Person of the Week: Jason McElwain

I saw this old footage of Jason McElwain, an autistic high schooler who had a love of basketball.

“I just caught fire. I was hot as a pistol.”

I had to share it, so I went to YouTube, and found this. Another video about J-Mac, a story about him 5 years later. Of course I had to share both. I’m so proud of this boy-turned-young man!

President Obama’s Acceptance Speech 2012

I was a little sad on Wednesday. Simply b/c of cretins that were being mean to others, loved ones. There was so much anger spewing around on fb, & I allowed myself to be upset by it. But I shouldn’t. I worked hard on the campaign to help President Obama get re-elected. SO, I’m going to celebrate America coming out in huge #s to select the right man! Here is the acceptance speech.

Transcript of speech after the jump.
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Mr. Sanders

I recently met a man named Mr. Sanders.
Mr. Bernie Sanders. The Independent Senator from Vermont.

Here he is, doing his thing. Which, btw, he did for over 8 hrs on the Senate floor. PolitiFact actually did a fact-check on him, & found his statements to be true. Here’s another true statement: Every dollar of stimulus given to middle-class causes $1.50 in overall stimulus money for the country returned. For every dollar to the highest upper class, only $0.40 of stimulus is created! This is b/c the middle-class need to spend it… on food, shelter, clothing. The top class is more inclined to save/hoard it.

I think he’s awesome. Below is the transcript of the video above.
If you have more time (say… 9hrs…) to spare, you can read the FULL transcript at Senator Sanders’ website.

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Person of the Week: Any & all children affected by war

This is lil Fatima Jbouri, a 10-month old survivor of war. A death squad in Saydia (a war-ravaged suburb of Baghdad) raided her home, killed her mother & uncle, then left her for dead in the garbage out back. In 118 degree heat. Under a metal sheet. Her 7-yr old brother flagged down the Iraqi police, they gave her to US soldiers, & the pic you see is of her being held by US military at a combat support hospital in the green zone.

They say she most likely would never have survived in an Iraqi hospital. She has a Shi’ite name of Fatima and a Sunni name of Jbouri. Moqtada al-Sadr controls the health ministry/hospitals; he believes in the “ethnic cleansing of Sunnis”, & most likely she would have died before receiving any treatment.

Eventually, she’ll be re-united with her 5 brothers & sisters who are in an orphanage. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I mean, most orphanages (esp in some other countries) aren’t all that; if ya know what I mean. If she does go on into hiding with her Shi’ite relatives in the south, who knows what happens then. I mean, we’re still talking about her being in hiding in a hostile environment.

She was featured on World News Tonight with Charlie Gibson, Monday night. That’s when I 1st saw her. But I got to thinking about all the kids that we don’t hear of b/c they were found in the trash dead. Or just thrown around somewhere. All the kids that grow up in war-torn countries; if they’re lucky to survive. And some would prob rather not have survived all the atrocities they’d witnessed.

And I def don’t want to leave out the kids here in the States. The ones who’s mommies & daddies went off to serve us. Sure, they are told that their parents love them; even by the parents who are overseas themselves. But it’s just not the same, not having them there.

Search for stories on Fatima Jbouri.

Person of the Week: Joe Pa

UPDATE (Nov. 10, 2012): I am now taking back this post. I’m leaving it up, b/c I once was compelled to hold his man to a higher standard. But for obvious reasons, I now take back this post. Original post:

I’ve decided that every week, I’m going to have a person that kicks ass. I’ll likely post this at the end of the week; Thurs, Fri, or Sat. But I’m not promising. I can’t handle that kind of commitment.

I thought of this b/c I read these stories about ppl who I think just rule in the best way possible.

Our 1st Person is Joe Paterno. Joe Pa, as he’s called, is not gonna stand for any BS. He is the coach of the Penn State football team. A couple of his guys were punks; so he decided that the whole team’s gonna clean up Beaver Stadium after each home game. Everyone. B/c they’re a team, & he will not have them called trash.

“We’re all going to do it, everybody. Not just the kids that were involved. ‘Cause we’re all in it together. This is a team embarrassment. I wouldn’t call it anything much other than that.”

“I just thought that, hey, we had 14, 15 kids – I don’t even know how many – that were involved in something embarrassing, and I think that we need to prove to people that we’re not a bunch of hoodlums.”

In addition to cleaning up the humongo stadium, they’re also gonna build a house for Habitat for Humanity, & volunteer over SUMMER for the Special Olympics.

Most football coaches let things slide. “Boys will be boys.” That sorta thing. But if you just let boys be boys, then how will they EVER become MEN?!

