arranging elementary marriages

Are you ppl kidding me?  You want to basically arrange a marriage for elementary kids? In 2011?

What happened to freedom of choice. Was there ever anything romantic b/t Bert & Ernie that made any of you think that they were in love, like that?!?

Is it so impossible for you ppl to believe that 2 folks of the same gender can be life-long friends? I’m not sure what their jobs are, or how much their income is, but rent for a 1-bedroom can be pricey.

Especially on a happenin street like Sesame Street. OMG, ppl are always hanging out there! That’s totally prime real estate!

If you are one of the folks forcing this marriage, it’s simply b/c you want the union. YOU are going to get something out of it. Just like when girls of kings were married off to gain land for the kingdom. You are trying to gain some “celebrity support” for your cause, or justify your beliefs.

I am fine w/ same-sex marriage. But I’m not fine w/ folks marrying off 2 friends, simply b/c the idea of a life-long, almost “soul-mate” type friendship seems impossible to them. I almost feel sorry for these ppl, b/c I think it must be that they don’t have this type of friendship in their lives.

I have 2 girlfriends in my life that I truly believe are my “soul-mates” in friends. One, I get in horrible fights w/, as we tend to think so alike almost all the time, then clash so aggressively at other points! The other, I can call the Bert to my Ernie. We’ve always been calm, singing songs, usually hanging out w/ the other. Never fought. Just friends for 2 decades. We did live together for so long at points in time. Why is something so normal in real-life, so unbelievable (almost unacceptable) in a make-believe world?

sidenote: Did any of you seriously think they were gay? I’ve never seen any gay man dress so plainly in my life!

Also, love this article in the Time Magazine Blogs:
This Is Actual News: Sesame Street Declares Bert & Ernie Will Not Gay-Marry

I didn’t realize it was still 1960

So, I already mentioned I’m pretty upset about stupid Prop 8 in Cali going through. I’d love to see someone put up a proposition to ban hetero marriage. No… that’d be preposterous, right?

Seriously, who’s to say that one union is legit simply b/c of the party’s pieces/parts?

“But what about the children?”

Really? So, it’s totally cool if Alex gets a sex change oppo, becomes Alexis, & marries a dude? Trust ppl, you’ll have a much harder time explaining that to your 5-yr old. & the kids don’t care. Every kid I’ve ever met totally understands, if 2 ppl love each other, they get married. They’re so idealistic, they don’t even know about the probs/conflicts a couple face.

It more acceptable to marry you cousin than for a same-sex marriage to take place. Uh…. that’s right ppl, I said marry your cousin. Seriously, though, it’s legal to marry your cousin in 26 states. There’s even a loophole in Vermont’s state government that allows DOGS to marry!

You know how we look back 100 or 200 years & say that it seems unreal that certain civil liberties didn’t exist then (like voting for some ppl)? I can’t help but be embarrassed for what our descendants are going to think of us deny civil liberties in 2008!

On June 2nd, 1958, Richard Loving & Mildred Jeter were married. 5 weeks later, they were arrested & then sentenced to a year in jail. Wanna know why? B/c interracial marriages were prohibited. Of course they appealed it. This idocity went on for 9 years before the US Supreme Court unanimously overturned it.

“… The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men. Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival … Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State.”

– Chief Justice Earl Warren, June 12, 1967


How is Prop 8 in Cali (or 102 in Arizona, or 2 in Florida) even really an issue that we are debating today? Hello, 2008, it’s 1960 on the phone for you.

In Arkansas, an LGBT person can’t even adopt a child. I’ve counted 17 states (you can double-check it, I got a headache counting) that don’t even recognize same-sex civil unions!!!

I’m not going to go on any further. B/c I’ll just blow a gasket. (Does anyone say that anymore? No? Just me? Whatev.)

So, I’ll leave y’all w/ a comment I once left to someone else’s comment saying that why can’t “they” just be happy w/ “civil unions”. You know why?

Cause there was never a top-ten hit that went,

♪♫♪♪ Goin to the Chapel, & we’re gonna get Civil-Unioned ♫♪♪”….

It’s still not the same thing. It would be the equivalent of telling “certain ppl” that they can ride on the same bus to the same destination, but they have to sit at the back of the bus.

You might argue: Why would they care? They still get to the same place.

B/c it’s saying that they’re different/lesser, & don’t deserve the idealism that “regular ppl” do.

The reason “regular” is in quotes is b/c I don’t believe that being straight is a “regular” trait. Maybe it’s a dominant trait (like having brown eyes, versus the recessive having blue eyes.). But that 2nd link shows that homosexuality has been around for eons, & they’ve even proven it exists naturally in animals.

Want to do something about it? Try: