don’t acknowledge positive moments. Like in Grey’s Anatomy, how they didn’t even go out trying to cast actors of various ethnicities, & it just happened. Things like that are very cool. But, yesterday, I got this email from my dear friend (y’all know her as Urban Cowgirl), & I feel compelled to post about it. She’s gettin hitched & so she’s been researching all kinds of ‘gettin hitched stuff’. You know what that ‘stuff’ is if you’ve ever been around the betrothed; if you don’t know what the ‘stuff’ is, just know it’s stressful & nerve-wracking for those who do need to concern themselves w/ it.

Anyway, here’s the email (I’ve replaced real names w/ the bracket-thingies, but that’s the only thing I altered):

So, [Urban Cowboy] and I are now researching wedding photography and I’m noticing a disturbing (well, I think it’s disturbing) trend…Most of the photographers have websites and post wedding portfolios on-line so you can see what kind of work they do, right. Well, I think it’s disturbing that I’ve researched at least 25 local photography companies and have only seen ONE black couple featured in a portfolio. I mean, they all seem to be pictures of girls that look like me or [other caucasian person] and there doesn’t seem to be much variety at all. Obviously, not all Cleveland brides are WASPs. AND, what’s more, there’s one photographer who advertises his Latino roots and yet his website features all Anglo-Saxon brides. It’s crazy and I think these people should put more consideration into this as they’re advertising their services on major websites like the or Weddings in Partially, I’m really disturbed by this trend because it’s not something I usually think of unless it’s truly, glaringly obvious, you know. I mean, I’m not oblivious or insensitive to diversity issues, I just don’t think about it an awful lot because I’m not often presented with situations TO consider it. Anyway, I just thought you would be interested in my recent observation.

See how well she knows me? Now, I’m completely disturbed by this as well. So, I wanted to post it so it’s a little more “out there” than just the two of us talking about it. Ya hear?

Oh, & esp the thing about the latino dude?!? What’s that all about? You’d think at least he’d have a more diverse portfolio. Esp w/ the sheer number of hispanic ppl living in Cleveland.


oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. just WAIT til my mom hears about this. I need to call her RIGHT NOW!!! This is what I just saw:

And I can’t believe my eyes. Ok, normally I don’t write about celeb gossip. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m above it or anything crazy like that. I just read about it (all the time). And my fave place to read about it is at Chelsea’s Mama’s blog. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click on “CUZ” in my sidebar. She thinks like I do, & even puts in the heehee’s in the exact right places, where someone (ok, me) would snicker or laugh out. I read it everyday.

But, all this time, I swore up & down that Seacrest is gay. (not that there’s anything wrong w/ that). I swear he was! I can’t believe he’s straight!

Oh, wait, I’ve had a min for this to sink in. It’s gotta be a publicity stunt. No man is that comfortable getting a mani/pedi, & not gay. I’m gonna try to scan in pics of what I’m talking about, but they were in one of the 2 Oscar issues of People recently. That’s it for now, I’m going back to leaving the celeb postings to the pros. 😉

update: I talked to my mom, & she said it’s ok if he’s straight & I shouldn’t be so crazy about this news. She also said (she’s a bit of an Idol-head) that there’s some “big news” w/ Paula, but neither of us knows what. If you know, could’ja tell me please?