PhotoFriday: destruction

Viewer discretion advised!!! Please re-direct yourself to another site if you cannot handle extreme pics of car-crashes.

This is a pic of the destruction that was left behind from a major car pile-up accident that happened IN my living room last summer. Yes, folks, actually happened in my living room. I watched it all happen before mine very eyes. It was absolutely horrendous.

But let this serve as a warning to you all. This is what happens when ppl are talking on the phone, trying to turn up the radio, do the crossword puzzle, AND digging in their bag for their pretend microphone so they can sing along to the awesome song that’s on. Oh, you mean you don’t keep a pretend microphone in your car? It’s just me? Er, I mean, I don’t have one either. I’ve just heard. Yeah, that’s it.

But you guys do keep an extra water gun in your car for when ppl annoy you, or if you get bored & wanna do a “water drive-by”, right? Oh, well … me neither then.

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PhotoFriday #12: anger

This is what you get when you’re trying to take a pic, & the person doesn’t want it taken.

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PhotoFriday #10: bright

Hey guys. So, I’m incredibly super-busy. I have lots to say, but no time. Plus, I still haven’t posted my PhotoFriday submission. So, here’s my submission for ‘bright’. It was taken at Niagara Falls this past Memorial Day weekend. It was taken in ‘Night’ mode, w/ a slower than normal shutter speed.

I think it looks pretty sweet.
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Oh, & btw, I name all my submissions, & I don’t think I ever tell you guys what they’re called. This one, I call “brght nght lght”. Cool, huh? Yeah, I know.

PhotoFriday #9: boy

As many of you know, I am an aunt. I make a super-great aunt at that. I love all my nieces & nephews; & I love them all equally. No, really, I do. You know how sometimes you get mad at a fam member? Well, I still love my kids. They shouldn’t have to suffer, or feel neglected just b/c you’re mad at their mom or dad. I adore them, really.

I guess I really feel this way about almost all children. Except the punks; I wanna smack them upside the head, & their little ‘rents too cause they didn’t do a good job raising them. But I do feel a connection to all kids. Like once I was at the library, & I saw this (middle-aged, creepy) guy approach a little (about 5 year old) kid. I knew the guy wasn’t related, so I just hung around the area so he wouldn’t try to get too close to the kid (who was just playing in the kids section by himself). The children’s section librarian saw me standing there & gave me a questioning look to see if I needed any help, & I motioned toward the creepy-guy. She went up to the kid, & asked him where his mom was, & then took his hand & went off to find her together. So, I felt like I could leave then. I also get mad when I see lil kids in cars w/ no car-seat, or older (but still lil) kids in the front seat w/ no seat belt. Aaauuugghhh! :shakes fist at parents allowing this:

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. As you all know by now, I’m pretty protective of puttin up personal/private pics up here online for all the internets to see. BUT, I remembered that I had a pic of 2 of my nephews goofing off when we went for a walk one day. I was watching these two lil cuties that day, & man, were they itching to go out. I did let them go on the jungle gym & swings for a little bit, but it was hot, & I was too scared that they’d get all dehydrated. I’m a huge scaredy-cat, really.

So, it got to be late-afternoon, & it was cooling off, & not as humid, so the boys jumped at the chance of gettin to go out of the house. We went for a walk, but I told them they had to wear their hats to shield/protect them from a sun just a lil. See? I told you, I’m just so paranoid & scared of so much stuff.

So, they were like; “You want us to wear our hats? How about like this, is this all right? Can we wear them like this?” All while giggling & being silly. They’re so cute. Of course, I was like; “[gasp], OH NO, you’re gonna trip & fall, you two are scaring me, you have to watch where you’re going”. So, of course they stopped goofing off, & wore them on there heads after. But they are so cute. Oh, & they fit this week’s PhotoFriday category: “boy”. Here’s the pic I snapped of them:You can see other boys by clicking here to see everyone else’s PhotoFriday submission. Have a great Friday, y’all!!!

PhotoFriday #8: silver

Ok, so last Friday’s (I know I’m really late, I’m sorry, but betta late than never, eh?) PhotoFriday thingie was “Silver”. Well, as my ppl know, I love me some Frank Gehry. When I was in school, I had a huge 3’ x 2’ pic of the Guggenheim he’d just completed (in Bilboa, Spain) hanging over my desk. I know squat about Geography. I have a nephew in the Southwest who’ll prob be my phone-a-friend if I get a geo ques on ‘Millionaire’ & he’s, um, 6. If it weren’t for Frank Gehry, I wouldn’t even know where Bilboa, Spain was.

Anyway, a few years back I was actually able to see Mr. Gehry when he came here to MOCA, & there was this huge showing of his work, & models that he’d created that were never actually built. He’s just the most amazing & fascinating mind, I think. You can really get lost in his stuff.