This is a man, a real man, to admire. He has character & principles & ideals. He knows right is right, & wrong is wrong. He will not have ppl talk trash about HIS ppl. He’ll chase down a ref if he thinks he’s wronged his ppl.

He will teach his ppl to rise above. And that makes him good ppl in my book.

Um, did I also mention that he’s 80, has been the coach or assistant coach there for 57 years. AND, Penn State has never been under NCAA probation, and has never been under any serious investigation for wrong-doing since he’s been there. Why? Uh, b/c he RULES!

the military, the gays, San Fran, & Milk

You know how when ppl think of San Fran, they think of the gays? The city’s got the highest concentration of homosexuals in the country (maybe the world, mu-hahahaha). Sorry, that just came out. It’s also got the highest concentration of Chinese folks outside the mother-land (being China, duh!); but that’s a story for another day. Or not, we’ll see.

So, San Fran holds the whatever-title in terms of number of gay ppls. Mama must be so proud. Well, ever wonder why? I did & I found out! So whether you wanted to know or not, I’m gonna tell you. If you didn’t want to know, you don’t have to keep reading the rest of this. But I’ll leave you w/ one thought – the military.

Intrigued? Ah, then you’re my kinda person. So, here’s how it all went down. The time was World War II. The US gov’t was discoverin all the gays in the military. The military decided they would seek out & dishonorably discharge all the gays. The San Francisco base is where most of the dismissed men were processed. So, most of them just ended up staying there & settlin; instead of returning to their homes.

I mean, have you eva been to San Fran!?! Well, have you?! It’s amazing, I’d highly recommend it. If you haven’t seen my pics from there, go into my Nov 2005 archive. I’ll put up a link to it later. Maybe. I’m pretty lazy though, remember? So, we’ll see what happens.

Wanna see more? This site has a timeline of the history of the movement in San Fran. If you want to explore gay San Fran, you’ll wanna hit up the Castro. And go here to go on a photo-tour of the Castro Neighborhood. It’s just amazing how much we share online, isn’t it? I’ve learned so much about a neighborhood so far away from me just online!

The one thing I really think you should all read about is Harvey Milk. I don’t know if you know who he is or not, but he most certainly led an interesting life. They made a documentary about him. I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t say if it’s good or not, but it’s on my “to see” list. Anyway, he settled in the Fran after being (honorably) discharged from the military, & became a city supervisor. Another city supervisor, Dan White, who was against Milk’s gay rights bill, stepped down, & returned to City Hall w/ a gun & 10 extra rounds of ammo. He went to see Mayor Moscone, & went to town on him. He reloaded, walked clear to the other side of the building to where Milk was, shot him in the chest, then point-blank in the head for good measure. White got less than 8 years in prison for these two murders.

Anyway, Harvey Milk is on Time Magazine’s top 100 ppl of the century list & they have a great write-up on him. You can also find more info on him at wikipedia, of course.

I hated history when I was in school, but now I find myself fascinated w/ the ppl & events & places of times past. So, I have decided that every time I stumble across something like this, I’ll post it here. To share w/ y’all, & so I have a ref point where I can come back to. It’ll be just like the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler!

Aside: Photo of Goldengate Bridge was taken by bmdoty. I decided that I think it’s amazing how many absolutely incredible shots that we as an internet community take & are willing to share. I’m thinking of joining too; cause I do love to take pics & I like the idea of sharing them as long as you give the pic-taker the credit. I also ‘hotlinked’ the pic itself so that if you click on it above, you can see his/her stuff & even leave comments for him/her if you want. Just sharin the love!

a woman’s worth

This morning, we mourn the passing of Coretta Scott King, a true lady in every respect. They just don’t make women like her anymore. The only consolation is that she had passed in her sleep. It’s difficult to fight for an ideology that you believe to be right, and to stand by someone’s side through it all. Esp. when the means to an end is through civil disobedience; peace & brotherhood.

Everyone else uses what’s in their hands; the “speak softly, & carry a big stick” method (only w/out the “speak softly” part). It’s commendable (for lack of a better word), the faith that she had in life, her fellow ppl, religion, & her man. I hope that we as a society don’t just pay tribute to her today (or this week, or during Feb), and then go back to our lives forgetting her.

I’ve put up one of my fave pics of her. It’s not a pic that comes close to what she’s helped to do or anything. It’s just a pic of a woman who loves a man, and stood by him. “They” say behind every great man, there’s a great woman. I’m not gonna argue on this one.

It’s hard to go one when you lose someone; but she had the determination to carry on her husband’s dream.