I’m a good person. I don’t turn right on red (like some miscreants). I don’t speed (anymore- mainly b/c of gas consumption*). I haven’t killed or maimed anyone.

I wanna be economically stimulated. I neeeed to be economically stimulated.

And I swear in return, I’ll stimulate the economy. Seriously. I’m good for it. I mean, I’ve already been stimulating the economy w/out being economically stimulated, so think how much more I can once I am!

*you end up reducing gas consumption by like 33% if you drive at a decent, steady pace. That averages most ppl a savings of like $500 a year! For realsies!

that’s how you slap a racist diva

How comes we don’t convict racists & bigots here in the US like they do in France?

They mean ill-will & harm to a particular group of ppl. How many ppl die here in the US b/c of their race, religion, gender (transgender), or sexual-orientation? How many are harmed or die, & it goes unreported? It’s sickening.

Brigitte Bardot wrote a letter to (then) Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. In the letter, she provoked discrimination and racial hatred; stating that Muslims are destroying France.

She wrote that France was “tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts.”

Her statements were also published in her foundation’s quarterly journal.

France has anti-racism laws that “prevent inciting hatred and discrimination on racial or religious or racial grounds”. Bardot has already been convicted four times for this in the past.

am I just too sensitive?

This is kinda a lazy pic post; but there are a few things wrong. So, they’re wrong, but I’ve gotta admit, still a lil funny.

So, for my b-day, I had to re-register my cars. Who says ya don’t get anything for $50 now-a-days. Lookit… I got these 2 cute lil black stickers for $100! The lady offered to give me a sticker that doesn’t expire til May 2010 for just an extra $50. I declined.

Next up… I got this lovely letter in the mail to remind me that I’m now “of a certain age”. Yeah, it’s nice to save money, but couldn’t they just say that they’re giving me a refund b/c my “hair’s a bit longer”? Or, b/c they’re excited that shrugs are no longer in style?

I trust there’s one on the way to me for my 2007 Corolla too?
~fingers crossed~

And last up, I saw this on one of my MyYahoo! pages. I have multiple MyYahoo pages set up by categories. Anyway, I thought this was a lil inappropriate.

the peg-leg wants to be a priest.

Hello, can you say “Delusions of Grandeur”? This is insane!

Did you guys see that Sir Paul’s lawyer left court with her head all wet b/c Heather Mills dumped a glass of water on her?!?! She told reporters that she was “baptized in court”. Uh…
♬♪♫ crazy ♬♪♫

Anyway, I think we all know from my previous post that I was no fan of hers from the onslaught. But it does irritate me how some women* marry a rich man for a few years, & then feel entitled to a ton of money. [ * I ain’t sayin she’s a gold-digga, but she ain’t messin w/ no broke…. ]

Now, I can understand if they were married for a long time (10-30 yrs). In many cases, they struggled to make it happen before one of them got their break. But they BOTH went through that, & relied on each other to get to that point.

But c’mon now peggy, you can’t be serious. I’m sick of ppl saying that they’ve “acclimated” to a lifestyle. Please! It was 4 years! If you lived your whole life with 2 legs & then one is taken away from you, you simply adapt, & learn to deal with having a peg-leg attached to you. You ADAPT.

Peggy’s getting paid. And their child gets $70,000 a year, plus Sir Paul pays her school & nanny fees. And seriously, she said it was a “paltry amount” & “She’s obviously meant to travel B class while her father travels A class”. Yeah, peggy, obviously.

We all know how much Sir Paul cares about his kids, & I highly doubt he would trivialize anything for any of them. This whole thing is so ridiculous.

Why is it annoying me SO incredibly much, you ask? It’s because when they 1st met & got married, he thought she was it. But it turned out she wasn’t. I’m having issues with that. How does anyone know when someone is it? Esp when you find out they’re not? You try to keep faith & believe, but I don’t think Sir Paul’s gonna open his heart again to another woman ever.

And the thought of any person doing that makes me sad.

displaced by the displaced

Well, it’s official. The homeless ppl are movin into my apt, & I’m out.

I thought I’d take a min to tell you about my old apt. It was the 2nd floor of a house that overlooked Edgewater Park & Lake Erie. I had a front balcony from the living room, so I spent a TON of time out there watching the beauty in front of me.

The trees, the lake, the greenery. The changing of the colors, & eventually, the snow shimmering down on it all. I remember one night recently, everyone woke up to everything being covered in this light, glittery snow.

Except me. Cause I was up & out on my balcony from 3:30 am watching it all come down, flake by flake. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so I was just up & went out there to watch it come down. It wasn’t freezing cold, so my down jacket (hat & gloves) kept me toasty warm.

I’m gonna miss that.

It was hardwood flooring, w/ real woodwork & trim everywhere. There were some built-in shelves w/ these delicate glass doors on them (to keep out dust). And the glass was BEVELED! In the dining room, there was a lil sitting area under the windows, & shelves underneath. 2 nice-sized bedrooms.