Sooo, that brings us to my PhotoFriday pic. I was totally gonna take this pic last Friday & post it (I swear!). But, it was all drizzly/rainy, & so I just didn’t want to. I did go over to this building after work yesterday. It’s the Peter B. Lewis building, home of the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. And it was designed by Mr. Gehry. So, here’s my Photo-Friday submission for (sorry, again) last Friday:

PhotoFriday #7: circle

I do love circles. Here’s one of my fave types of circles:mmmmm, moist delicious cake!!! There have been times that I’ve puréed up some fresh strawberries, & folded that into the whipped cream to use to frost the cake; or added in bananas. This one is just plain whipped cream, sliced up fresh strawberries, & chocolate syrup. It would’ve had bananas too, but we ran out.

Next week, I’m making one of my famous creations; I’ll post a pic of that cake after.

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PhotoFriday #6: friend

This week’s PhotoFriday challenge is ‘friend’. I have just a million pics that would fit this theme; however, none that I really feel comfortable posting online for all the yahoos to see. Not you guys, the yahoos who find my site by doing searches such as ‘best stripper’ or ‘wife milk husband’ (wha?!).

So, I finally decided that I would post one of my fave pics of me & my girls. This pic was taken about 5 years ago! This was before my relationship w/ my digicam started, & therefore is a scanned in actual photograph. Just like they did in the olden days. “Ooooouuuu”. I know you just said that in your head.

Anyway, I (obviously) was still too chicken to post the clear pic, & I ‘sandstormed’ it instead. But I still think it looks cool.

This was at one of my fave spots to go dancin at; it was called Touch, & they used to play the best music downstairs. We had put the camera on the floor & on automatic timer to get this shot.To me, there are very few things more fun than going out dancin w/ your girls & having them play awesome music all night. Oh, & I’ve decided to call this “cirque d’amies”.

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PhotoFriday #5: four

I don’t think this one needs any explanation. But I just would like you to know that this was photographed at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. I go for a walk everyday during my lunch break, & I took my cam w/ me today looking for a four-some. I’m going to go visit the Garden on Monday; & am pretty excited about it.

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PhotoFriday # 4: private

This pic was actually not taken by me. It was taken in late June 2005 by my (then) 4-yr old nephew, while he was visiting. But I thought it fit cause not too many ppl are allowed to be this close to me.And no, I wasn’t expecting him to take a pic. And yes, it did blind me momentarily. I know these last few PhotoFridays have been a little sucky, but I’ll do better. I just haven’t had much time, & so I’m just trying to find something that fits.

I haven’t posted in a while cause I’ve actually been away for the last few days. And of course, before you go away somewhere, you’re running around preparing to go away. But I’m back now. Have a TON of stuff to catch up on, but back.

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PhotoFriday #3: portrait

This week’s PhotoFriday challenge was “Portrait”. I have a few self-portraits I’ve done that I’m especially proud of, but alas, I’m not really feeling like sharing them w/ the world just yet. I will someday though. So, I was looking through what I can post for y’all from what I’ve already taken that is not of a person.

My 1st instinct was to take a picture of the construction workers that are sweating & toiling, & creating form & function out of raw materials that they are also hauling onto the site. Did I mention that they are also doing this in what will be a high of mid-90s today? W/ a heat index well over that. For the last few months, I have been so worried about these men & women out there. Worried that they are dehydrated & over-exerting themselves. Is it any of my business? No. Are they being well compensated for creating these amazing forms? Yes. So, w/ all that in mind, even though I think that construction workers are doing incredible things; I cannot bring myself to photograph their struggle throughout this hot/humid day & just post it for the world to see. I am not ready to post photos of real ppl, w/ real lives on this page. B/c I don’t feel it’s right, esp when I don’t really post a real photo of myself.*

So, I was thinking of what to put up, & I remembered the babies. These babies (click on pic to see enlarged version):
Last May (2005), my nephews found a birds’ nest in their jungle gym thingie. They were so concerned about these baby chickies, & checked up on them daily. When I talked to them on the phone, I heard all about them. Then, when I went to visit them, of course I was led outside to see the babies.

So, I’m sharing them w/ you. In that pic, they are very hungry & awaiting mamma to return w/ the goods. The goods being worms & bugs, of course. 😉

I love how they’re all just reaching up & above towards the sky. They’re all stretched & waiting for nourishment.

Here’s a couple other shots of the babies. The 1st is a profile & the 2nd is looking down on them from above. You can click on either to enlarge, of course.

*I say ‘real photo’ b/c I did post a pic of me in that profile thingie, but it’s only like a third of my face, so I’m still partially hidden.

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