the peg-leg wants to be a priest.

Hello, can you say “Delusions of Grandeur”? This is insane!

Did you guys see that Sir Paul’s lawyer left court with her head all wet b/c Heather Mills dumped a glass of water on her?!?! She told reporters that she was “baptized in court”. Uh…
♬♪♫ crazy ♬♪♫

Anyway, I think we all know from my previous post that I was no fan of hers from the onslaught. But it does irritate me how some women* marry a rich man for a few years, & then feel entitled to a ton of money. [ * I ain’t sayin she’s a gold-digga, but she ain’t messin w/ no broke…. ]

Now, I can understand if they were married for a long time (10-30 yrs). In many cases, they struggled to make it happen before one of them got their break. But they BOTH went through that, & relied on each other to get to that point.

But c’mon now peggy, you can’t be serious. I’m sick of ppl saying that they’ve “acclimated” to a lifestyle. Please! It was 4 years! If you lived your whole life with 2 legs & then one is taken away from you, you simply adapt, & learn to deal with having a peg-leg attached to you. You ADAPT.

Peggy’s getting paid. And their child gets $70,000 a year, plus Sir Paul pays her school & nanny fees. And seriously, she said it was a “paltry amount” & “She’s obviously meant to travel B class while her father travels A class”. Yeah, peggy, obviously.

We all know how much Sir Paul cares about his kids, & I highly doubt he would trivialize anything for any of them. This whole thing is so ridiculous.

Why is it annoying me SO incredibly much, you ask? It’s because when they 1st met & got married, he thought she was it. But it turned out she wasn’t. I’m having issues with that. How does anyone know when someone is it? Esp when you find out they’re not? You try to keep faith & believe, but I don’t think Sir Paul’s gonna open his heart again to another woman ever.

And the thought of any person doing that makes me sad.

playas gonna play, & haters gonna hate

That’s just the way it is.

Here’s what James Black of Yahoo! Sports wrote:

Ugly uni alert: Apparently, there will be a weekly mention in this space of attire. Here’s hoping the references to hideous jerseys are kept to a minimum. A week after the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to take unis from three eras – bad, ugly and worse – and create a new look, their in-state rivals decided to upstage them. The Eagles rolled out a yellow and baby blue throwback ensemble so ugly that any further description won’t do justice. See for yourself.


I don’t know, I kinda like it. I mean, it’s supposed to be a tribute to what they used to have. Styles change. That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what came before. The ppl who played for their team before they came around used to wear those colors, & they’re just giving homage to that.

The only reason I even know about all this hating is b/c Mr. T is a huge Eagles fan. And I’m a big ole fashion fan. I also love wasting time online, & sooooo….

I’ve created this nifty slideshow using Flickr. And then I surfed the web until I found a way to embed it into my bl*g. Cause I’m cool like dat.

UPDATE: I thought the outfits were cute & colorful & happy-looking. Mr. T thought they were horrible.

still on topic

Ok, so I had all intentions of posting my fantasy football question yesterday for everyone’s input.

But then I was sickened by what’s going on in Sudan & the Darfur region. Sickened. I don’t know what to do. It’s just horrible, & getting worse. I was going to post about that instead, but couldn’t even get actually make myself do it.

It’s just so sad that I sometimes think so much about it & my head hurts & all I can do is cry. B/c I can see them in my head. Helpless.

I do need to post about it though. I may tonight.

But in the meantime, I came across something else that was also disturbing. In a whole different spectrum of disturbance from the Darfur genocide. But it’s like apples & oranges. It’s still very disturbing also. You can scroll down to my ‘Evolution by Dove’ post & I’ve updated it to include the said annoyance.

‘Evolution’ by Dove — Update at bottom

If you guys haven’t seen this video yet, you absolutely have to check it out. Just watch it really. And I have been talking about models & our perception of beauty lately, so it fits in.

You can either click on the YouTube player to view it, or go to Dove’s site, & click ‘play film’. There, you can also find more information about their ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’, & a discussion group.

I’ve watched the video about 5 times in the last 10 mins now.

Here are the credits for the video.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto
Co-CCOs: Nancy Vonk & Janet Kestin
ACD/Writer/Art Director: Tim Piper
Production Company: Reginald Pike
Director: Yael Staav
Music: Vapor Music, Toronto

UPDATE: (10/24/2006 @ 4 pm)
Ok, so Nello’s back, & she posted a link that someone gave her on her website. This is just all kinds of CRAZY. Seriously. I mean, it makes me never want to look at another celebrity again. EVER. You know how they did that study that proved that monkeys like to see pics of the “celebrity monkey of their pack”?

Well, now that I see some of our celebs in their original photos, I feel sick. Not sick b/c they look horrible. No, they look fine. Normal, you might say. But the fact that we’ve been force-fed an image for years. Lied to, consciously misled. That makes me sick.

Go here to Click on ‘Portfolio’, & ‘Agree’ to the terms. Then, back in the left menu, click on the ‘before/after’. And get ready for what you’re about to see.

I have to say, I do love the internet, & my blog, & my blog-buddies. I have really discovered so much in the last year.

is this really attractive? –Update at bottom (10/11)

Seriously ppl, is this pretty? This is a pic of a model taken at the Guy Laroche fashion show in Paris yesterday (Sat., Oct. 7th, 2006).

The problem is that little girls see this & think they’re fat. Oprah did a show w/ the mothers of 2 little girls. One was 3 (THREE!!!), & the other 5 years old. Both were dieting b/c they thought they were fat. The mothers were educated, upper-middle class women who really should know better than to stress looks to such impressionable young children.

Is that extreme? Yes. But look at the extreme that makes them that way. Also, this particular model is lucky if that’s her real hair. Although, she should appreciate it while it lasts, b/c it prob won’t much longer.

Even her face looks sunken in. I don’t know if she does coke, but she certainly looks like it to me. And her posture sucks.

The prob is the word itself. When in fashion, it should be taken into context.
1. a person or thing that serves as a subject for an artist, sculptor, writer, etc.
2. a person whose profession is posing for artists or photographers.
3. a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising.

But unfortunately, sometimes ppl (esp impressionable young girls & boys) mix it up w/ it’s other meanings; namely,
1. a standard or example for imitation or comparison.

I know this is not the most important thing in the world. But it is troublesome none the less.

UPDATE: Ok, so I haven’t posted here or read my reg blogs in a while. Well, I was catching up on the blogs that I did used to read daily, & found something Vi had posted a week ago. You have to read it. It is very interesting. We do seem to need extremes of any kind to get us talking about stuff, huh? Or else maybe we just don’t notice?

send in the pigs!

Hey y’all! I’ve decided I want to make a pig gallery from ppl who visit this bl*g. So, here’s the easiest way to do it.

Go to the pig drawing site, & create your pig.
Once you draw the pig & submit your drawing, it’ll give you a link to your pig.
Just copy/paste the link in the comments section of this post. Oh, & if you want to add a comment about your pig, do it there too!
I’ll take it from there!

Please, please, please do it! I never send out chain letters or memes or any craziness like that. So, you know I really want my own pig gallery when I post this. C’mon, you know you want to! If you do it, I’ll give you 5 points! Thanks!

Here’s what we’ve got in our pig gallery so far (click on each pic to enlarge):

more tales from Sir Paul & the peg-leg

So, Heather Mills & Paul McCartney have split up, huh? Who would’ve thought? Well, besides Paul’s kids, who’ve known their dad all their lives.

If a rocker can’t keep a marriage going with an ex-model* who is 25 years younger than him, what hope is there for the rest of us? I mean, normally, relationships like that thrive, don’t they? Why wouldn’t a marriage where the woman is hunting down J-Lo to chastise her, while her husband is out & about, touring the world & putting on rock-shows, work?**

And what!?! He wouldn’t let her sign a prenup, even though she wanted to! Sir Paul’s worth over 1.5 bill. Yes, folks, that’s a lot of purses & shoes & fun electronic equipment! I don’t get this last part, b/c I know he loved her, & she loved him. But the thing is, I always thought that Linda was like “the” love of his life. When she died, he said one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard from a man who’s been married as long as they were. He had said that he just lost his girlfriend. I thought that was so touching; b/c once ppl get married, they no longer act as they did when they were dating, they change. Oftentimes, for the lamer. Anyway, so I figured that Paul had found a woman with whom (who/whom?) he wanted to share the rest of his days. He didn’t feel about her as he did Linda, but she was gone now, & he should have a companion to spend the remainder of life with. That’s just my view, from the outside lookin in.

*I used the term model very loosely. I am a fashion buff, I read fashion mags & watch the new lines come out, & look through vintage stuff (from all countries, not just the US). And yet, I never heard of Heather Mills or her fake leg before she hooked up w/ Sir Paul.
**I know what you’re thinking here: “Holy run-on sentence, batman!” Well, that’s nothing compared to how I talk in real life!

On a related note, I was wondering why they call Swedish meatballs “Swedish meatballs”? Is this like “French toast” or “French fries” or “German Chocolate Cake”? Is there a real reason they’re refered to as Swedish? What makes them different? mmmm, cake.