father’s day, brought to you by…

Have you guys heard this commercial on the radio for Home Depot. It’s like a reg radio ad, then at the end the dude says:

Home Depot…. proud sponsor of Father’s Day

Really? Home Depot sponsors Father’s Day?

Like, they paid to create the holiday? Uh, no. So, do they sponsor it by buying random gifts for dad’s across America? Yeah, out of the kindness of their stock prices.

That could be a new cause. Like Hands across America; only they’d be all for “Dads across America”. What a joke. So, can I buy radio time & say I’m a proud sponsor for Recess at Work Day?

btw, if you go to that Recess at Work site, you have to check out that pick of the founder; just scroll down a lil.

In Remembrance

Today, we observe Memorial Day*. There was a time when Memorial Day was a big deal; not so much anymore. It was 1st observed in 1868 (officially); although it is noted that women in the south would form organized groups to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers before that.

Pres. Clinton did a lot for Memorial Day (as I believe he did a lot for many things). Before Clinton, the Presidents of the US did not routinely observe Memorial Day. In May of 2000, he put out a memorandum saying that while we should honor those who fought & gave their lives for us, we should especially honor them on Memorial Day. In December, he made it a resolution; that the entire nation should take a minute at 3:00 (local time) to honor those fallen defending our values.

In 2004, Washington DC held it’s 1st Memorial Day parade in over 60 years. DC, ppl, uh, the nation’s capital. Yeah. Bout time, huh?

This post is not supposed to be about Bill, it’s supposed to be about taking a pause in the day today. But I think my bias for Bill Clinton comes out whenever I say or write anything relating to him, huh? I do think he’s one of the good guys.

*actual Memorial Day is May 30th. It is observed the last Monday in the month of May.

my gay Christmas

So, I put a smile on some truck driver’s face this morn. Wanna know how? I was rockin out in my car to my gay Christmas music. Last night, I went through my cds & found what I was looking for. My fave Christmas mix that I made a few years back.

So, I was totally rockin out in my car. Dancin in my seat, boppin my head, shakin all around, & singin my own harmonies when their was just music & no words. This is ‘how I do’ when I’m by myself.

But it makes me happy. And I know this pickup truck driver was one of the construction ppl who’s having a hard time getting the project they’re working on done, b/c they keep getting bothered by ppl who know nothing (that reminds me of Schultzie from Hogan’s Heroes “I know NUTT-THING!”). Sorry, I’m just completely cracking myself up this morn. Anyway, what I meant to say is that the pick-up truck driver-dude saw me boppin around, & I know he thought I was silly, but at least for an instant he wasn’t all worried about his day. And that’s kinda cool.

Ok, so back to my Gay Christmas music. Now, don’t get all ‘huffy-puffy-whaddya-mean-gay-music’. I’m not sayin it in a bad way at all. There’s diff types of music. Let’s all face it. Esp w/ Christmas. There’s the breathy Christmas music (ie, ‘Santa Baby’, & any Christmas song done by Christina Aguilera). There’s the sentimental stuff (ie, Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby).

And then there’s what I was listening to this morn. Christmas music written by George Michael. Actually, it was 2-fold gay, cause not only is it George Michael music (which I love, love, LOVE; btw); but it’s also a version of his song that’s sung by 2 gay-homosexuals. Yes, I know it’s redundant to say gay-homosexual, but that’s just how I roll.

It’s the little things I do that crack myself up. I do tend to amuse myself. Like, one of my fave things to do is to mix up numbers & letters when I’m making lists. I’ll start off w/ the 1, 2, 3, then put down ‘d’. It cracks me up! I know, it’s silly, but I’m just a corny person who loves corny stuff. I also love Bob Newhart & his old funny records.

NSA, memos, phone calls, & stalkers

I read this very interesting article about how the NSA may have set up domestic call monitoring 7 months before the Sept. 11th attacks. This is huge b/c Bush & his admin had always said that monitoring the calls were nec after 9/11. Now, I have to say “may have”, b/c apparently they approached AT&T to build a facility just for their use. They didn’t end up doing that b/c they (NSA) ended up building their own facility. So, we don’t know when this invasion started; but it was definitely thought of well before the war on terrorism started. Bush uses the war as the reason for the need to monitor.

Also, weren’t there all those memos & notes that were sent that were just ignored? And one time, I had a crazy, weird, very questionable experience w/ someone who just stopped me in the street to ask me about my thoughts on the tragedy. I mean, it was a really crazy conversation; & he insinuated a bunch of stuff. So, I called the FBI & told them what happened. I gave him my contact info & said that the guy gave me his email so that I could write him, & he’d tell me more later. I gave them his email too. But I’m tellin you, they weren’t really takin anything I had to say seriously. Maybe I’ll post about that weird experience sometime.

Anyway, so the gov’t wanted to spy before the terrorist attacks to prevent them. They claim this is all for public safety. Now, of course, I’m all for public safety. But here’s what I thought of when I saw this. You know how all sometimes ppl are stalked. You know, stalked? And if they want to take any sort of action to prevent physical danger from that stalker, then they really can’t until they’ve actually been assaulted once. So, you’ve gotta get yourself beat up pretty bad (& hope you don’t die during this ordeal) before you can get any legal action to keep this harmful person away from you. Well, isn’t this public safety too? Or, is the safety of any one individual not as important as the collective group? And if so, how do you decide which group, & who decides.

The man has no probs keeping smokers away from you.* Well, why not the stalkers & crazies?

*I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to prioritize things.
**note: I’m on holiday right now. I’ve only worked 2 days a week for the last 3 weeks. And I’ve been on vaca since Thurs, & don’t go back til this Thurs. So, since I have so much more time to actually think, which is why my recent posts have a bit more depth.

I love Google’s personality…

…and as we all know, personality goes a long way. Here’s Google’s logo just for today, b/c it’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s b-day:

Here are a couple of previous ones, the one on the left for Easter, & the right was a braille one they came up with: