pressure to resolve

I haven’t posted a New Year’s Resolution yet.

I’ve been thinking that maybe I shouldn’t be saying “Whoop Whoop” as much as I do. But, c’mon, that’s not gonna happen.

We know they need to be realistic.

I need to think about what I want to do more of this year. I think it’s important that resolutions ADD to life, not detract. So, a proper resolution can never be something you want to do less of, it’s gotta be something you want more of.

Like, you don’t want to lose weight. You want to add years & vitality to your life.

It’s gotta be a positive.

So, I thought I’d look back at the resolutions I’ve posted before to inspire a new one.

I started this weblog in Oct. 2005, so 2006 was the 1st year I have documented.

2006 – I decided to use “yo” more. Specifically, ending sentences in yo.

2007 – It was to use “chill” as an adjective or noun more often. Not just as a boring verb.

2008 – It was to be a sparklier person. On the outside.

I don’t really know what happened in 2009. In general really. I didn’t have a new year’s resolution, & I didn’t blog much at all either.

So, obvs., I’m gonna be blogging more. But now, I’ve gotta come up w/ some slammin way to improve my daily life in the twenty-ten.

Nw Yr’s Resolution: the shiny edition!

I know what’s been on all y’all’s minds for the last month & a half…. WHAT is D’s New Year’s Resolution this year???!?!!!?!

Well, the reason I never posted it is b/c I actually never even made my resolution. I’m being more conscious to look better. Like doing my hair (instead of just pulling it back), and I bought a few new cute outfits. Since the break-up, it’s really important for me to LIKE what I SEE in the mirror when I look at myself.

I bought a new mascara that I love, love, LOVE! My bff-Sparky recommended it to me, & now they started makin it in waterproof, so I’m all over it. But it’s not all over me… hahaha… I know, corny, but I crack myself up so it’s ok.

I know this has been the most fascinating post so far, huh?

Anyway, here’s my New Year’s Resolution this year (drum-roll~ da da da da da da daaaaa):
Yup, that’s right. I’m gonna make it a point to sparkle more. Whenever I go out. Here’s what I got so far towards my New Year’s resolution (ring on the left).

It’s a HUGE cocktail ring, Swarovski Crystal. Last summer, a gal I met had a set that looked similar to this (to the right), but it was all clear crystals. I couldn’t validate spending more than $150 on a ring right now. But I have to have something bright & pretty & shiny & sparkly; esp now that I can’t wear my sparkly diamond ring anymore.

So, I’m vowing to wear jewelry more now. I used to wear jewelry all the time in high school. I never left the house without a necklace & earrings on. But in college, I lost that, and now I rarely wear a necklace or earrings. But my resolution this year is to be more sparkly, so I plan to wear it often.

What better way to kick this off than to buy what my mom is referring to as a huge tacky/gaudy ring?

Next up? Well, Sparky emailed me a pic of a gorgeous ring she’s been eyeing (ring on left). And I went to the site & found THIS (yllw earrings)! I know, puuurrrtty. (these last two pics I’ve hyperlinked to the site where you can find them, so you too can look at purty, shiny, sparkly stuff!)

I’m channeling cantaloupes

Hi everyone. Yes, I’m still here. Sorry I’ve been all absent & stuff. Just a lot going on. I always have 10 days off work from just before Christmas to January 2nd every year, but guess what? This year, I spent much of that time all sick. Yuk.

That’s the worst; well, for me anyway. I’ve told y’all before how I’m super-busy at work from November to March. Like, so crazy busy I have NO time for anything. Well, I look forward all year to that lil break I get at the end of December so that I can have my normal life back, & of course this year, I was all sick for the entire period.

Also, major life-changing news in my life: Mr. T & I broke up. This really is life-changing. We weren’t just bf/gf; we were s’posed to get all married & stuff (this upcoming October). We’d been together for about half-a-decade. That’s a long time to be that close to a person. There really wasn’t anything we didn’t share with each other. So, it’s kinda weird when something happens & the person you normally tell that thing to just isn’t the person you can still tell it to.

Yes, I’m still ending sentences in prepositions. Oh, & talkin about ‘tions, I still haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet. Although in my defense, I’ve been sayin ‘yo’ more often than I’ve changed my underwear so far this year.

Yeah, I know… it’s hot.

Ok, so what else….? OH- Guess what comes along with a huge break-up? More hot-stuff… zits! Yeah, I’ve gotten one zit after another. And so now, I’ve got myself a binary-zit. That’s when 2 zits decide to orbit around each other. And lucky me, it’s right on my cheek!

I know…. hot.

I put up a pic of a cantaloupe, b/c I know that the FCC would fine me if I put up a pic of my binary zit. It’s about time for them to make an example of someone to keep us in line; & I just don’t have an extra $300,000 lying around, ya know?

So, I was thinking of my whole one zit after another complex I’m going through right now, & I thought of something. You know how everyone likes melons? No, seriously, there’s a melon out there for everyone. I myself LOVE all melon, but I think honeydews my fave. Santa Claus is cool too, but you have to be in the mood for it cause it’s so sweet. But I do love all melon.

Well, I was thinking of pick-up lines from guys (b/c all guys have them, & most are NOT creative). And thinking of melon. And it hit me! Why can’t a guy who loves melons (99.9% of guys) also love zits on chicks?

Like, why won’t a guy come up to me & be all like:

Damn girl! That sexy thing on yo face reminds me of cantaloupe, & I’ve gots ta get me sum cantaloupe! I just wanna lick it!

But nooooo, I’m not hearing that. Weird, huh?

Oh, & this post is dedicated to Jen, who’s been asking me for months to update. Holla!

ya say ya wanna a res-o-lu-tion….

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA. It happens. It happens to you too, & you know it. Anywhoo, I know y’all are dying to know what my resolution is this year. I found that when I post my resolutions I actually follow them. I had the same resolution for 2 years straight, & never accomplished it. Then, last year, I posted it here, & voilà! C’est fini!

So, I’ve decided to post all my resolutions, so that I actually man-up & accomplish them. It feels good to do what you set out to do at the beginning of the year.

Sooo, here’s my resolution for this year. I wanna use ‘chill’ more often as an adjective. I use it currently as a verb a lot. I saw this Bollywood movie about 4-5 years back* where the dude was like “Chill, baby, Chill!”, & ever since then, I’ve been saying that to my mom a lot whenever she gets stressed (read: a lot). My mom hates it, but I just can’t stop myself. Honest! It just comes out, & then it makes me giggle (or at least smile if I’m tryin to stifle the giggly).

The point being that I want to use it as a adjective more. Like, ‘that’s chill’. Or, ‘that’d be chill’. No, wait, that 2nd one’s a noun, right? Yeah, it is. Well, I’m ok w/ using it as an adjective & noun more often. Anyway, that’s the only context I’ve got so far. Feel free to use it more around me.

Oh, & if any of you were hung-over yesterday, I totally meant to remind you all of my lil antidote to help recover from feeling nauseous on January 1st, but I didn’t have any time to post. I seriously had no time to do anything until now. But the antidote still works year round for nauseousness, & it also helps if you have some Green Tea. I like the Salada green tea, cause it has some citrus in it too, like orange zest or something, it’s good whatever it is. I like my green tea iced, but drink it however you like.

Kudos! Salut! Bonne Année! Happy New Year to y’all! Peace out, yo.

*maybe my sister will leave us a comment to clue me on what movie it was, b/c I never remember the names of movies (or a lot of tv shows either now-a-days).


I know, I’m still on this New Year subject. But, you know how ppl make resolutions every year, but then most ppl don’t really follow through on them? Well, last year, I only made one New Year’s resolution. I usually don’t do the whole resolution thing, b/c I don’t like to force myself into doing things I wouldn’t normally do. I think I deserve better. That’s all beside the point.

Last Friday (I’m setting the scene here), I was out w/ one of my dearest friends. We’ll call her ‘Steph’. We went to go see/hear this band play, and after seeing the band but en route to our next venue, we were talking about assorted stuff. Anyway, somehow we got onto this topic about the resolutions. And I said that last year I only made one resolution, and I wasn’t able to keep it. I had decided that I was going to bring back “yo”, the word, in common language. I totally thought it was do-able (especially if you had any idea to the quantity of ppl I talk to on a daily basis). That was when she said how crazy that was, b/c her resolution last year was to bring back the word “righteous”. (Can you not see how we are such great friends?)

Well, neither of us were successful in our resolutions last year. But maybe we’ll carry them onward into this year. You know, “if at 1st you don’t succeed” & all that. We did end up using those words much more for the rest of that night.

Oh, and when I said I wanted to bring back “yo”; I meant at the end of sentences, not at the beginning. Ex.: “I’ll meet you at whatever place at 9pm, yo.” Or, “This is the best sandwich I’ve had in forever, yo.” Alternatively, you can also use the letters “y-o” instead of the word. Just don’t think about it too much, or put to much emphasis on it. Just let it be, and let it flow w/ the natural sentiment. ‘Kay? Have fun.

nauseous much?

Ok, so today seems to be turning into my day to help others out w/ my experience. This is a post that I probably should’ve put up at the end of December. But unfortunately, I’m MIA in Dec, so I couldn’t.

Have you ever awoken on New Years Day, completely nauseous? And had to get brunch ready for the 30 ppl stopping by that day b/t 11 to 3 because there’s a “hair of the dog” (or whatever term it’s called) gathering at your house? Well, this was my experience last year, and I took a Dramamine & was completely fine in 20 mins. Dramamine is marketed as a motion-sickness pill, but it’s actually anti-nausea medicine (a nurse told me this tidbit).

*Please remember that I’m not, in any way, a medical professional. I’m just relating my experience & what helped me, ‘kay.