It’s fine though. Everything happens for a reason. I’m about to move to the East-side, just to the top of the hill at Little Italy. I’ve only ever lived on the West-side (over 20-odd years). Maybe I need to be away from everything I’ve ever known for a while.

Evicted by the homeless

Ok, so maybe I do tend to exaggerate sometimes. Whatev.

Here’s the deallio. I was thinking of moving into a 2-bedroom place with someone, so I told mees* landlord that I’d be moving on out. I love my place, but just can’t afford to live there alone, so I’m moving in with someone so that I can afford to also pay for other stuff than just rent. (my landlord doesn’t allow pets, hence lookin for a new place).

[*mees is Irish for my. I figured since St. Patty’s day is upon us…]

Well, we were in a time crunch b/c we needed to find a place by next Friday. She had a backup plan, but we were really hoping to live together. I’d been searchin, but just couldn’t find a decent place.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….
My landlord had made an appointment with this couple to show them my apt on Sat. But because of the snow-storm, they ended up canceling. They re-scheduled to Tuesday, but cancelled that as well b/c the woman had fell during the snow-storm & had what my landlord called a “medical emergency”. (In quotes, b/c I think he’s exaggerating).

Yesterday, b/c of the time crunch we’re under, my friend & I decide to forget about finding a new place together. She’s just gonna go with her back-up, & I’m gonna stay at my place. Maybe look for a new roommate to move in with me.

So, I call my landlord to tell him not to show the house, that I’m stayin. I figured it was FATE that no one got to see the place yet.

He pauses & sighs & then tells me that he feels that he should give these ppl 1st dibbs on my apt! I’m like, “WHAT!?!??”, can’t you just tell them that I’m staying so it’s not available anymore? He continues & says “Well, the thing is that they had to cancel b/c of the storm & then a medical emergency”. I didn’t think this was a valid reason, b/c I re-scheduled seeing a 2-bedroom, 2-bath (with a Jacuzzi!), & 2 car garage house b/c of the storm, & 2 hours before going to see it, the dude called me up & left me a voicemail not to bother b/c someone just signed a lease!

So, I figured that was acceptable Modus Operandi for landlordy-ppl.

He simply hems & haws some more, & eventually tells me that he never listed the place b/c he had set this up with this couple, & uh…. they’re HOMELESS!!!!

uh….. WHAT!?!??!!??

“Yeah,” he says, “I was talking to this couple & they were telling me that they were looking for a place, & I described the place that you have & that it was about to be available, & they said they DEFINITELY want it. They were just going to look at it first, but they said they definitely wanted to take it. They’re even willing to pay more rent for it than you pay now.”

Let me tell you, I just love that my landlord doesn’t care about credit checks. He doesn’t believe in them, he says, so he only does criminal history checks. Uh…. maybe that’s why I’m the only tenant he has that pays rent on time.

So, hopefully, soon I find out if these ppl are definitely gonna take my place. Once they see it to confirm with him. I do have a friend I’m going to move in with if they take it. My friend’s got like a 4-bedroom house, with 3 empty rooms (soon). So, I’ll live there.

B/c it’s just bad karma to hope that a homeless couple don’t get your apt.

Isn’t it?

hello… glass house anyone?

Oh, you tough football boys crack me UP! Thanks for this, though. I did need a laugh today.

I mean, whatev, maybe they are piping in extraneous noise. I just really don’t think the Pats are in any position to point fingers at any other team right now. Sorry, kids, but you kinda forfeited that right when y’all went shady.

Not that all the football teams aren’t being shady. Cause they’re all pulling something. They are guys, after all.

Now I’ve gotta stay up late to see what Dave’s gonna say about this. Cause Dave films his show around 4-ish, & the story’s out already, & the Colts are his team.

*click on the pic to go to the story. Oh, & has audio of it.

UPDATE: Dave’s in reruns this week due to the Writer’s Strike. So, I’ll be in bed by 9:30 pm (since I only got about 4 &#189 hours last night).


I’d like to just post the pic below that I’ve painted on & be done w/ it. But of course, I can’t. I have to say a lil sumptin-sumptin here. B/c I’m not one of those ppl who think that dude can’t support whoever he wants. He can.

HOWEVER, he CANNOT be disrespectful to the town that pays him. He’s OUR bitch, so to say. Cleveland welcomed him here from the ‘Kron, & Cleveland all donned “Witness” shirts. Um, remember the humongo poster on Ontario? Dude, you had everyone calling you “King James”.

Cleveland showed you some respect.

I couldn’t care less who you like. I don’t care what sports team, religion, or political party you support. We get it, we know you’re a bandwagon junkie, w/ your Bulls & Cowboys & Yanks. I don’t care about that.

I do care that you have everything to gain if any part of Cleveland does well. I was once a little surprised at what a good business-head you had on your shoulders. This is not a good business decision. You are a Cleveland icon; the Yankees cap is a huge logo, & we all know how much Clevelanders hate the Yankees.

You shouldn’t have worn the cap, you should’ta held it over your head, & you shouldn’ta gone on national television supporting the Yankees. You shoulda just came to the game in whatever normal clothes you wanted to wear (no logos) & just cheered for the Yanks if you wanted. Although, there really wasn’t much opportunity to do so last night, eh?

You were always a lil cocky, L. But I think you pushed it too far. You’re testing your city. Bottom line is that this isn’t a good business decision.

Here’s what you gotta do: Meet Braylon Edwards. Bray-boy went to Michigan, everyone knows that. He plays for our Brownies. So, at a Browns game, when the crowd started up the Ohio State “O-H-I-O” chant, he put his hands up & did it too.

“I was definitely doing it. This is Ohio. This is my residence. This is where I play football. This is where I earn my paycheck. This is the city I’ve adopted and the one that has adopted me. I don’t mind doing O-H-I-O. I don’t believe it just pertains to Ohio State.
Cleveland … is in Ohio.”

– Braylon Edwards

heads of state

I’d written about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before. He had said then that he wouldn’t do Oli Stone’s doc b/c he wants nothing to do w/ the US b/c anything to do w/ the US relates to “the Great Satan”.

Sooooo…. um, isn’t Columbia University in the US? So, why’d he do that? You know what I really wanna know that I can’t seem find out? How much did they pay him to appear & speak?

You know what I mean? Seriously, even if you wanted Carrot Top to come to your school to speak, you’d have to pay him, & put him up in swanky digs & stuff. So, how much? And the students are ok w/ having contributed to his income?

Y’all remember the tasering that happened at John Kerry’s todo at the University of Florida last week? I mean, they freakin tasered him! He just didn’t agree w/ Kerry. I mean, his tuition & fees helped bring Kerry there, so he’s got a right to say what he wants. I think The Idea of Progress did a great post on it. Yes, he got carried away, & shoulda been removed b/c he was getting in the way of the others who also contributed & actually did want to hear what the Ker-ster had to say. But to TASER him; that’s just sickening. I’ve written about another tasering at a sunny school before too; & so y’all know I’m just pretty anti-tasering.

But the Columbia president paid Ahmadinejad to come to speak there, & then just bent him over & spanked him? If we’re going to taser anyone who is adamantly against whoever we pay to come speak at the school, shouldn’t that be consistent?

The kid paying tuition & fees gets tasered. The president who collects his income from the tuition & fees doesn’t. I’m not saying he shoulda got tasered. I’m saying the kid shouldn’t have.

I hate inconsistencies. Ahmadinejad saying he wants nothing to do w/ the US, then coming here to speak. Someone getting tasered for causing a scene at a lecture, & someone else being commended for it (even though he himself paid big money to the offender?). What’s up w/ all dat yo?!?!

Oh, yeah, & then Evo Morales spoke at Cooper Union on Monday, & said that capitalism is “the worst enemy of humanity”. He got thunderous applause from the 200 students that came to hear him speak. So, don’t tell me it has anything to do w/ denouncing our way of life. Maybe it’s just cause they’re such a hippie school.

Sidenote: don’t think I’m anti Evo, cause I’m not. I think it’s cool that a poor farmer w/ no “formal education” can become president. I put “formal education” in quotes not b/c I love quotes so much, but b/c I don’t think a person’s intelligence or common sense comes is relative to the level of his degree. There are so many ppl among us who may not have formal training, but may be smarter or more qualified than those with a doctoral degree. But that’s a post for another day. Or not (you know how lazy I can be about posting).

do your pants hang low?

I’m sure all of you have heard about local governments across the nation banning the whole saggy pant trend that’s going around. Now, I’m all for going up to a kid with his (sorry, but they all seem to be boys) pants hanging low, smacking him upside the head, & telling him to pull his pants up.

But I don’t think any government should propose a law dictating what ppl can & can’t wear.

What if they found glitter offensive? It’s fine to not like a trend. I wasn’t crazy about the backwards overalls (a la Criss Cross); I don’t enjoy feathered teased hair. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like something, you can’t just ban it like that. That’s not the principle this nation is founded on.

See, if you could just go around fining & arresting ppl for whatever you don’t like (or is really wrong, but not illegal yet); I’d get fines out the wa-zoo for always ending sentences in prepositions.

Now… if they were to propose a voluntary task force of
… big men … who are dressed as women … who are also packin …
to go around & smack those boys w/ their pants hung low upside the head until they pull them up.

Well, I’d have no problem w/ that.

OH OH… WAIT… I just had a thought. What if maybe an evil genius scientist could also concoct a serum of some sort? So that when the big man in drag smacked the fashion-offending young lad, HE would then have something come over him. So that then, HE also felt compelled to dress as a woman (sans ‘packin’) & go around smacking others that were once like him upside the head TOO!

Or, is that going too far?